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Season 3

26 Sep. 1957
The Way Home
Ann Langley picks up a hitchhiker on a deserted highway, who turns out to be an escaped convict.
3 Oct. 1957
Bruce Malone, chief pilot of an airline company, tries to help a crusading newspaperman to leave a South American country in the middle of a political upheaval. The man disappears but Malone finds a clue to his whereabouts when a baseball is thrown through a window.
28 Nov. 1957
A Reasonable Doubt
After escaping from prison and man tries to clear himself and find out who set him up.
12 Dec. 1957
The Perfect Alibi
In a jealous rage, Howard Keith Howard shoots and kills George Barker. He wanted Barker's job.
9 Jan. 1958
A Widow's Kiss
When her daughter is bitten by a black widow spider, a mother searches frantically for blood donors.
16 Jan. 1958
Day of Glory
Damaged in battle and carrying many casualties aboard, the German warship Graf Spee is subject of a battle of wills between its captain and a commander. One officer wants to put into Montevideo to make repairs, the other insists the ship stay in the area and fight on.
30 Jan. 1958
A Guilty Woman
After serving many years in prison for the murder of her fiancé, Evelyn is paroled in the custody of her long-time friend Martha, a wealthy widow. Although Martha appears happy to welcome Evelyn into her home, Evelyn begins to notice something new about Martha.
6 Feb. 1958
My Sister Susan
When Carol Porter arrives in Green Bay to visit a twin sister whom she hasn't seen in some time, she learns that Susan is dead, apparently a murder victim. The police explain that Susan had been involved with a black market racketeer and dope pusher. The only way they can turn up conclusive evidence against this man is for Carol to pose as her twin.
13 Feb. 1958
He Came for the Money
A man named Clay, using a lame horse as an excuse, asks for shelter at the ranch of Jim and Martha Benton. He openly observes that Jim and Martha are openly hostile to each other and Martha asks Clay to take her along when he leaves.
20 Feb. 1958
Tunnel Eight
Right after the American Civil War, Dan McGann, a prominent construction engineer, is assigned to help with the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. When the construction slows down, McGann uncovers the work of saboteurs.
27 Feb. 1958
Prime Suspect
A police captain is assigned to track down an elusive schizophrenic terrorizing the blonde women of the town. During his investigation, the captain, who was unhappily married to a blonde later killed in a car accident, begins to think he himself may be the attacker.
27 Mar. 1958
The Doctor Was a Lady
Fran Mitchell and her husband Paul have successful, but conflicting careers. After Fran plans an intimate celebration for their wedding anniversary, Paul tells her that he made plans for a celebration with a client.
10 Apr. 1958
Swindler's Inn
Hotel housekeeper Cleary Penryn befriends a guest.
24 Apr. 1958
Man of Taste
Dr. John Rogers is visited one night by a man begging him for insulin. He convinces the doctor that he is a diabetic and is entitled to the medication so Rogers reluctantly gives him a supply.
22 May 1958
Hide and Seek
Dan Wilder is a scientific detective who travels about in a car with a trailer attached. The trailer houses a complete laboratory that Dan uses in his work. The prosecutor of a small town has just summoned Dan to help investigate the unusual death of a young girl.

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