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Jan. 1957
Escaped Mental Patient
Dan Mathews and his officers must work quickly to capture a delusional and unpredictable escapee from a mental hospital.
7 Jan. 1957
Armored Car
A trio of thieves threatens to murder the wife of an armored car guard in order to force him to surrender a $25,000 payroll secured inside the vehicle.
14 Jan. 1957
Migrant Workers
Inside information helps thieves rob a group of recently-paid itinerant fruit pickers, but murder results when one particularly desperate victim refuses to follow their orders.
21 Jan. 1957
Ranch Copter
After an accidental shooting occurs on a ranch, the Highway Patrol helicopter is used to prevent a revenge killing by the supposed shooter's angry brother-in-law.
28 Jan. 1957
Dan Mathews and his officers must rely upon an uncommunicative amnesiac to find a seriously injured camper.
4 Feb. 1957
Statute of Limitations
A trio of thieves will be able to abscond with $500,000 in stolen money at midnight unless Dan and Officer Garvey can prove their guilt quickly.
11 Feb. 1957
Resident Officer
A Highway Patrol officer is murdered after he discovers a marijuana field while on a hunting trip.
A writer having a bad reaction to medication takes potshots at several targets, including Dan Mathews and his officers.
An apparently legitimate print shop is involved in the printing of counterfeit payroll checks used to bilk unsuspecting merchants.
5 Mar. 1957
Suspected Cop
The distraught daughter of a deceased gemologist accuses Officer Johnson of stealing valuable uncut jewels from her late father's car.
12 Mar. 1957
Trojan Horse
Two men conceal themselves in large crates on the back of a truck as part of a plan to get inside a manufacturing plant so they can steal a $27,000 payroll.
18 Mar. 1957
Female Hitchhiker
A man and two female accomplices who pose as hitchhikers rob several unsuspecting male motorists, but murder results when one victim tries to fight back.
25 Mar. 1957
A murderous hoodlum attempts to steal counterfeit currency plates that have been packed in nitroglycerin tubes for safekeeping.
Motorcycle B
Motorcycle-riding armed robbers elude Highway Patrol roadblocks by loading their two-wheelers into a closed truck driven by their leader.
Apr. 1957
Officer's Wife
Because of his wife's fears, Patrolman Ed Wylie resigns from the force after fellow officer Jerry March is killed in the line of duty.
Stripped Cars
Two brothers hijack a new-car carrier, planning to sell the cars to get cash to purchase a farm. When the driver dies from injuries sustained in the hijacking, they make a panic-stricken attempt to dispose of the evidence.
Convict's Wife
An escaped convict abducts his estranged wife and forces her to help him elude the Highway Patrol.
An ex-con wants to return money stolen in an armed robbery, but his erstwhile partner has other ideas.
6 May 1957
Stolen Plane Copter
Two convicts steal an airplane to escape from prison.
13 May 1957
Gem Robbery
A gemologist and his accomplice steal $300,000 in rough-cut gems from a courier, then attempt to smuggle them out of the country in a dog's collar.
20 May 1957
Two holdup men abduct a physician and compel him to extricate a bullet in a wooded area.
27 May 1957
Fake Cop
One member of a three-person holdup team impersonates a Highway Patrol officer in order to deceive robbery victims into thinking that they need not notify the Patrol themselves.
3 Jun. 1957
Double Cross
Treachery and murder result after a bonded bank messenger, his wife, and an accomplice steal a $20,000 payroll.
10 Jun. 1957
The owner of a centrally-located roadside diner is murdered so that heroin sellers can use his business as a "front" for distributing the drug to pushers.
17 Jun. 1957
Hired Killer
A professional killer from Chicago comes into Dan Mathews' jurisdiction to murder the Santell brothers before they can testify against a racketeer.
Hostage Copter
The Highway Patrol helicopter is ordered into action when the botched robbery of a roadside diner results in the shooting of the proprietor and the abduction of his daughter.
1 Jul. 1957
Dan Mathews and a physician race against time to find an elusive little girl that was bitten on the cheek by a rabid dog.
7 Oct. 1957
Hypo Bandit
A former nursing home employee turns to robbing luxury stores and uses a potentially lethal stolen drug to disable his victims.
14 Oct. 1957
Efficiency Secretary
A secretary with an impeccable reputation for trustworthiness and reliability colludes with her boyfriend to steal $50,000 from her employer.
21 Oct. 1957
A construction foreman steals $12,000 from his employer's open safe, then attempts to frame a subcontractor for the crime.
28 Oct. 1957
A meticulous safecracker is certain that he can pull off a lucrative jewel theft despite the Highway Patrol's constant surveillance.
4 Nov. 1957
Mistaken Identity
An unassuming cabinetmaker is abducted at gunpoint when coincidence causes a would-be thief to mistake him for a diamond merchant.
11 Nov. 1957
Hostage Family Copter
The Highway Patrol helicopter is ordered into action to follow a murderous fugitive that has taken three hostages.
18 Nov. 1957
The Sniper
A series of apparently random potshots at moving cars turns out to be an attempt to conceal a carefully planned murder.
25 Nov. 1957
Hot Dust
Lab worker Harry Wells flees and aggressively avoids people, after being accidentally exposed to dangerous radioactive material.
2 Dec. 1957
Witness Wife
After a farmer witnesses the disposal of a murder victim's body, his wife unwittingly helps the perpetrators identify and locate her husband.
9 Dec. 1957
Dead Hunter
An apparent hunting accident becomes increasingly suspicious when it is discovered that the shooter benefited in several ways from the victim's death.
16 Dec. 1957
Convicted Innocent
A wrongly-convicted recent parolee is determined to kill the bus driver whose mistaken testimony was responsible for his incarceration.
23 Dec. 1957
Chain Store
A delivery driver commits a series of armed robberies against individual stores that make up a small supermarket chain.
30 Dec. 1957
Double Death
A wrongly-convicted parolee becomes coldly determined to murder the former business partner whose ruse was responsible for his conviction.

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