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1 Jan. 1973
Arizona Midnight
A very short man rides in on a Giant Horse into Dodge and offers $50 to any man who will take care of him from midnight to dawn tonight, the first light of the full moon, when he will turn into a "were-elephant."
8 Jan. 1973
On the run, coming home again proves difficult for two brothers who just want to visit their sick ma. With a desperate and wanted friend along, they feel forced to make some choices they may soon come to regret.
15 Jan. 1973
Just before he's to be hung, stage robber Shadler busts out of jail, by slugging his last rites priest and donning the robes as a disguise. While burglarizing an uninhabited farm, the escapee helps Deputy U.S. Marshal Newly elude hostile lawmen quarantining a nearby outpost struck by a mysterious plague. Newly believes his pursuers are actually a ring of vultures waiting to loot the dying settlement. When Newly heads back to the besieged town, the fake padre insists on riding with him to minister to the dying citizens. Why is the hardened Shadler risking his health ...
22 Jan. 1973
Newly falls in love with a young woman who is dying of leukemia. Later, Doc Adams offers to teach Newly how to become a doctor.
29 Jan. 1973
A Quiet Day in Dodge
Matt Dillon rides wearily into Dodge City after thirty-six hours in the saddle. At the office he can't get to sleep because Festus is so exuberant about everything. In the course of the day Matt fights with a prisoner and is stabbed with a fork. Kitty will not talk to him because duty caused him to miss a picnic. There is a brawl in the Longbranch Saloon. A young boy locks a crotchety old woman in a safe that has no available combination. Finally, Matt takes things into his own hands.
5 Feb. 1973
Whelan's Men
Outlaws led by Dan Whelan come to Dodge City looking to kill Matt Dillon, who is out of town. They attack Newly and Festus, and throw them into jail. The outlaws take over Dodge City, robbing the bank and citizenry. They come to grief when they invite Kitty Russell into a poker game.
12 Feb. 1973
Adam Kimbro, Matt Dillon's mentor as a lawman, is down on his luck. He's a lush, cleaning horse stalls for his next meal. Kimbro takes a short term job as a deputy with Matt, where he must face the kind of man he has become.
19 Feb. 1973
Festus Haggen and Newly O'Brien meet an old friend of Festus, Jesse Dillard, an African-American cattle drive cook. Their confab is interrupted by U. S. Marshal Halstead, who has a warrant for Jesse's arrest, charging him with jail break. Jesse goes along peaceably, explaining that he killed his employer for shorting his wages and for a racially motivated flogging. Instead of the normal sentence of six to twelve months, Jesse had been given ten years at hard labor because of his race. Pete Murphy and a few drovers try to rescue Jesse, accidentally shooting the marshal...
26 Feb. 1973
An outlaw named Talbot falls in love with the widow of a man he was forced to kill in self-defense.
5 Mar. 1973
This Golden Land
In a highly-honored episode dealing with religious belief, Russian-Jewish farmer Moshe and his family come to Kansas to try to take advantage of the land. However, their traditions are mocked by the cowboys around, notably a neighboring farm family. One night, one of Moshe's sons and the neighbors get into a fight, and the son is found dead of a broken neck soon afterward. Moshe witnessed the start of the fight but not the actual killing. Under the Mosaic law he treasured, he cannot testify and without his word the farm family is set free. Moshe's second son buys a ...
10 Sep. 1973
Women for Sale: Part 1
Matt becomes involved in investigating the disappearance of female settlers and travelers in the region. He links it to a band of renegade Native Americans, whom plan to sell the women as sex slaves to a band of ruthless white mercenaries.
17 Sep. 1973
Women for Sale: Part 2
Matt helps two of the captives (a one-time saloon girl named Stella and a young girl named Marcy) escape their bloodthirsty Indian captor. After Matt and Stella bring the shaken Marcy out of her shell - she had earlier witnessed her mother's murder at the hands of her would-be rapist - the three team together to stop the ringleader of the white slave trade to justice before he can escape to Mexico.
24 Sep. 1973
Matt's Love Story
Matt is shot and abandoned by a fugitive Les Dean, whom he was tracking. Matt's horse finds his way to the farm of young widow named Mike Yardner, who, with the help of her dog, finds Matt and brings him to her farm. Matt is recovering, but he does not remember his past. Love is in the air. Separately, Les Dean makes a contract with Mike Yardner's corrupt neighbor to drive her out due to some water rights. The neighbor's words were "I don't like killings, but I've been around them." Les Dean visits Mike and Matt (who still does not recognize Les), but Les changes his ...
1 Oct. 1973
The Boy and the Sinner
When a useless old drunk is hired by some men to sit on some property for them to claim, the old man meets up with a young boy. The young boy gives the old man a reason to change his ways.
8 Oct. 1973
The Widowmaker
Coltrane maybe the fastest gun alive, and all he wants to do is live a quiet life with his beautiful wife, but so many men are out to make a reputation by trying to kill him.
22 Oct. 1973
Kitty's Love Affair
Kitty and a gunman start to fall in love, but she's unaware a vengeful woman has offered 1,000 dollars reward to anyone who kills him.
29 Oct. 1973
The Widow and the Rogue
J.J. is a charming petty thief being transported to Dodge by Festus, who eventually has to trust him to protect a woman, her young son, and him.
5 Nov. 1973
A Game of Death... An Act of Love: Part 1
A lawyer passing through Dodge is reluctant to defend two renegade Indians suspected of murdering a powerful rancher's wife.
12 Nov. 1973
A Game of Death... An Act of Love: Part 2
The lawyer defends the 2 renegades accused of murder, and victim's husband's is determined to see they are lynched if they are acquitted.
19 Nov. 1973
Lynch Town
Matt investigates the circumstances in another town concerning poor man Jake Fielder, whom admitted to stealing money but denied killing a woman in the process before they lynched him.
26 Nov. 1973
The Hanging of Newly O'Brien
When Newly performs emergency surgery on a patient in the back country and he dies, the ignorant families think it's murder and want to hang him.
3 Dec. 1973
Susan Was Evil
When a woman and Dillon's wounded prisoner fall in love, her selfish niece makes plans to turn him over to bounty hunters.
17 Dec. 1973
The Deadly Innocent
When a mentally challenged young man comes to Dodge, Festus takes the man under his arm. But it will not be long until Festus knows the young man needs more help than he can give.
24 Dec. 1973
The Child Between
A wanted man goes into Dodge to get help for his sick baby and his Indian wife. With Doc unavailable, Newly offers to help but will be torn between healing and his duty as a lawman.

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