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Season 7

30 Sep. 1961
Ex-con Perce McCall helps to save Matt's life in a shootout, and then falls for a beautiful, but greedy saloon girl who puts him under great pressure to start stealing again.
7 Oct. 1961
Old Yellow Boots
Matt becomes suspicious when drifter Frank Cassidy publicly announces his engagement to spinsterish Beulah Parker immediately after the seemingly unrelated murders of an old prospector and her abusive brother Leroy.
14 Oct. 1961
Miss Kitty
Kitty has her friends in Dodge buzzing when she meets the stage in the early hours to pick up a small boy. All wonder, especially his foster parents: could his real mother be Kitty?
21 Oct. 1961
Harpe's Blood
A hard man has given his two sons a hard raising, sure that they inherited their mother's bad blood from their murderous ancestor. The old man may be right: one of his sons may be a murderer. Or is it the other son?
28 Oct. 1961
All That
A man who lost his wife and all he had returns to Dodge from gold prospecting with three bulging bags to deposit in the bank, and all who scorned him before, including his ex-wife, can't do enough for him.
4 Nov. 1961
Long, Long Trail
A headstrong young woman will undertake the long, dangerous journey to her fiancé's fort on her own if she must, so Matt nominates himself to escort her.
11 Nov. 1961
The Squaw
A young man is very unwelcoming to the young Indian bride his father brings home.
18 Nov. 1961
Chester becomes engaged more or less accidentally, but he takes to heart his obligation to his betrothed, leaving his job with Mr. Dillon to devote himself to homesteading a barren quarter section.
25 Nov. 1961
The plain but nubile daughter of a hopeless drunkard decides to marry herself off so that she and her little brother might avoid starvation.
2 Dec. 1961
Indian Ford
Matt escorts a captain and his troops to an Indian village, to make an exchange for a white woman captured over a year ago.
9 Dec. 1961
Apprentice Doc
A young outlaw finds he has a knack for medicine and turns straight, telling Doc he wants to be his pupil.
16 Dec. 1961
Nina's Revenge
A homesteader hires a man to make the appearance of a scandal with his wife so that he can blackmail his wife's wealthy father.
23 Dec. 1961
Marry Me
An uncouth young mountain man is told by his pa that it's time he had himself a wife, so he comes to Dodge, is pleased by the looks of Miss Kitty, and simply kidnaps her.
30 Dec. 1961
A Man a Day
A band of outlaws offer to pay Matt to make himself scarce while they rob the bank. If he refuses, they promise to kill one man per day until he agrees.
6 Jan. 1962
The Do-Badder
Prospector Harvey Easter settles in Dodge City after striking it rich in the Colorado Rockies. His heavy handed attempts at philanthropy soon have unintended results.
13 Jan. 1962
A hired man is sweet on his boss's daughter and disliked by his boss. When the boss is killed, his own daughter claims to have done it, but Matt is suspicious.
20 Jan. 1962
Cody's Code
Cody is a well-liked citizen of Dodge. He's building a house and getting married. When he befriends a stranger, his perfect life is turned upside down.
27 Jan. 1962
Old Dan
Beginning with Doc, who rescues him from a ditch, everyone wants to give amiable drunk Dan a chance, or a job, or both.
10 Feb. 1962
Chester is getting home-cooked meals from, and giving guitar lessons to, a spirited young woman who hopes thereby to make her estranged sweetheart jealous.
17 Feb. 1962
Half Straight
A man has been hired to kill Matt, but when he meets and quickly falls in love with a decent girl, he has a change of heart--or does he?
24 Feb. 1962
He Learned About Women
Taken prisoner by a band of comancheros, Chester is helped to escape by one of the band's women and flees with another who may or may not be worthy of his trust.
3 Mar. 1962
The Gallows
While returning suspected killer Pruit Dover to Dodge to stand trial, Matt is shot and badly wounded, and yet Dover stays with him and nurses him back to health.
10 Mar. 1962
Oren was a rancher who liked his drink, gambling and women, even though he had a pretty wife at home. Matt is forced to kill him and when he breaks the news to her, all she can see is getting revenge for his death, and Matt is her target.
17 Mar. 1962
A speculator in land is already unpopular in Dodge, but when he is acquitted of the murder of a man he killed, he finds himself "sent to Coventry": no one in town, not even Kitty, will buy, sell, or even speak to him.
24 Mar. 1962
The Widow
A young woman comes to Dodge insisting on an escort to Indian country so that the body of her husband, believed to have been killed fighting the Kiowa, may be recovered.
31 Mar. 1962
Durham Bull
Little Bit and his grandpa, from Texas, are passing through Dodge to buy a breeding bull. When they meet Silva, someone grandpa considers a fooler, they have their hands full making it back with their stock and their lives.
7 Apr. 1962
Wagon Girls
A group of women are going by wagon train to Colorado, lured by the promise of marrying rich miners, but Matt learns that the leader's actual plan for the women is quite different.
14 Apr. 1962
The Dealer
Johnny Cole kills a crooked card dealer in self defense, and then falls in love with the dealer's beautiful daughter, but she resists his advances and wants to seriously hurt him instead.
21 Apr. 1962
The Summons
Loy has always felt he could do what he pleased. When he shoots one of his gang members in the back just for the reward, he takes the body into Dodge to Matt Dillon who isn't as ready as he thought to give him his bounty.
28 Apr. 1962
The Dreamers
Henry and Jake have struck it rich. Now they want to follow their dream and buy a Mississippi river boat. When Henry spots Miss Kitty, he fancies marrying her but she will have nothing to do with his dream or him.
5 May 1962
Cale is a bullheaded young drifter who takes a nap in a barn he comes across only to wake up to shootout between a horse thief and the owner. Cale is shot, wounded, and becomes a suspected accomplice.
12 May 1962
Chester's Indian
On his way to a fishing vacation, Chester stumbles into a human drama when he mistakes for a thief and shoots a fleeing Indian who has touched the heart of a lonely young white woman.
19 May 1962
The Prisoner
A charmer escapes from federal prison to Dodge and finds himself caught up in the drama among two brothers, the wife of one of them, and their domineering father.
26 May 1962
The Boys
The market for snake oil is on the decline, so a peddler and his sons expand their con game with murder.

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