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Season 14

23 Sep. 1968
Lyle's Kid
An ex-law lawman waits for a convict who crushed his hands with a hammer, to be released on parole in hopes that his good fast drawing son will kill him.
30 Sep. 1968
The Hide Cutters
A group of cattle rustlers are determined to stop Amos McKee's cattle from reaching sale. Even to the point of placing a diseased animal among the herd.
7 Oct. 1968
Matt pursues the Rawlins gang into Mexico to the village of Zavala. Here he meets Paco and his widowed mother. Paco's father had been killed when he stood up to outlaws intimidating the people of Zavala. In his whole life, the only strong willed people Paco had ever seen were outlaws. He first thinks of Matt as such a person, until Matt tells him that he not here to kill the Rawlins' but to arrest them. "But only outlaws ever come to Zavala." Paco is fascinated with the fact that Matt is a US Marshall. In an unusual episode of Gunsmoke an unlikely relationship ...
14 Oct. 1968
Uncle Finney
When Merry Florene's nephews return to Dodge to turn in their 103 year old Uncle Finney for fifty dollars, you know some shenanigan are afoot.
21 Oct. 1968
Will Geer plays an old mountain hunter that comes to Dodge to see his long time friend Matt Dillon. When the hunter is accused of attempted murder, it will be Matt that sets off to bring his friend to justice.
28 Oct. 1968
In Spearville Irishman O'Quillian shoots a man for cheating in cards. The dead man's brother is set for revenge even though the Irishman was cleared of murder by the courts.
11 Nov. 1968
9:12 to Dodge
Doc helps Matt escort a wounded man to Dodge to stand trial for murder, but Matt gets word by telegram that the man's gang plans to storm the train on which the lawman and his prisoner are traveling.
18 Nov. 1968
The Ward gang is on the run after a bank robbery. The gang loses one of the Ward brothers, shot in the stomach, while Abelia and another gang member go to Dodge for a painkiller. While in town Festus and Newly have a run-in with the pair. Festus has a tracking job which leads him to Abelia's home where the gang has already taken off south bound. One of Abelia's children is bitten by a snake and Festus stays on to help heal the girl.
25 Nov. 1968
Dillon backs a citizen who refuses to sell land to a railroad builder, so the builder buys liquor for his large crews causing drunken riots in Dodge.
2 Dec. 1968
The Miracle Man
Bob Sullivan is a con man who tries to trick a widow with three children out of money for a fake cattle herd.
9 Dec. 1968
On the way back to Dodge with outlaw Waco Thompson, Matt runs into a very pregnant Indian woman. With a gang on their heels Matt finds a farm house to help the woman, but runs into bigotry with a painful past.
16 Dec. 1968
Luke Brazo is on the trail of a lone wolf, nicknamed Lobo, that has been harassing farmers around Dodge. But Luke will prove to be more of a lone wolf and just as dangerous as any animal.
23 Dec. 1968
Johnny Cross
Johnny Cross, though innocent, is a wanted man. Bounty hunters are after the reward. Newly finds him and intends to bring him in. Johnny has a choice to make when Newly is injured on the way back to Dodge.
30 Dec. 1968
The Money Store
Down on his luck, a widowed farmer is unable to get a loan from his brother-in-law, a banker in Dodge City. The two briefly argue. The farmer's son and daughter, however, go back to the bank, cause a commotion and steal an envelope full of money. Marshal Matt Dillon is out of town, leaving Festus in charge of investigating the incident. The farmer is arrested for the robbery. Upon hearing from his children that they took the money, he forbids them from telling the law; he feels he'll only be using his children as scapegoats. A short time later, the children run away ...
6 Jan. 1969
The Twisted Heritage
On her way back to Dodge after a short trip, Kitty shares a stagecoach ride with Blaine Copperton, a gentlemanly but uncertain man who seems to be far less mature than his age. Suddenly, two armed bandits attack the stage, killing the driver and seriously wounding Copperton. Copperton manages to grab a shotgun and kill the bandits, but then collapses unconscious. Kitty drives the stage to Copperton's ranch, where she finds a family of squatters living in a shack. The squatters, who have a long-running feud with the powerful Copperton family, refuse to give any help. ...
13 Jan. 1969
Time of the Jackals
Matt and Festus shoot it out with an outlaw who was a member of the infamous Jess Trevor gang, particularly notorious for murder and mayhem. Matt finally kicks in the outlaw's door and shoots him. The outlaw lives for a few minutes, and Matt asks him why he deserted the Trevor gang. The dying outlaw reveals that he left at the request of Trevor's girlfriend, who was also shocked by his cruelty and wishes to leave. The woman is then shown lying in a corner, having accidentally been shot by Matt. To his horror, Matt recognizes the woman as Leona, a woman he knew and ...
20 Jan. 1969
Mannon (Steve Forrest), arguably the fastest gun in the West, terrorizes Dodge City while he waits for Matt Dillon (James Arness) to return. A cruel, violent encounter with Kitty Russell (Amanda Blake) sets up the inevitable showdown.
27 Jan. 1969
Gold Town
This episode is a follow-up to "Hill Girl" (#13:20). Merry Florene is back, along with her remaining half-brother Elbert Moses and cousin Smiley. Merry Florene pesters Newly while the boys scam Dodge City with a salted gold mine.
3 Feb. 1969
The Mark of Cain
A buffalo hunter stumbles on the fact that a local man was head of an abusive Confederate prison camp during the war. With tension high, Matt and Festus will try to prevent citizens from taking the law into their own hands.
10 Feb. 1969
The Reprisal
A young wife miscarries when Doc Adams must tend to a wounded killer instead of making a house call. The killer will probably hang, because Doc's witness to his murdering a local card-player celebrating winning a big pot. As the only physician in the area, Doc's over-committed, but the young woman's husband, a short-sighted farmer with a bad temper, can't accept the loss.
17 Feb. 1969
The Long Night
After surviving (barely) a bounty hunter's attempt to assassinate him, an outlaw tries to turn himself in to Matt Dillon. But Matt's out of town, and the bounty hunters' companions get to the outlaw first. They aren't so much interested in the outlaw as they are in killing Matt, so they take over the Long Branch and hold everyone hostage. They also get word out to a land baron whose wife the outlaw accidentally killed: come here and pick up the prisoner in return for your gunmen to waste the marshal. The land baron accepts the deal, but the outlaw's girlfriend shoots ...
24 Feb. 1969
The Night Riders
The Civil War isn't over -- not nearly -- for Judge Proctor, a respected Missouri man who was on the losing side and had his home devastated by a guerrilla band led by a Kansas man. Now the judge has formed a gang of his own and sweeps through Kansas seeking the guerrilla leader. A tip-off tells the group that the man is in or near Dodge, but the judge can't locate his exact whereabouts and sets fire to a wheat field as a warning to the local citizenry. When that fails to produce the man, the judge threatens to burn all of Dodge City.
3 Mar. 1969
The Intruder
Festus, while taking a wounded prisoner to Dodge, has to stop at a farm house for help. Little does Festus know this was part of the prisoner's plan all along.
10 Mar. 1969
The Good Samaritans
A group of former slaves on their way to Oregon are temporarily halted to repair a broken wheel. They find Matt on the prairie, wounded by two outlaws trying to prevent his reaching Dodge City, and hide him until he can recover.
17 Mar. 1969
The Prisoner
A prisoner is being escorted to a town where his chance of receiving a fair trial are slim. Kitty will intervene by protecting this young man until the Marshal can return.
24 Mar. 1969
Exodus 21:22
Frank Reardon, a former lawman and friend of Matt's, had his pregnant wife killed by a gang of men. He has tracked the last three remain men to Dodge to carry out his form of punishment.

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