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Season 12

17 Sep. 1966
Snap Decision
Matt quits his job as Marshal when he shoots Ray Gilcher, a prisoner and wartime buddy, dead in apparent self defense and it turns out Glicher was actually trying to save Matt's life.
24 Sep. 1966
The Goldtakers
A group of outlaws murder soldiers of a gold transport, put on their uniforms, then commandeer the blacksmith's shop in Dodge to extract the gold from its alloy.
1 Oct. 1966
The Jailer
Etta Stone is a very bitter, older, woman who has Kitty and Matt captured, and thrown into a homemade jail, and now she plans on hanging Matt for the execution of her husband 6 years before.
8 Oct. 1966
The Mission
Matt is in Mexico to pick up a wanted criminal. When bandits steal his credentials, they spring the criminal with the idea of forming a gang of violence.
15 Oct. 1966
The Good People
A bounty hunter is falsely charged with murder, when he lies about killing a lynched man he thought was wanted by the law.
22 Oct. 1966
Gunfighter, R.I.P
A gunslinger hired to kill Matt, backs down from his obligation when he gets badly wounded and falls in love with a beautiful Asian woman who is caring for him, and his employers won't stand for it.
29 Oct. 1966
The Wrong Man
Hootie Kyle felt cheated in a card game by Tenner Jackson. Later, he punches Jackson and takes his thirty dollars back. The next Hootie returns the money to the Marshal only to be told that Jackson had been murdered.
12 Nov. 1966
The Whispering Tree
After a robbery, Virgil Stanley buries the money before being captured. It has been eight years and Virgil is being released. He has plans to use the money but has to deal with others with the same idea.
19 Nov. 1966
The Well
Dodge becomes restless when a severe drought dries up all the wells except for one. Now it becomes a fight to keep living, placing Marshal Dillon in the middle.
26 Nov. 1966
Stage Stop
A station master sets up stagecoaches to be robbed by a gang, and also routinely beats up his beautiful wife.
3 Dec. 1966
The Newcomers
Petter Karlgren, a Swedish immigrant, and his father arrive in the untamed west to settle in Dodge. When Petter is baited into a fight, they will find that the west is more untamed and unforgiving than they ever thought.
10 Dec. 1966
Quaker Girl
When a dying deputy swears in Thad to capture killer Fred Bateman, he ends up in a Quaker town, in which the people can not tell which one is the wanted man.
17 Dec. 1966
The Moonstone
Chad Timpson is taking care of his mentally challenged brother, Orv. But when a rider comes into Dodge we learn that Chad has a checkered past. A past that may break up the two brothers.
24 Dec. 1966
Champion of the World
Bull Bannock, ex world heavyweight champion, tries to make a place for himself in Dodge City.
31 Dec. 1966
The Hanging
Dodge City is the site where notorious outlaw, Billy Boles, is set to hang. However, the town is occupied by people determined for their own kind of justice.
7 Jan. 1967
Saturday Night
A cattle-drive, led by Virgil Powell, help a sick Matt Dillon gets his prisoner to Dodge. But the prisoner has made a deal with a cowboy on the drive to avoid a certain hanging.
14 Jan. 1967
Mad Dog
On the way to help his cousin, Festus is mistaken for a hired gunman. The slow-witted Watson Boys will try to make a name for themselves in this humorous offering.
21 Jan. 1967
After a young gunslinger wounds Matt, he comes to Dodge to finish him off and to rob the bank. He gets distracted after going to the saloon, where he meets and falls in love with one of Kitty's girls.
28 Jan. 1967
Mail Drop
A young boy comes to Dodge looking for his father. What he finds is that his father is a wanted outlaw on the run.
4 Feb. 1967
Old Friend
A Marshal from Arizona has tracked down the men responsible for pillaging his town to an area outside Dodge. He is bound to seek revenge on the outlaws at any cost.
11 Feb. 1967
Marshall Dillon is trying to bring a suspected murderer back for trial (on foot)for killing a lawman friend of the Marshall's. He finds the man near a large sheep ranch run by an independent Australian immigrant named Tyson. Tyson wants to handle the prisoner in his own way for allegedly killing a few of Tyson's ranch hands. The Marshall enlists the help of a local doctor and Tyson's own daughter while acquiring horses. Ultimately Tyson and the Marshall meet face to face before returning to Dodge City.
18 Feb. 1967
The Returning
Luke Todd's family is hurting due to severe drought. Luke calls his old gang and they decide to rob the freight office in Dodge. When things go wrong, Luke leaves the stolen money for his wife to find. This action only leads to problems.
25 Feb. 1967
The Lure
Kitty gets caught up in a scheme where lawmen will try to arrest known criminal Dal Neely by using his daughter as bait. But everyone gets more than they bargained for in this story.
4 Mar. 1967
Noose of Gold
An attorney general uses Matt's friendship with an outlaw for political gain.
11 Mar. 1967
The Favor
With a man being released from prison that has made threats toward Marshal Dillon, Kitty is torn between a man that saved her life and her duty as a citizen of Dodge City.
18 Mar. 1967
Mistaken Identity
Mal Gates, a traveler, stops by a river to get a drink -- and a rattler chomps onto his face. His screams and his gunshots at the escaping snake are heard by Ed Carstairs, coming to the same watering hole from a different direction. But Carstairs is in no charitable mood. He's wanted in another town for killing a sheriff during a poker game, and justice in that town is notoriously corrupt (Matt later asks two sheriff's deputies snidely: "Was the town boss shot in the hip? Well, isn't that where he keeps the sheriff, isn't it ... in his hip pocket?"). So Carstairs ...
25 Mar. 1967
Ladies from St. Louis
When a bank robber saves five nuns, the nuns look to a higher power to convince the man to turn himself in to the authorities.
8 Apr. 1967
Nitro: Part 1
A gang hires a jobless man to extract nitroglycerin from dynamite, so they can much more effectively blow open safes.
15 Apr. 1967
Nitro: Part 2
The man extracting nitroglycerin from dynamite for the gang, begins to lose his nerve in the extremely dangerous process.

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