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A Classic TV Show of the Past

Author: Scoval71 from New York, NY
4 March 2005

What a wonderful show Fury was. I remember watching it as a child every Saturday morning on NBC. I watched it for years, collected Fury memorabilia and still have some. This was a favorite show of mine. That horse was smart, all right. I even did research on what happened to him---died in 1972, age 29, and lived a glorious life--better than most humans, that's for sure. But the show was more than just about a horse. It was essentially the story of America, the modern American west and values. If values are so important today, why isn't Fury rerun. It really should be. I don't know who owns the tapes, but it should be investigated and put back on Nick at Nite or TV Land. It was and remains a classic. What a horse!!!

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My very first favorite TV show; please bring it back

Author: Tom Hull ( from Merriam, Kansas
27 October 2000

This was my favorite television show back during the time that it was on. I was approaching my teens and its western location and various adventures appealed to my own sense of and desire for adventure.

Alas, I have not seen it since it went off the air. In other words I have never seen any reruns; I don't know for sure if there ever have been any reruns. I fear that the reels of film may have been lost. But if they are still available, and if a person with the capability to put this show back on the air as reruns happens to read this, please do so. Thank you.

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Girls loved it too!

Author: tuscanimpressions ( from Marietta, Georgia
28 August 2004

As a child, I was a great fan of the Fury series also and was delighted to find in the mid 70's while living in LA, a local station ran the reruns on Saturday mornings. The tension of watching Fury rescue Joey never lost its appeal to me even as an adult. Was I the only fan who ate her beef stew and biscuits out of tin pie pans? I wanted so much to be a cowgirl. Probably had some influence to my moving to LA at the age of 21 and living near where many of the scenes of the 50's westerns were filmed. If anyone out there would like to start a petition for their public TV stations to resurrect the quality TV programs of the 50's, I will sign it. I doubt the alphabet stations are interested in people who are clothed. Let's bring back: "Maverick", "Sugarfoot", "Lawman" "Cheyenne" and of course, "Fury". Gosh, I loved that horse!

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Fury, The Story Of A Horse And The Boy Who Loved Him

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
21 February 2008

This was one really great kid's show that was broadcast on Saturday morning during the late sixties before it ended its run. I remember it later was in syndication under the title of Brave Stallion. I've not seen it since it went off the air.

My guess is because the episodes were done in black and white the syndication market for the show has dried up. That's a pity because if all it takes is color, where's Ted Turner and his crayons?

I still remember the premise of the show. Jim Newton as played by Peter Graves lost his wife and son in a car crash. One day while in the big city he spots a young orphan kid named Joey Clark in some trouble. He goes to bat for him and pretty soon young Joey who was played by Bobby Diamond is living on the Broken Wheel Ranch along with Graves and his hired hand Pete Wilkie who was William Fawcett who was in the Gabby Hayes tradition of cowboy sidekicks. We're informed he cut his teeth on a branding iron.

Diamond was a rebellious kid that first season, the show was all about straightening him out. But he adjusted pretty quickly as television series go. Of course part of it was the presence of Fury, a beautiful coal black stallion who only let Joey ride him. Rather than try and break him, Graves and Fawcett went with the flow.

Some other semi-regulars came and went. The first couple of years Graves had a love interest in schoolteacher Ann Robinson. There was Ralph Seay as the sheriff who always popped in at the end of the show to take bad guys into custody after Fury had nearly stomped them to death. Diamond had Jimmy Baird as PeeWee as a friend.

From the rebellious kid, young Diamond became a role model. He was the good influence on other troubled youngsters. In fact at one point Graves officially adopted him and he was henceforth referred to as Joey Newton and the fact he was adopted was never brought up. Something like the fact you never heard about the respective spouses of Robert Reed and Florence Henderson in The Brady Bunch.

In the last couple of years a new family was brought in as neighbors as Diamond was getting older. It was the Lamberts and young Roger Mobley as Packy Lambert became Joey's friend. I think the producers had in mind to eventually have Fury belong to the Lamberts and continue the series. But it got canceled in 1960.

There certainly have been far worse and few better kid's shows than Fury. Ted Turner get out your crayons and let's get this one back on the air.

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Just saw an episode of Fury on DVD

Author: mickya from United States
6 November 2005

I vaguely remember this series as a kid and had totally forgotten about it. The other day, I bought a DVD set called "TV's Lost Show Collection" (from Diamond Entertainment) and two episodes of Fury are in it. I bought the DVD at a drugstore, but you may be able to find it on Ebay or

The episode I watched was was called "The Search for Joey". Joey was bitten by a rabid dog. He and his friend then got lost in the woods. It was imperative for Jim and the doctor to find him to give him his shot within 24 hours. Fury to the rescue! Joey has a friend in this episode (Ken Osmond)who was more famously known as Leave It To Beaver's Eddie Haskell. Osmond was about 12 or 13 when he appeared on Fury. This episode of Fury first aired on February 18, 1956.

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Horse lovers delight!

Author: bigdinosaur from Wyoming
30 April 2005

These are for the most part really good shows. They teach values which isn't done much these days in kids' shows. Safe for anyone to watch...And interesting too. For some reason, I liked Graves in this series more than 'The Rifleman'.

The pilot episode starts off with the kid Joey (B. Diamond) getting into trouble and Jim Newton (P. Graves) taking him home to the Broken Wheel ranch. Joey then encounters Fury...and the adventures begin.

Some of my episodes show Joey as a small boy, and later ones show him older with a buddy, PeeWee, with whom he gets into many adventures. Sometimes they get involved with crooks. And sometimes it's more of a dramatic cheating at gokart races. And, of course, Fury usually takes a hand smart horse there eh.

For some reason my kids don't care to watch these shows. Although they seemed to like Sergeant Preston (another good oldie). Maybe it's the black and white syndrome. Also, the episodes on tape are pretty bad quality and the 16mm films are full of splices. As another reviewer mentioned, I'd really like to see this series on DVD.

If you can find this series, it's definitely worth your time. If you liked stuff like Lassie, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Rin Tin Tin and the like, you should have a go at this.

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The story of a horse and the boy who loves him.

Author: smiley-9 from USA
11 September 1998

I LOVED THIS SHOW!! Sure would be nice to see it on television again! Fury is much like "Lassie", except with a boy and his wild stallion horse instead of a dog. The show deals with a lot of morals of what choices the characters make in their every day life situations. A "MUST" see if you are into excitement and adventure!!!

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Ah, Saturday mornings!

Author: mgressma from New Jersey
7 June 2006

It's funny, I had completely forgotten the name of the show, but I remember watching "Fury" on Saturday mornings as a kid. I knew it starred Peter Graves, so it was easy using IMDb to find the name of the show. The only episode I can remember off-hand is one where an aunt comes to the Broken Wheel to live, and one day while the men were out, she cleans up the house and re-decorates with white curtains and table cloths and such, so that when the guys return, it's completely unrecognizable! They think they're in the wrong house. Well, gotta go, Bugs Bunny is on and then "Sky King."

Mike Gressman

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A classic

Author: Katie Finch Hatten from BXL
22 April 2005

Absolutely brilliant show. Loved it as a child would love to see it again. It goes in the direction of Lassie - only with a horse instead of a dog and a slightly different time - in the west.

If I remember correctly - and it must have been about 18 years since I last saw the series -it was in black and white. Jim the good hearted-and looking uncle, the little boy and most importantly (for me) the horse which saves peoples lifes and understands your needs.

The true beginning of horseman-ship ?

Truly hope it will be available on DVD in the future and bring me back to my childhood.

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My favorite Saturday morning show as a child

Author: bradford4321 from Duncan Oklahoma
24 December 2003

I can still remember the Saturday I tuned in for the show and finding cartoons instead, back then things were not publicized as today and it took a few weeks before I realized it was gone. I don't know why it was taken off, every boy I knew watched it. It was a time when programming changed from action shows like Fury to cartoons on Saturday. It was a little corny but taught moral values, something missing in today's viewing. I wish some channel would pick it up.

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