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Season 4

4 Oct. 1958
The Littlest Horse Thief
In this episode, Pee Wee (Jimmy Baird) leaves the Broken Wheel Ranch to move upstate to live with his dad. The guys meet little Packy Lambert. He wants to buy a horse and he has a whole two dollars to pay for it. But Packy's dad says they can't afford a horse. So Packy brings him back to the corral at the Broken Wheel Ranch. The horse, Lucky, follows Packy who's running away from home. The guy's go out to search for Packy.
11 Oct. 1958
Aunt Harriet
Aunt Harriet comes to visit the Broken Wheel Ranch. All she finds is dirt, grime, and disorder. WIll Jim, Pete, and the boys survive Aunt Harriet's visit? Princess, Fury's mare, has a colt and they name him Thunder.
18 Oct. 1958
Jim takes on a wild palomino that no one else can tame. But Packy proves with a little love anything is possible.
25 Oct. 1958
Joey and Packy are having a Halloween party in the barn. Their friends Roger and Phil are getting in trouble pulling pranks and Jim invites them to the party. Roger and Phil have to learn their lesson the hard way.
1 Nov. 1958
Smoke Nelson (John Pickard) helps Joey and Fury after they take a tumble. The next day he gets arrested for armed robbery. So Joey and Packy go to town to visit him at the jail. Fury helps Smoke break out of jail, but was it for Smoke to go prove his innocence or to make his escape?
15 Nov. 1958
The Fire Watchers
The weather has been very dry and conditions are ripe for wildfires. Ranger Bill Marsh enlists Jim, Pete, and Joey to help keep a watch out. Joey gets to be a lookout up in a fire tower. Packy wants to help out too. Carelessness on the part of a road work crew causes a disaster.
22 Nov. 1958
The Ornithologists
A couple of rival university professors are competing with each other to search for a rare bird on The Broken Wheel Ranch. Joey and Packy join in the search. But who will be the first to find it?
29 Nov. 1958
The Unwanted Shepherd
A sheepherder moves into the area. The other ranchers want to run him off but Jim wants to give him a chance. A couple of crooks aim to cause a bunch of trouble to get rid of the sheepherder.
6 Dec. 1958
Troubles Have Wings
A raven shows up at the Broken Wheel Ranch. Joey names him Mr. Friendly. Pete lets his superstitions run wild. He believes Mr. Friendly is a jinx and blames every mishap on him. But it turns out Mr. Friendly was good luck after all.
20 Dec. 1958
The Model Plane
Joey is building a model plane to enter a contest for a college scholarship. Packy wants to help, but Joey warns him not to touch it. After Packy breaks the plane he blames it on Fury. He's too ashamed to face up to it so he runs away.
27 Dec. 1958
The Will
Penny's Aunt Hattie has passed away. Aunt Hattie's beloved old cat named Tiger has no where to go so Penny (Diane Mountford) and Packy try to save him. Penny decides to go and hide but no one can find her.
3 Jan. 1959
The Pulling Contest
Packy's Mom and Dad are down on their luck. The bank wants to foreclose on their farm mortgage. Jim tries to help out but Packy's Dad doesn't want to get into any more debt so his plan is to sell Packy's horse Lucky. :O
17 Jan. 1959
Ten Dollars a Head
Jim and Pete head out of town for the day to buy a mare and leave Joey in charge of the Broken Wheel Ranch. Joey and Packy catch Fred Berry (a local crook) illegally rounding up horses.
24 Jan. 1959
Feeling His Oats
Thunder is feeling his oats. He gets out of his stall and runs the range. There's a killer white stallion on the loose and the local ranchers think it's Thunder doing the killing.
31 Jan. 1959
Bad Medicine
Arthur (Peter Votrian) and his mother move into a nearby ranch for the summer. Arthur is sickly and the doctor thinks that horse riding and relaxation would do him good. Joey and Jim think Arthur's mother is a little too overprotective.
7 Feb. 1959
Sonic Boom
Air Force jets are flying over the area causing sonic booms. Miles Jackson, a local resident, is putting together a petition to shut down the Air Base. Jim assists Col. Benson in convincing the neighbors that air defense is necessary and can be helpful to everyone.
14 Feb. 1959
An Old Indian Trick
A mining engineer and his son come to do some research near the Broken Wheel Ranch. Jim invites them to park their travel trailer at the ranch. An outlaw breaks into the barn at night and steals a horse. The Sheriff enlists Jim and Pete to join the posse. But while they're gone, Joey and Ronnie (Lars Henderson) go looking for the outlaw.
21 Feb. 1959
The Relay Station
Some crooks are in the area. They bought twelve horses from the Broken Wheel Ranch and used counterfeit money. Pete tells Packy the legend about the old relay station being haunted. Packy sneaks out at night to go and investigate.
28 Feb. 1959
Black Gold
Pee Wee (Jimmy Baird) comes back to visit the ranch. He's been learning all about petroleum engineering from his father. Joey and Pee Wee find old Mr. Farnum at his wildcat oil well and he's been hurt. Old Mr. Farnum has been experiencing unexplained accidents at the oil well. Joey and Pee Wee investigate.
7 Mar. 1959
Girl Scout
Joey and Pee Wee are out in the woods working on their Boy Scout merit badges. Sally is also out working on her Girl Scout badges. They learn it's easier when they all work together.
14 Mar. 1959
House Guests
Joey sees a car run off the road and goes to help. The two guy's from the car come to the Broken Wheel Ranch to await the doctor. But they are not who they seem to be.
4 Apr. 1959
Joey's Jalopy
Joey wants a car so he and Pee Wee start working on an old beat-up jalopy from the local junk yard. They fix it all up and their friend Chuck 'borrows' the car and wrecks it.

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