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Season 2

13 Oct. 1956
Joey and the Little League
Joey and the guys want to start a little league baseball team, but they're a man short. Fury plays center field. Unfortunately horses aren't allowed in little league. Joey and Tom learn a lesson about teamwork.
20 Oct. 1956
When Fury starts behaving strangely, Pete tells Joey it's "Earthquake weather", and some superstitious tales about the Indian "earthquake gods". Jim dismisses such talk, but then several tremors and then a huge, volcanic cataclysm rocks the valley.
27 Oct. 1956
Trial by Jury
Rustlers hide a stolen truck full of cattle in an unsuspecting new neighbor's barn, where police find it, and arrest him. His little girl seeks Joey's help in exposing the real crooks.
3 Nov. 1956
Joey and the Wolf Pack
A pack of wolves are attacking the herd of wild horses near the Broken Wheel Ranch. Jim and Pete have to run them off before they kill any more horses. Joey wants to adopt a young white colt who was separated from his mother. But Fury has other plans and brings the colt back to the herd and his mother.
17 Nov. 1956
Indian Mountain
Professor Tanama comes out every summer to search for the Lost Indian Village up on Indian Mountain. If the professor can find it, there's supposed to be a vast treasure buried there.
24 Nov. 1956
Flying Saucers
One morning the newspaper headline reads, "Flying Saucers Seen in the Area." So everyone starts seeing lights at night and flying saucers during the day. Fears of little green men run rampant. This episode features Jimmy Baird as Rodney 'Pee Wee' Jenkins.
1 Dec. 1956
Joey and the Stranger
Joey comes to the rescue of a road tramp (George Chandler). Jim hires him for some odd jobs around the ranch. The guy turns out to be the famous ventriloquist, The Great Voxo. He promises to teach Joey how to throw his voice.
15 Dec. 1956
Pete's Folly
Pete gets mixed up with some swindlers trying to sell a fake uranium mine. Jim and Fury come to the rescue.
22 Dec. 1956
Boy's Day
Joey wins a contest and becomes 'Sheriff for a Day'. Little did anyone know that dangerous criminals would visit the town that day. Sheriff Joey, Deputy Freddie, and Fury save the day.
5 Jan. 1957
The Feud
Joey gets caught in the middle of a ranchers feud. Mr. Hayes (Francis McDonald) and Mr. Brennan (Paul Burns) used to be friends and partners, but now they're enemies. Jim and Pete work to get them back together. But it takes a special gesture from Joey and Fury.
12 Jan. 1957
Loco Weed Story
An outbreak of loco weed growing on the range threatens to kill horses and livestock by poisoning them when they eat it.
26 Jan. 1957
Joey Shows the Way
Joey befriends a handicapped boy Tim Wheeler (Peter Votrian) who's bitter about not being able to walk, run, or play ball like the other boys. Joey and Tim and the guys work on a ham radio project for school.
2 Feb. 1957
Nature's Engineers
Water levels in the valley have been dropping because of poachers trapping beavers for their pelts. Beaver damns help keep the water levels up. Joey and Fury and the Game Warden restock the lake with beavers, returning everything back to its natural state.
16 Feb. 1957
The Strong Man
Joey befriends an ex-sailor (Mickey Simpson) who left the sea to try his hand at farming. Joey competes in a model airplane club.
23 Feb. 1957
The Scientists
Joey and Freddie send away for a chemistry set. Two mad scientists are born.
9 Mar. 1957
My Horse Ajax
A movie company rents the Broken Wheel Ranch to make a movie. Joey and Fury get a job with the movie company.
16 Mar. 1957
The Tomboy
Joey and Freddie are having problems with a tomboy named Midge. They can't seem to beat her at anything.
30 Mar. 1957
Joey, Junior Lifeguard
After Pee Wee almost drowns at the local swimming hole, Jim helps Joey and the gang get their Red Cross Junior Lifeguard Certification.

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