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15 Oct. 1955
Joey Finds a Friend
Jim Newton captures a magnificent wild stallion and brings him back to the ranch. Later in town, he comes to the aid of a small boy who is falsely accused of breaking a window and brings him back to the ranch. The boy and the horse soon become fast friends.
22 Oct. 1955
Killer Stallion
A wild stallion is menacing all of the local ranches and freeing their horses. Neighbouring rancher Charlie Stevens thinks that Fury is to blame, but Joey has seen the white renegade stallion and must find it, because Charlie wants Fury dead for something he had no part in.
29 Oct. 1955
The Horse Coper
Jim has to sell some horses or lose the ranch. Pigott, the horse coper (dealer) offers to buy Fury but Jim says he is nor for sale. Later, when Joey wants to show Pigott the tricks that Fury can do, Pigott tricks Joey into being on free government land. Pigott then claims Fury and tries to get away.
5 Nov. 1955
Joey Goes Hunting
Joey gets a rifle and goes hunting with Pete. What they find is trouble in the form of an escaped criminal.
12 Nov. 1955
Scorched Earth
There is a drought. Joey becomes a junior Ranger and tries to protect a couple of hunters from starting a forest fire.
19 Nov. 1955
Joey's Dame Trouble
Fury keeps running off to be with a white mare. Joey gets in trouble when he tries to solve the relationship.
26 Nov. 1955
Joey and the Gypsies
Local ranchers think that gypsies are stealing horses. Then Fury is rustled which leads to the truth.
3 Dec. 1955
Joey's Father
A stranger shows up at the ranch, claiming to be Joey's real father and threatening to separate the boy from Jim and Fury. Jim knows the man isn't who he claims to be and has to stop him.
10 Dec. 1955
Joey Saves the Day
A Social Worker comes to check up on Joey and Jim. Joey and Fury save a man from a rattle snake bite by fetching the doctor.
17 Dec. 1955
The 4-H Story
Joey wants to enter his lamb in the 4-H Club Livestock Show. Frankie Watson is also entering a lamb. Joey learns a lesson about sportsmanship.
24 Dec. 1955
Junior Rodeo
Joey signs up to ride in the Junior Rodeo. But he's up against the local champion, Ty Jones (played by Sammy Ogg). Jim, Pete, and Fury help Joey learn to ride a bucking bronco.
31 Dec. 1955
Ghost Town
Bank robbers stash their loot at a local ghost town. Fury saves Joey and Frankie from the robbers.
7 Jan. 1956
The Hobo
A hobo gets a job as a ranch hand at the Broken Wheel Ranch. Fury gets sick and the hobo, who's really a veterinarian on the run from the law, has to decide whether to help Fury and get caught or just walk away.
14 Jan. 1956
Tungsten Queen
Hank Enos was running a local tungsten mine. After he breaks his leg, he recuperates at the the Broken Wheel Ranch. Joey and Hank catch some claim jumpers at the mine and Fury has to rescue them.
21 Jan. 1956
Joey Sees It Through
The Newtons babysit Betsy, a spoiled young girl whose mother is marrying Jim's friend Bill. Betsy misses her dad, who was killed in the Korean War. Betsy's grief, anger, and hatred of Bill make her stay with the Newtons a trying time.
28 Jan. 1956
Stolen Fury
Rustlers hit the Broken Wheel Ranch. Pete and Joey try and rescue Fury, but Fury ends up rescuing them.
4 Feb. 1956
The Choice
A wealthy gentleman rancher and his wife want to buy Fury. Fury's not for sale, declares Jim, but his resolve weakens when Joey suffers a head injury that will leave him blind unless he undergoes an immediate $5,000 surgery.
11 Feb. 1956
The Boy Scout Story
Joey joins the Boy Scouts of America, but Joey's friend Buzz thinks scouting is kid's stuff. Joey and Fury set out into the woods to show Buzz that scouting can make men out of boys.
18 Feb. 1956
Search for Joey
School's over for the summer and Joey doesn't have a care in the world. He convinces Pete to take him and Frankie (Mike Taylor) on a camping trip to an area far from the ranch and his plan sounds like a good one, until Dr. Walton discovers that the dog that bit Joey earlier in the week was rabid.
25 Feb. 1956
The Miracle
Jim's old friend Val Benton visits the Broken Wheel Ranch. Benton is a rodeo cowboy confined to a wheelchair following an accident, but Joey, who idolizes Benton, is convinced a miracle will allow Benton to walk again.
3 Mar. 1956
The Test
Joey befriends a new boy in school, but the friendship is discouraged by the boy's demanding father who requires his son to spend all of his free time studying in order to excel in school.
10 Mar. 1956
Fury Runs to Win
The Broken Wheel's mortgage holder wants to own Fury and convinces Joey to enter him into a winner-take-all horse race where Fury himself is the prize. An Irish hobo happens along and helps train Joey and Fury for their big race.
17 Mar. 1956
Jim takes Joey to go visit an old friend Tom Skobee who runs a logging camp. Tom is being plagued with sabotage. Jim investigates and with the help of Fury, catches the bad guy.
24 Mar. 1956
Wonder Horse
Joey, Pete, and Fury go to the carnival to see the Wonder Horse. Two of the carnival hands think they can make a lot of money with Fury so they steal him, but Joey catches them and saves Fury.
31 Mar. 1956
Pirate Treasure
Joey and Frankie are playing pirates down by the river. They meet a real pirate (Alan Hale Jr.) with a treasure chest full of silver and gold items. The man turns out to be a thief instead of a pirate. Fury saves Joey and Frankie.
7 Apr. 1956
The Baby
A young couple's baby daughter wanders away from their camper. Jim and Pete join the sheriff's search party. Joey, Frankie, and Fury also try to locate the little girl before the brewing bad storm blows in.

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