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Season 1

20 Feb. 1956
A Toy for the Infanta
In 1833, the death of the King creates a struggle for the throne of Spain. The Count of Monte Cristo supports the claim of the King's widow who seeks to reign as regent for her young daughter, the Infanta.
27 Feb. 1956
The Count goes undercover on the Marseilles waterfront to expose a piracy ring preying on ships bound from Spain.
5 Mar. 1956
The Luxembourg Affair
A scheming General replaces the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg with an impostor in the year 1836. The Count, summoned on financial matters, sees through the impostor and works to bring back the true Grand Duchess.
12 Mar. 1956
The Texas Affair
An emissary from Texas arrives in France, seeking recognition for his new country. He's attacked by men paid by the Mexican government, but is then defended by the Count of Monte Cristo.
19 Mar. 1956
The Mazzini Affair
The Count, disguised as a priest, enters a fortress where a rebel -- seeking to free Italy from Austria's yoke -- faces execution.
26 Mar. 1956
The Carbonari
The Count intervenes on behalf of a man who's being blackmailed by a secret society known as the Carbonari.
2 Apr. 1956
The Devil's Emissary
Residents of an Alpine valley are being held prisoner by a man rumored to be dabbling in the black arts. The Count of Monte Cristo arrives to investigate.
9 Apr. 1956
Mercedes, the great love of the Count's early life, accepts the Count's help after her husband has been imprisoned and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.
16 Apr. 1956
Flight to Calais
While traveling to England to be married, Princess Anne of France is kidnapped just outside Calais. The Count of Monte Cristo takes action to rescue her.
23 Apr. 1956
A man claiming to be the Count of Monte Cristo has headquartered in Albania and is working with another man who wishes to become dictator of that country. The true Count travels to Tirana to set things right.
30 Apr. 1956
The reading of a wealthy banker's will in Naples, Italy, produces unexpected results. The Count investigates and finds danger and deceit.
7 May 1956
The Art of Terror
Masked men have taken over the waterfront in Le Havre, France, kidnapping and imprisoning sailors. No ship can sail without paying tribute to the leader of these men.
14 May 1956
The Experiment
A chemist is falsely accused of treason because of a discovery he's made in his lab. It seems another man covets the money to be made from this discovery,
21 May 1956
The heir to the French throne runs into trouble when he pays a secret visit to Mecklenburg. He wants to see there the princess he loves but she's been promised to another suitor and the French heir winds up in prison.
28 May 1956
The Portugese Affair
The Count travels to Portugal for a wedding but the groom is arrested just before the ceremony on murder charges. The Count investigates and finds a plot to overthrow the Portuguese government.
4 Jun. 1956
The death of the King of Lichtenburg creates a power struggle. Princess Anne, the rightful heir, finds herself imprisoned in the palace by an ambitious man anxious to assume power. The Count seeks to help her.
11 Jun. 1956
A grape-grower in Burgundy seeks help after he's forced to pay tribute to a man claiming to be able to bring about a tax cut. The Count investigates and uncovers a fraud.
2 Jul. 1956
Years ago in Sicily, the young Edmund -- before he became the Count of Monte Cristo -- confronts a corrupt banker and restores to its rightful owner a farm stolen by that banker.
9 Jul. 1956
A Matter of Justice
A mother's plea that her soldier-son has been unjustly sentenced to Devil's Island prompts the Count to investigate. He discovers a web of corruption involving two officers in the French army.
23 Jul. 1956
The murder in Athens of a dealer in Greek antiquities leads the Count to the recovery of an ancient statue being smuggled out of the country.
30 Jul. 1956
The Talleyrand Affair
Desperate to thwart a plan to form the country of Belgium out of Netherlands territory, the Duchess of Maastricht kidnaps the son of one of the plan's proponents. The Count seeks to rescue the son, and the plan.
6 Aug. 1956
The Island
Rico is drugged, kidnapped, and whipped to make him reveal the location of the Count's treasure. The Count mounts a rescue, which involves a Duchess who schemes to put a Bonaparte back into power in Paris.
13 Aug. 1956
The Barefoot Empress
En route to Versailles, the young Empress of Austria is beset by a party of assassins. The Count seeks to save her despite her sometimes lack of cooperation.
20 Aug. 1956
The Brothers
Twin sons of a inventor clash over control of what might be their father's greatest achievement -- a screw-propeller attached to a ship's steam engine. Such an invention would revolutionize naval warfare and maritime shipping.
27 Aug. 1956
A printer tries to live down his counterfeiting past but his young, greedy wife has other ideas. She becomes involved in illegal dealings at the Monte Carlo casino and it takes the Count of Monte Cristo to sort things out.
3 Sep. 1956
Point, Counter Point
A woman, falsely believing the Count murdered her father, frames him on a smuggling charge by substituting arms inside cases bound for the Count's new chateau.
10 Sep. 1956
The Black Death
A doctor tries to stem the spread of a plague in Paris but is thwarted by forces of greed and ignorance. The Count lends his support to the doctor and many lives are then saved.
21 Sep. 1956
Victor Hugo
Surprised to learn of Victor Hugo's unwavering faith in the French judicial system, the Count uses a turn of events to change Hugo's mind. Hugo then determines to write a book about the system called "Les Miserables."

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