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Season 3

24 Sep. 1957
Incident at Indian Springs
A school teacher claims to have killed a bank robber. The townspeople want to celebrate their new hero. It all starts to unravel as his past catches up with him and the people he's lived with want nothing else to do with him.
8 Oct. 1957
The Conspirators
Cheyenne is called to Washington D.C. to take on a special task for the Army. He is to take the place of married actor/singer/dancer Jim Thornton Merritt who is working with two others to raise money to resurrect the Confederacy.
22 Oct. 1957
The Mutton Puncher
Cheyenne working for the less than scrupulous Ben Creed as foreman crosses paths with stock owner Thora Flagg who needs help moving her herd to town. She engages Creed in a poker game to win the price to cross his land and Cheyenne.
5 Nov. 1957
Border Affair
After Cheyenne takes a cattle herd to Mexico, he is captured by the French. After escaping, he aids a young runaway princess who doesn't like her much older intended husband. He takes her to a rebel camp where they learn her real identity.
19 Nov. 1957
Devil's Canyon
A fortune in diamonds awaits anyone who gets to it first. Murder and arson are just some of the ways of keeping some from succeeding. A stranger follows Cheyenne and the treasure hunting party but is he all they have to worry about?
3 Dec. 1957
Town of Fear
Cheyenne brings a bank robber into town to his old friend Sam. A popular rancher's son is "accidentally" killed by Sam when a drunken mob tries to hang him. It's up to Cheyenne to bring to justice the guilty party and free his friend.
17 Dec. 1957
Hired Gun
Cheyenne rides into a town looking for a job. He runs into a hired killer he knows who tries to kill him but is shot by the local sheriff. Once he learns who the man was, the sheriff hires Cheyenne to work undercover to find who hired him.
31 Dec. 1957
Top Hand
Cheyenne decides to leave a valley engulfed in a ranch war when his boss is bought out. He turns down offers from two other ranches but changes his mind when hands from one leave him to die. He finds love is part of the problem he faces.
14 Jan. 1958
The Last Comanchero
Cheyenne, a Marshal, with a deputy tracks down and captures Rafe Larkin who leads the last of the Comancheros. He takes Rafe and the wounded deputy to a town but he finds no help there except for one young man who has a separate desire.
28 Jan. 1958
The Gamble
Helping a friend keep her saloon from a crooked gambling combine, Cheyenne runs it while she gets to know her daughter who for ten years has been at school back East and knows nothing of how her mother earned the money that kept her there.
11 Feb. 1958
Jed's father is killed at Verdi River. Alone and bitter he tags along with Cheyenne to Fort Sumner to enlist. He finds a colonel who hates Indians. When his horse comes up lame he's had enough and deserts taking his horse, leaving his troubles and his friend Cheyenne behind to deal with an Indian uprising.
25 Feb. 1958
The Empty Gun
Cheyenne rides into town on a cold and stormy night looking for shelter and a hot meal. He comes upon a grave being dug and the man who shot its soon-to-be tenant. He finds out the man, Matt Reardon, has regrets and a 12-year old debt he needs to pay before anyone finds out he's no longer the same gunslinger he used to be.
11 Mar. 1958
White Warrior
Cheyenne is hired as wagon master to lead a number of families and traders through some rough Indian territory, Along the way he frees a comanche brave who turns out to be white. He spends the rest of the journey convincing the boy of his good heritage and keeping everyone in his charge safe against ambush from Apaches whose only desire are the rifles for sale hidden amongst the wagons.
25 Mar. 1958
Ghost of the Cimarron
Doc Johnson's gang is outside town planning their next bank job. Cheyenne walks up on them after losing his horse to a mountain lion. As they are not sure what he heard, they force him to come along. What they all soon realize is that thanks to the Kiowa Kid, they are riding into an ambush that nets everyone except the Doc and Cheyenne who must now try to undo the Kid's betrayal.
8 Apr. 1958
Wagon-Tongue North
Cheyenne rides into the town of China Hat to follow up on a job he heard about. He runs into Del Swain who he arrested in Texas and is now running cattle. He almost has to fight his way out of town because of this encounter. Outside town he is ambushed by Swain but shoots in self defense, killing him. Witnessed by the local Sheriff, Cheyenne rides on and joins a cattle drive on the trail. The owner was just buried by his wife. The man who killed him: Cheyenne Bodie!
22 Apr. 1958
The Long Search
Kenny is out riding when he spots a wild rabbit. He chases it into an abandoned mine and there's a cave in. The sheriff's posse looks for him and instead finds a Sioux Indian, Char, leading his horse. Their prejudices and his answers don't add up so he is arrested. In town he is spotted by his friend Cheyenne who goes to the jail to vouch for his friend. The sheriff doesn't buy his story and locks Char up. Meanwhile the boy's hysterical mother has to be calmed as well as the restless townspeople. Elsewhere, the local saloon owner Peg shows an interest in Kenny's ...
6 May 1958
Cheyenne is deputized to look for Beloin who has been on the trail of someone for over a month. He comes upon two men, chained together, one wounded and one dead. He takes the wounded man who says he is a marshal to the nearest town where they find a doctor and the outlaw gang run by the feared Lobos. Lobos is on the trail of those who shot two of his men. He executed two townspeople but still wants the guilty party. Lobos soon finds that the wounded man brought to town knows more about this. A showdown is forced as the Federalis approach the town and Cheyenne has to ...
20 May 1958
Dead to Rights
Shorty gets a letter that cuts into his plans to deliver some freight to Marysville with Cheyenne. On the Monday he left, he said he'll be back "Wednesday night or Thursday morning at the latest." On Friday, Cheyenne goes looking for him, turning their business over to a local outfit. He finds him in Sacramento in jail for fighting and disturbing the peace. When Shorty is shot through his jail cell window, Cheyenne sets out to find his friend's killer and the rest of the secret he started to tell him but didn't get a chance to finish.
3 Jun. 1958
Noose at Noon
Cheyenne rides into town looking for his friend Jim's ranch. He finds out where the ranch is but that he is not there. He's in jail and is going to be hanged soon. When he visits Jim, his friend is less than forthcoming as to why he is in jail. As Cheyenne investigates the circumstances surrounding his arrest he finds a judge who is forced to rule on the evidence presented, rumors of illegal opium and the same cattle running back and forth over the border in a more private fjord on Jim's land.
17 Jun. 1958
The Angry Sky
Cheyenne is ambushed while tracking a bank robber called the Black Jack. His name comes from the black clothes he wears and that he wears a kerchief as a face mask with the name 'Jack' embroidered on it. Cheyenne's unconscious body is discovered by Lilac, one of two sisters who live nearby with her sister's husband nearby.

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