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Season 1

28 Sep. 1955
Blood Brother
Keena saves the life of a young Cree brave and, in the Indian tradition, becomes his blood brother. Not long afterward Keena is taken gravely ill, and he learns the wisdom of this old tradition.
5 Oct. 1955
Cry of the Heron
An innocent joke starts a chain of events that may lead to war between the Cheyenne and the Blackfeet if Brave Eagle can't put a stop to it.
12 Oct. 1955
The Treachery of At-Ta-Tu
Brave Eagle puts his life on the line to prevent an Indian war after a Cheyenne warrior defies him and kidnaps a young white boy.
19 Oct. 1955
Gold of Haunted Mountain
Brave Eagle promises to take his friend, a prospector, to an old gold mine site. What they don't know is that two outlaws who want the gold for themselves are planning to take it from them--and not leave any witnesses.
26 Oct. 1955
Search for the Sun
Keena discovers that renegade Indians are trading stolen gold for guns. In order to prevent a war, he leads Brave Eagle to the renegades' camp.
2 Nov. 1955
A stubborn young white girl who is staying at Brave Eagle's village refuses to leave with her uncle, a cavalry officer. The uncle believes she is being held against her will and determines to "rescue" her. In order to avert a war, Brave Eagle must resolve the situation.
9 Nov. 1955
Mask of Manitou
Keena helps Brave Eagle obtain food for a desperately poor and starving Indian tribe.
16 Nov. 1955
The Flight
Brave Eagle saves a white man and his daughter from almost certain death in the desert, but the man's bitterness and hatred of Indians almost leads to a war between the Cheyenne and the U.S. army.
23 Nov. 1955
Code of a Chief
When gold miner goes missing, his cabin exhibits the signs of a struggle and arrows with Brave Eagle's mark are found buried in the wall, even the Indian chief's best friend in the cavalry suspect him of committing a crime. Brave Eagle breaks away from his captors in order to find the real culprits.
30 Nov. 1955
Face of Fear
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7 Dec. 1955
Voice of the Serpent
Brave Eagle goes out looking for the long-lost son of an elderly Indian woman. He meets up with a bellicose Cree chief who is also looking for the young man.
14 Dec. 1955
Shield of Honor
A Pawnee, realizing that he can't trick Brave Eagle into declaring war on a neighboring tribe, tries another tactic--befriending Keena, hoping it will get him influence over Brave Eagle.
21 Dec. 1955
The Challenge
Chief Brave Eagle is challenged by a warrior who wants to take his position as chief--in a fight to the death.
28 Dec. 1955
Medicine Drums
An army payroll has been stolen by white men masquerading as Indians. Brave Eagle and Keena must find the robbers before tensions erupt into war.
11 Jan. 1956
A child from the white settlement has been kidnapped, and Keena and Morning Star are accused of the crime.
18 Jan. 1956
The Storm Fool
Brave Eagle goes up against another chief who is trying to use the theft of a horse to begin a war with the whites.
25 Jan. 1956
The Gentle Warrior
A peaceful Comanche chief takes refuge in Brave Eagle's camp after his warriors, who want war, rebel against him and drive him out of their village.
1 Feb. 1956
The Strange Animal
Comanches set a trap for Brave Eagle, but he gets help from an unexpected source--an elephant that has been brought in by the army to clear ground for a new fort.
8 Feb. 1956
White Medicine Man
Brave Eagle goes after a horse trader who has stolen the medical supplies that are needed to stop an epidemic of smallpox.
15 Feb. 1956
Death Trap
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22 Feb. 1956
War Paint
Keena, Brave Eagle's adopted son, has defied his father and joined the tribe in an attack on renegade Indians who have attacked a white settlement, and has been captured by the renegades. Brave Eagle sets out to rescue him.
29 Feb. 1956
Valley of Decision
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7 Mar. 1956
Witch Bear
A mysterious animal is terrorizing the tribe, and many begin to believe that it is an evil spirit. Brave Eagle determines to show them that it is indeed a real animal.
14 Mar. 1956
Trouble at Medicine Creek
Brave Eagle goes up against two Indians, a Cheyenne and a Comanche, whose determination to grab the reins of power of their respective tribes has led to killings on both sides.
21 Mar. 1956
Ambush at Arrow Pass
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 Season 1 

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