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1 Jan. 1956
A Bullet for Baldwin
When an office worker is fired from his job, he shoots his boss to death, but when he returns to the office his boss is alive, and has no recollection of the incident.
8 Jan. 1956
The Big Switch
Gangster Sam Dunleavy sets up an elaborate alibi so that he can kill his ex-girlfriend Goldie, who left him for another man.
15 Jan. 1956
You Got to Have Luck
During a massive manhunt for escaped convict Sam Cobbett, Cobbett invades a house where young housewife Mary Schaffner is home alone.
22 Jan. 1956
The Older Sister
One year after Mr. and Mrs. Borden were brutally murdered, reporter Nell Cutts tries to interview Lizzie Borden and her sister Emma about the killings.
29 Jan. 1956
Shopping for Death
Two retired insurance salesmen confront an aggressive, hostile woman in hopes of saving her from a disaster.
5 Feb. 1956
The Derelicts
Inventor Ralph Cowell murders his silent partner Alfred, only to be blackmailed by vagrant Peter Goodfellow, who witnessed the crime.
12 Feb. 1956
And So Died Riabouchinska
Detective Krovitch investigates a murder at a run-down vaudeville theater and gets a hot lead from the ventriloquist's dummy.
19 Feb. 1956
Safe Conduct
An American journalist meets a soccer star while traveling behind the Iron Curtain, but then is arrested as a suspected smuggler.
26 Feb. 1956
Place of Shadows
A young man tries to insinuate his way into a monastery, in order to gain revenge on a thief whom he blames for ruining his life.
4 Mar. 1956
Back for Christmas
A man plans to kill his wife and bury her in their basement, unaware that that she's been planning to convert their basement into a wine cellar.
11 Mar. 1956
The Perfect Murder
Worried that their Aunt Rosalie doesn't really like them, brothers Paul & Henri set out to get their hands on her fortune any way they can.
18 Mar. 1956
There Was an Old Woman
Dishonest Frank and Lorna Bramwell visit the home of wealthy, eccentric Monica Laughton, with the intention of robbing her.
25 Mar. 1956
Recently deceased mystery writer Alexander Penn Arlington gets permission from the recording angel to relive his last day on earth, so that he can find out who murdered him.
1 Apr. 1956
Help Wanted
To pay for his wife's operation, Mr. Crabtree takes a job working for the mysterious Mr. X, who asks him to manage a job involving a blackmailer.
8 Apr. 1956
Portrait of Jocelyn
At an art gallery, Mark is surprised when the art dealer hands over a portrait of Mark's first wife instead of the painting he'd originally purchased.
15 Apr. 1956
The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby
An antiques dealer comes up with a clever way to raise money to pay off a loan. But things won't be as easy for the shop owner the second time around.. or will they?
22 Apr. 1956
Never Again
After arguing with her boyfriend, Karen wakes up in a jail cell with no recollection of what transpired and is told that she committed murder.
29 Apr. 1956
The Gentleman from America
Rich American Howard Lattimer visits London, and bets 1000 pounds that he can spend the night in a room that is said to be haunted.
6 May 1956
The Baby Sitter
When Clara Nash is murdered, her baby-sitter Lottie Slocum is excited to be the center of attention, and she also hopes to become closer to Clara's husband.
13 May 1956
The Belfry
When Clint Ringle learns that Ellie Marsh, the schoolteacher whom he loves, is engaged to Walt Norton, Clint kills Walt and then hides in the schoolhouse's bell tower, waiting for his chance to exact further revenge.
20 May 1956
The Hidden Thing
After Dana Edwards' fiancée Laura is killed by a hit-and-run driver, he is visited by John Hurley, who claims to be able to use memory recall techniques that will help him to remember the car's license plate number.
27 May 1956
The Legacy
When a prince who is well known as a playboy takes a sudden romantic interest in a shy, plain housewife, everyone is baffled and fascinated.
3 Jun. 1956
Paula Hudson has a stolen mink coat she tells police she purchased on a recommendation, and when they retrace her steps to find out how she obtained it, everyone denies they ever talked to her about it.
10 Jun. 1956
Gil Larkin is suspected of murder when Mona Cameron's allegedly abusive husband is shot dead in front of him and he gets knocked out by an unknown assailant.
17 Jun. 1956
The Creeper
A frightened housewife is alone in her apartment building when she begins to suspect just about anyone could be the unknown killer who has been strangling women.
24 Jun. 1956
Richard Paine decides to steal money from his boss that he owes him anyway, and it turns to a unnecessary and ironic murder.
30 Sep. 1956
Wet Saturday
Mr. Princey's daughter has just murdered the schoolmaster. A murderess in the family? That won't do. It's up to Mr. Princey to frame someone else for her crime.
7 Oct. 1956
Fog Closing In
When her husband goes away on a business trip, Mary Summers is all alone in her house--and gripped with a nameless fear. Then an escaped mental patient breaks in.
14 Oct. 1956
De Mortuis
Professor Rankin's buddies Wally and Bud stop by to take him fishing. They find him in his cellar, filling in a hole with cement. They suspect he may have also filled it with his wife.
21 Oct. 1956
Kill with Kindness
Katherine Oldham feeds stew to a homeless man as she struggles to keep the mind of her brother, Fitzhugh--a butterfly hunter and birdwatcher--on the task of murder.
28 Oct. 1956
None Are So Blind
An antiques dealer feels he should be enjoying the finer things in life, but his Aunt Muriel is the one with all the money. Finding another man's wallet gives him an evil idea.
4 Nov. 1956
New York, 1910. Bookkeeper Al Birch expects the arrival of his sweetheart Edwina from 20 years ago. When she arrives, she is still every bit the lady. But she doesn't come alone.
11 Nov. 1956
Alibi Me
Georgie Minnelli kills his old childhood enemy Lucky Moore for interfering in his pinball machine racket. Now Georgie desperately needs an alibi.
18 Nov. 1956
Conversation Over a Corpse
Cissie Enright is not exactly thrilled with the idea of poisoning the real estate man. But her sister, Joanna, insists that it's the only way.
25 Nov. 1956
Crack of Doom
A no-limit game of poker brings a real estate man to the brink of ruin.
2 Dec. 1956
A college boy with an unnaturally close relationship to his father suspects his stepmother of foul play.
9 Dec. 1956
The Better Bargain
A middle-aged mobster suspects his young wife is cheating on him. He gets in touch with Harry Silver, the best hitman in the business.
16 Dec. 1956
The Rose Garden
A book publisher visits two elderly sisters at their Louisiana mansion. One of them has written a murder mystery. And he learns that it may contain more fact than fiction.
23 Dec. 1956
Mr. Blanchard's Secret
A mystery writer's imagination gets her in trouble when she turns her overstimulated mind to her new next-door neighbors -- and wonders why she has never seen the wife.
30 Dec. 1956
John Brown's Body
An upstart furniture designer colludes with his boss's wife to drive her husband mad.

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