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Season 2

30 Sep. 1956
Wet Saturday
Mr. Princey's daughter has just murdered the schoolmaster. A murderess in the family? That won't do. It's up to Mr. Princey to frame someone else for her crime.
7 Oct. 1956
Fog Closing In
When her husband goes away on a business trip, Mary Summers is all alone in her house--and gripped with a nameless fear. Then an escaped mental patient breaks in.
14 Oct. 1956
De Mortuis
Professor Rankin's buddies Wally and Bud stop by to take him fishing. They find him in his cellar, filling in a hole with cement. They suspect he may have also filled it with his wife.
21 Oct. 1956
Kill with Kindness
Katherine Oldham feeds stew to a homeless man as she struggles to keep the mind of her brother, Fitzhugh--a butterfly hunter and birdwatcher--on the task of murder.
28 Oct. 1956
None Are So Blind
An antiques dealer feels he should be enjoying the finer things in life, but his Aunt Muriel is the one with all the money. Finding another man's wallet gives him an evil idea.
4 Nov. 1956
New York, 1910. Bookkeeper Al Birch expects the arrival of his sweetheart Edwina from 20 years ago. When she arrives, she is still every bit the lady. But she doesn't come alone.
11 Nov. 1956
Alibi Me
Georgie Minnelli kills his old childhood enemy Lucky Moore for interfering in his pinball machine racket. Now Georgie desperately needs an alibi.
18 Nov. 1956
Conversation Over a Corpse
Cissie Enright is not exactly thrilled with the idea of poisoning the real estate man. But her sister, Joanna, insists that it's the only way.
25 Nov. 1956
Crack of Doom
A no-limit game of poker brings a real estate man to the brink of ruin.
2 Dec. 1956
A college boy with an unnaturally close relationship to his father suspects his stepmother of foul play.
9 Dec. 1956
The Better Bargain
A middle-aged mobster suspects his young wife is cheating on him. He gets in touch with Harry Silver, the best hitman in the business.
16 Dec. 1956
The Rose Garden
A book publisher visits two elderly sisters at their Louisiana mansion. One of them has written a murder mystery. And he learns that it may contain more fact than fiction.
23 Dec. 1956
Mr. Blanchard's Secret
A mystery writer's imagination gets her in trouble when she turns her overstimulated mind to her new next-door neighbors -- and wonders why she has never seen the wife.
30 Dec. 1956
John Brown's Body
An upstart furniture designer colludes with his boss's wife to drive her husband mad.
6 Jan. 1957
A Good Samaritan helps a newlywed couple with a flat tire. But when the groom accidentally dirties the man's suit, the stranger reveals himself to be a dangerous crackpot.
13 Jan. 1957
Nightmare in 4-D
A man who reads too much pulp fiction finds himself playing Sir Galahad to the blonde in the apartment downstairs. It seems she's burdened with a corpse.
20 Jan. 1957
My Brother, Richard
District attorney Martin Ross is running for governor and learns that his brother Richard has killed the other candidate Burton Reeves.
27 Jan. 1957
The Manacled
Shackled prisoner Stephen Fontaine tries to negotiate an escape from Sergeant Rockwell while en route to San Quentin.
3 Feb. 1957
A Bottle of Wine
Judge Connors shares amontillado and civilized conversation with the young architect about to steal his wife. But the quality of his mercy is strained.
10 Feb. 1957
Malice Domestic
Marital discord between writer Carl Borden and his wife Annette intensifies when poison is found in his food.
17 Feb. 1957
Number Twenty-Two
Young robber Steve Morgan is in jail for his first offense and too cocky for his own good.
24 Feb. 1957
The End of Indian Summer
An insurance investigator and his wife look into the case of Mrs. Gillespie, who has been widowed twice -- and has twice enjoyed windfalls from her husbands' life insurance.
3 Mar. 1957
One for the Road
A former nurse learns that when her husband is away on business trips, he's seeing another woman.
10 Mar. 1957
The Cream of the Jest
Broken-down actor Charles Gresham, who has a weakness for booze, demands that playwright Wayne Campbell give him a part. When Campbell refuses, Gresham resorts to blackmail.
17 Mar. 1957
I Killed the Count: Part 1
A maid discovers the body of Count Victor Mattoni. It's up to Inspector Davidson from Scotland Yard to find the murderer, in part one of a three-part episode.
24 Mar. 1957
I Killed the Count: Part 2
Inspector Davidson continues to investigate the murder of Count Mattoni, in part two of this three-part story.
31 Mar. 1957
I Killed the Count: Part 3
Inspector Davidson continues to investigate the murder of Count Mattoni -- and receives yet another confession. Final part of a three-part story.
7 Apr. 1957
One More Mile to Go
Sam Jacoby has his wife's corpse in the trunk of his car, and is menaced by a motorcycle cop, who nags him about a taillight.
14 Apr. 1957
Vicious Circle
Manny Coe is a hit-man for Mr. Williams. He kills a man named Gallagher for messing up a jewel robbery. When she finds out about the murder, Manny's girlfriend Betty threatens to go to the police. Mr. Williams orders her killed. Manny tries to do this, but she is later accidentally killed. Manny is rewarded by Mr. Williams. He becomes his right hand man, until he is killed by Georgie, another hit-man sent to Mr. Williams.
21 Apr. 1957
The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater
Ernest Findlater dreams about a South Sea island and a girl he meets there named Lalage. Lalage develops a scheme to help Findlater kill his real life wife. On the night of the planned murder, Findlater discovers that his wife is already dead. She died of natural causes.
28 Apr. 1957
The Night the World Ended
A news man plays a joke on a homeless man by showing him a fake article that says the world is going end that night, it has deadly results.
5 May 1957
The Hands of Mr. Ottermole
A murderer has been strangling people in the London fog. A reporter manages to continually make it to the crime scene before the police.
12 May 1957
A Man Greatly Beloved
In a small Massachusetts town, precocious young Hildegarde Fell learns a secret about crusty old John Anderson, who has just moved there.
19 May 1957
Martha Mason, Movie Star
A vain, querulous woman can't get a divorce from her husband. Luckily, he loves to garden. And he's just dug a nice big hole in the backyard.
26 May 1957
The West Warlock Time Capsule
Taxidermist George Tiffany has domestic trouble when his wife's visiting brother Waldren overstays his welcome.
2 Jun. 1957
Father and Son
London, 1912. Shop owner Joe Saunders refuses to lend money to his son Sam, who is anxious to win over a cheap showgirl.
9 Jun. 1957
The Indestructible Mr. Weems
A lodge is selling cemetery plots, but nobody will buy one until the first person is buried there. The brothers turn to Mr. Weems.
16 Jun. 1957
A Little Sleep
A bored rich girl goes up to her cabin in the mountains. Before the night is over, she'll wish desperately she had just gone home.
23 Jun. 1957
The Dangerous People
Two men wait at a train station. A wailing siren periodically reminds them that a maniac has escaped from the local mental hospital.

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