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Season 2

1 Oct. 1956
A Village Wooing
Robin tries to help Wat Longfellow, who became an outlaw to escape a life of indentured servitude.
8 Oct. 1956
The Scientist
A man who has developed a terrible new weapon comes to Robin seeking help and shelter. King John has heard of the invention and is seeking the inventor across the breadth of the land.
15 Oct. 1956
A man overhears an important conversation between Robin and Marion. Rather than turn them into the Sheriff of Nottingham, he tries to blackmail Robin.
22 Oct. 1956
A Year and a Day
Robin comes to the aid of a surgeon who is a bound serf. He is one day short of reaching a year and a day that means he would be now a free man.
29 Oct. 1956
The Goldmaker
Robin goes to see Sir Richard, a fine man who is hopeless with money. Robin at the urging Marion goes to see the man to help him untangle his finances.
5 Nov. 1956
The Imposters
Little John captures Lady Pomfret but her husband escapes acting like a coward. Maid Marion is concerned about his actions and refuses to believe it is the real Lord Pomfret.
12 Nov. 1956
When the Count of Severne decrees the heavily taxed villagers must also raise the ransom for his son, they turn to Robin for help.
19 Nov. 1956
A girlhood friend of Marian's, Avice, now the wife of Prince John, calls on Marian to ask to enlist Robin's help: her husband is planning to divorce her so that he can marry Isabella, a French princess, thus getting the support of France. Robin's dilemma - can the woman be trusted?.
26 Nov. 1956
The Hero
After the sheriff's brother is killed, the man responsible is taken by Robin's group. Friction begins as the man struggles to fit in with the rest of the Merry Men.
3 Dec. 1956
The Haunted Mill
Tom the local baker seems to be suffering ghosts at his mill. Robin becomes concerned other forces may be at work and works to try and untangle the mystery.
10 Dec. 1956
The Black Patch
Sir Dunstan of Travers arrives in Sherwood to set a trap for Robin. Dunstan tells Marion of his plan, not aware she is a friend of Robin. She must warn Robin without reveling her true identity to Sir Dunstan.
17 Dec. 1956
Outlaw Money
The Mayor of the Mint is in danger when the sheriff suspects him of being in league with Robin. The situation becomes drastic when Robin approaches the man for help in aiding over taxed villagers.
24 Dec. 1956
The Friar's Pilgrimage
Robin realizes with winter coming on that there is a shortage of honey for the Merry Men. He decides to join Tuck on a journey to Canterbury to so he can locate a supply of honey and allow Tuck to complete his religious pilgrimage.
31 Dec. 1956
The Trap
After the sheriff captures another of Robins men, he comes to the realization that no one will give Robin and his men up. Instead he plans to infiltrate the Merry Men, and undermine the group from the inside.
7 Jan. 1957
Robbin's Merry Men capture a knight, Sir Hubert. To their surprise the knight was actually looking for Robin in hope that Robin could help get his lady back.
14 Jan. 1957
The Dream
Maid Marion has a premonition that Robin is in grave danger. Initially Robin scoffs at the information, but events soon show Marion may have been more right than anyone could imagine
21 Jan. 1957
The Blackbird
Little John is captured by the sheriff's men. The Sheriff decides quickly to hang the man as an example. Unfortunately the sheriff can not find anyone willing to be the hangman.
28 Jan. 1957
The Shell Game
A con man joins Robins group. Although he is not well liked, Robin sees potential in his skill sets to plan a daring robbery.
4 Feb. 1957
The Final Tax
Friar Tuck has a plan to do away with a burdensome property tax that the nobles have placed on the poor serfs, but he needs the help of Robin and his men to put his plan into action.
11 Feb. 1957
A young prince, who is the rightful heir to the throne of England, has fallen into the clutches of his uncle, the evil Prince John. Robin and his men set out to develop a plan to rescue the young boy.
18 Feb. 1957
The Bandit of Brittany
Robin and Tuck escort the young prince and his mother to the safety of France only to be captured by the self proclaimed Robin Hood of France.
22 Feb. 1957
The Goldmaker's Return
Lepidus, the somewhat hapless alchemist, announces that he has found a way to turn lead into gold. The Sheriff, dubious of his claim, threatens him with execution if his plan doesn't work. Marian, knowing that it will of course not work, comes up with a plan to satisfy the sheriff and save Lepidus from being hanged.
4 Mar. 1957
Flight from France
While on a secret mission in France, Robin and Friar Tuck begin to suspect that a local wine merchant is actually an agent of Robin's enemy, King John of England. Robin and Tuck contact the French underground for help in throwing the spy off their trail.
11 Mar. 1957
The Secret Pool
While fishing in a secret pool--a tributary that leads directly to Sir Cedric's private lake--Robin and Marian see Sir Cedric's men arresting a poor, hungry serf for poaching one of the large fish that populate Cedric's lake. Marian goes to Cedric to plead for the man's release, while Robin decides to take a different tactic, one involving Cedric's obsession for fishing.
18 Mar. 1957
Fair Play
Three of Robin's men are traveling undercover as a group of Bavarian acrobats. A greedy Gypsy fortune teller betrays them to the sheriff of Nottingham, who immediately arrests them. Robin must break them out before they are executed.
25 Mar. 1957
The Dowry
A prosperous London merchant and his daughter Bess are on their way to Nottingham with of 1,000 gold crowns. Gareth, a recent recruit to Robin's band, decides to relieve them of the money - a crime which incurs the Sheriff's wrath and spells further trouble for outlaws.
1 Apr. 1957
The York Treasure
Robin and Little John head for the coast, to help their friend Joseph of Cordoba in his secret plan to bring a shipload of Jewish refugees, escaping persecution in their own country, to the seaside town of York.
8 Apr. 1957
The Borrowed Baby
Robin and his men are accused of stealing a gold shipment, and Maid Marian comes under suspicion for being a spy for Robin and trying to protect him and his band.
15 Apr. 1957
The Black Five
Robin and his arch-enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham, set aside their differences temporarily to work together to rid the country of the monstrous Duke DeMoreville, a murderous psychopath that the terrified citizenry refers to as "The Hangman of Leicester".
22 Apr. 1957
Food for Thought
A delegation of villagers from Upper Minton come to Robin's camp and tell him of an oppressive new tax--the third that year--imposed on them by the greedy Count Olivier. This tax is certain to empty their food stores and cause a terrible famine in the area if Robin can't do something about it.
29 Apr. 1957
Too Many Earls
The outlaws of Sherwood are desperately in need of money, and Marion hatches a scheme involving her bird-watching uncle, an archery tournament and a letter of safe conduct signed by the sheriff.
6 May 1957
Highland Fling
Robin and Friar Tuck are on a mission for King Richard: they are to visit Scotland and collect 500 gold crowns owed to Richard by King William of Scotland - but why should the Scottish King be so reluctant to hand over the gold?.
13 May 1957
The Mystery of Ireland's Eye
Word reaches Marion, that her uncle Sir Edward is in danger over in Ireland. Marion, Robin and his merry men head to save the man. What starts as a simple task quickly develops into a complicated situation involving the clash of old and new Gods
20 May 1957
The Little People
Robin, Marian and Friar Tuck are taking a trip through Ireland, and one night they stay at the house of a family of superstitious farmers. At first dismissing the family's tales of "the little people"--leprechauns--the trio is later astounded to actually come across some of the "wee folk".
27 May 1957
The Infidel
Sir James devises a plot to inherit his uncle's fortune. Blame for the crime will point at an innocent man - Ali ben Azra - and the Sheriff has been informed. Can Robin teach Sir James a lesson in sportsmanship - and clip the Sheriff's wings at the same time?.
3 Jun. 1957
The Frightened Tailor
A list is circulating of those loyal to King Richard. On the verge of being discovered a tailor takes a very novel course of action to hide the list from the sheriff.
10 Jun. 1957
The Path of True Love
While visiting the countryside around his family's old manor, Robin discovers that Sir Charles plans to break the agreement made with Robin's father and deny the tenant farmers their security.
17 Jun. 1957
The Road in the Air
Robin must think of a way to cross the land approaching Tom's mill: Sir William, Tom's landlord, has imposed an import duty on grain taken from the mill and his guards are gathered to repel intruders. An ingenious device provides Robin with the answer.
24 Jun. 1957
Robin and band have set a date to steal a gold shipment planned for Prince John's coffers, but Little John is nowhere to be found. Has the gentle giant finally been smitten by love of a fair lady?

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