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Season 1

23 Sep. 1955
The Saddle Tramp
A down-on-luck prospector and spinner of tall tales helps Ricky capture a gang of rustlers.
30 Sep. 1955
Crossroad Trail
A young ranch hand nearly falls in with bad companions until Ricky is blinded from a fall sustained when fleeing the two men and needs his assistance.
7 Oct. 1955
Salted Ground
Ricky and Sandy try to prevent a gullible general store owner from being fleeced by a couple of con men trying to sell a salted mine.
15 Oct. 1955
The Medicine Man Mystery
Sandy investigates Ricky's wild tale of a medicine show operator who he saw stuff a small boy into a box. The Norths learn that Doc Terwilliger, the show's owner, is a ventriloquist who uses his dummy, Wilbur, to draw in crowds. A trio of jewel thieves find Wilbur fascinating as well, since their leader hid the gems from his latest heist in the dummy's stomach.
22 Oct. 1955
Lost River
The worst drought in 20 years has struck the valley where the Norths have their ranch. While Champion searches for a waterhole for his herd of wild horses, a unscrupulous foreman tries to force and elderly woman to sell her ranch for a pittance.
29 Oct. 1955
Renegade Stallion
An elderly prospector searching for gold finally strikes paydirt, but before he can file a claim, he is killed by a pair of drifters who stampede a wild horse herd over the man's body to hide evidence of their crime. The sheriff believes that Champion is a wild killer and tries to have him shot. Meanwhile Ricky and Sandy try to find the real killers.
5 Nov. 1955
Canyon of Wanted Men
A crooked horse trader tries to get Sandy North and the other ranchers to sign a petition to allow him to round up all the wild horses in the valley. When the ranchers prove reluctant, the crooks break down the ranchers fences and accuse the herd of the destruction. While riding the range, Ricky and Lorna stumble onto the truth but are captured and held prisoner by the owlhoots.
8 Nov. 1955
Challenge of the West
Ricky tries to prove that an outlaw's son wasn't responsible for a robbery at Sandy's ranch.
22 Nov. 1955
Hangman's Noose
When a crooked ranch foreman discovers oil on a neighboring spread, he plots with a businessman to grab the property by killing one rancher and framing the other for the crime. When Ricky stumbles upon a pair of oil-soaked boots near the murder scene, he becomes the target for the real killers.
29 Nov. 1955
King of the Rodeo
Ricky and Sandy try to rescue Champ from a carnival owner who has captured the horse and uses him as an attraction, offering a large prize to anyone who can ride him.
6 Dec. 1955
A Bugle for Ricky
Ricky soon finds a use for his new musical instrument - signaling for help using a cavalry bugle call when he is trapped in a barn by outlaws.
13 Dec. 1955
The Stone Heart
Ricky tries to help a wounded prisoner who was forced to participate in a jail break and becomes the target of the rest of the gang of counterfeiters.
20 Dec. 1955
The Deer Hunters
Ricky tries to rescue a fawn from a snare and incurs the trappers' wrath. The men are trying to provide meat for a railroad construction crew but are wiping out the native game in the process. Ricky, Sandy and an Eastern conservationist try to convince the railroad construction boss to find a new source of meat for his men.
27 Dec. 1955
The Golden Hoax
When Champion discovers that a gang of stagecoach robbers stash their loot in an abandoned mineshaft, Ricky and Sandy try to apprehend the gang.
3 Jan. 1956
Johnny Hands Up
Ricky and Sandy come to the assistance of a young lawman who is being held responsible for the mistakes of his predecessor.
10 Jan. 1956
Black Kachina
An evil medicine man holds the tribe's chief captive while plotting a new Indian war against the territory's ranchers.
17 Jan. 1956
Mystery Mountain
When a naive Easterner is duped into performing gold assays for a swindler, Ricky and Sandy come to the rescue.
26 Jan. 1956
Rails West
Ricky and Sandy persuade a railroad line to bypass the range where Champion and his remuda live, but removing prospectors who try to claim the same valley after stumbling onto what they think is gold-bearing rock proves a tougher nut to crack.
The Real Unfriendly Ghost
Ricky and Sandy search for a missing politician in a ghost town and encounter one eccentric living resident and, apparently, a lively dead one, too.
13 Feb. 1956
Andrew and the Deadly Double
Mary Jane, Ricky's young neighbor, is upset when she learns that Uncle Andrew, her newly appointed guardian, plans to sell the ranch she lives on and force her to move East with him. While Ricky and Sandy try to convince the Easterner of the virtues of ranch life, Mary Jane learns that the man is an impostor and is taken captive by a crooked land-grabbing lawyer.
14 Feb. 1956
Bad Men of the Valley
An ex-convict trying to go straight and his pretty wife buy the ranch next to the North's. He has a chance meeting with his former gang members who threaten his wife if he doesn't cooperate with their bank robbing scheme. Ricky, Champ and Rebel help the young man bring his former confederates to justice.
24 Feb. 1956
The Return of Red Cloud
When a Indian chief who has just returned to his tribe is framed for murder, Ricky and Sandy try to prove his innocence before this followers go on the warpath.
27 Feb. 1956
Brand of the Lawless
An outlaw who has escaped from custody joins his old gang and plans his next robbery - a rich bank that's not too far away. With a posse pursuing them, the gang leader decides to pick up a grubstake from his law-abiding sister by blackmailing her.
3 Mar. 1956
The Die-Hards
Rebel is hurt by a porcupine and Ricky gets help for him from a new southern doctor who just arrived in town. However, persistent prejudices for Southerners that linger long after the civil war engender hatred and turmoil for the doctor and his wife to endure until the prejudiced perpetrator's gunshot wound is treated by the doctor.
3 Mar. 1956
Calhoun Rides Again
An old cowboy returns to visit Ricky and Sandy and help them round up a gang of desperadoes.

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