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One of the best!
JohnHowardReid14 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Characters: Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse, ranch cook.

Directors: WILLIAM HANNA, Joseph BARBERA. Animators: Irven Spence, Ed Barge, Kenneth Muse, Ray Patterson. Backgrounds: Robert Gentle. Music: Scott Bradley. Color by Technicolor. Western Electric Sound System. Producer: Fred Quimby.

Copyright 30 December 1953 (in notice: 1952) by Loew's Inc. A Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer "Tom and Jerry" cartoon. 6 minutes.

COMMENT: This entry in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's long-running and deservedly super-popular series is actually not so much a western spoof as a variation of the familiar Tom versus Jerry conflicts, but using western props in a western setting. The colored servant who often initiates the action is here replaced by a crusty ranch-house cook, who refuses lazy Tom his much-desired meals until he gets rid of that varmint, Jerry.

After suffering indignities in several amusing encounters, Tom signs an agreement with Jerry. The fast-paced little story then builds up to a riotous climax with a branding iron, when Tom reneges.

All in all, this Tom and Jerry must be classed as a most satisfying entry in the series. And needless to say, it was produced with all the M-G-M cartoon department's usual expertise.
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A bit of a misfire.
BA_Harrison21 November 2016
Tom's master (voiced by Stan Freberg) won't feed lazy ranch cat Tom until he gets rid of Jerry, who has been stealing food from the kitchen via lasso. Of course, every plan that Tom devises to catch the mouse backfires, at least until Jerry decides to make a deal with the cat.

Another Tom and Jerry short set on the ranch (the earlier one being Texas Tom from 1950), Posse Cat is a rather unremarkable effort with routine and repetitive gags that fail to get the laughs: Tom sets a trap, it goes wrong, and his master fires his pistol at the cat as he runs for safety. With not nearly enough inventiveness to the chaos, it all gets rather wearisome, and at just six and a half minutes, that's not a good thing.

4.5 out of 10, rounded up to 5 for IMDb.
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Some good things, generally though not much great
TheLittleSongbird3 January 2013
While I am a fan of the Tom and Jerry cartoons and always have been, Posse Cat for me was a disappointment. Of course it does have good things. The animation is very luscious, not unusual for the 50s Tom and Jerry cartoons. The music is orchestrated beautifully and is very jazzy and catchy. Stan Freberg does a good voice as the voice of Tom's master. Tom and Jerry still have their distinct personalities and work very well as a partnership. What is unfortunate for Posse Cat is that the gags are rather routine(the shooting guns being the biggest offender) and there is not much that came across as particularly funny to me. The story is thin and not only is it a concept that has been done a lot in Tom and Jerry but you know exactly what is going to happen for much of the time. Freberg's voicing is good here, but Tom's master even for a secondary character has a rather bland personality. The pacing is never really secure, too many times I was wishing for it to pick up. These make an initially scant 6 minutes duller than they ought to have been. Overall, not much great which is disappointing considering it's Tom and Jerry. While not their worst(Switchin' Kitten or Sorry Safari) of the cartoons done in their heyday(40s to late 50s) Posse Cat is a contender for the weakest of that era. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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This Six-Shootin' Western Drew Blanks
ccthemovieman-19 February 2007
Well, this time we are down at the ranch out in the beautiful West (nice scenery, which looks like Montana with a big mountain in the background), and Tom, Jerry and a cook are the three "people" in this story.

Jerry is snagging a hot sausage right underneath Tom's nose and the cook is not pleased. He blasts the cat for being lazy and not doing his job. All Tom wants to do - like Jerry - is eat! When he gets dinner, the cook yanks the food away from him quickly and says, "You're not getting any dinner until you get rid of that varmit."

So....Tom attempts to do just that. As usual, it doesn't go well. Even when he does capture the mouse, when he hears the clang of the dinner bell, he drops him and goes running for food. Finally, Jerry offers a deal: 50-50 on the food if Tom pretends he's running Jerry out of the place. The trick works until Tom gets greedy...and then....

In all, so-so at best. Most of what I've seen of Tom and Jerry cartoons are funnier than this. Sorry, padnah!
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short & sweet
movieman_kev31 October 2003
Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse are in an old west setting.Tom won't be fed by the old cowboy into he catches Jerry. Has a few funny moments. Jokes are repeated, but at merely 6 minutes long it's still one of the better Tom & Jerry shorts.
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