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John D Wilson obituary

Innovative animator whose credits include Lady and the Tramp, Petroushka and Grease

The pioneering animator John David Wilson, who has died aged 93, launched his studio, Fine Arts Films, in 1955 and found success with his first short subject, an adaptation of a Japanese folk tale, Tara the Stonecutter, which was screened in America with Teinosuke Kinugasa's Oscar-winning samurai drama Jigokumon (Gate of Hell, 1953). Next came Petroushka (1956), for which Igor Stravinsky (despite negative feelings towards animation following Disney's Fantasia) was persuaded by Wilson to prepare a shortened score for the film and conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic for the soundtrack. Petroushka won several festival awards and was the first animated film to be accepted by the Venice film festival.

Wilson's diverse productions ranged from innovative TV commercials for Instant Butter-Nut Coffee, made with the actor and humorist Stan Freberg, to a groundbreaking 15-minute film, Journey to the Stars, for the United
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The Sound On Sight Twitter Animation Debate

Ricky D accidentally ignited a day-long Twitter debate about Animation and specifically whether Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin is an animated movie or not, when he was tweeting related to his article about the biggest Oscar snubs.

Since the debate was spirited but polite, we thought that we would compile the debate and make it available in one place. Tweets have been slightly edited to remove spelling errors and redundancies and the order altered a bit.

Taking the position that Tintin is an animated film: Sound On Sight contributor Michael Ryan who tweets under the name Llakor. Michael is not an animator, but as Festival Director of the YoungCuts Film Festival he evaluates hundreds of animated films every year made in a variety of styles. He also grew up an Nfb brat, meeting and talking to animators from a very early age, which includes visiting Co Hoedeman when
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Exclusive: Talking Music & Horror with Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die

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As Keith Buckley sees it, Every Time I Die’s new album, New Junk Aesthetic (preview it below), is “kind of, dealing with the fact that there is so much art out there, that you have no idea what’s worth looking at and what isn’t.” If you haven’t figured it out by now, however, Every Time I Die is a band whole heartedly worth paying attention to. The five-piece from Buffalo, New York are nothing short of a force to reckon with. The band—comprised of guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andrew Williams, bassist Josh Newton and freshly added drummer Ryan Leger—is well versed in the art of creating skillful, creative and exciting metal in a scene overrun with dull imitators. Buckley not only provides some of the most recognizable vocals in the genre, but arguably its smartest lyrics, with his heavily satirical and witty observations. What
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