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Beautiful Introduction to Sissi Trilogy

Author: Marcin Kukuczka from Cieszyn, Poland
20 June 2004

Ernst Marischka, one of the most respected Austrian directors of that time, made films full of beautiful scenes, delicate love and with respect to all that is precious in life.

Nowadays, if people should hear about him, they associate the name of Marischka with SISSI trilogy (1955,1956,1957). However, he made other excellent films like DAS DREIMADERLHAUS (1958), EMBEZZLED HEAVEN (1958) and definitely this one, MADCHENJAHRE EINER KONIGIN showing the young years of queen Victoria. Although it deals with a slightly different theme than SISSI films, I do not see many differences between this movie and SISSI. They are strikingly similar.

The movie is almost identical. The style, the music, the photography. In fact, the crew are almost the same. Anton Profes, Bruno Mondi!

The cast... Romy Schneider's one of the first main roles. It was a lovely introduction to her role of Sissi since this film was made one year before the first part of the trilogy about the Austrian empress. It is also a film where Romy plays with her mother, Magda Schneider. But Ernst Marischka was not the first director who cast Romy to play with her mum. Romy's debut, WENN DER WEISSE FLIEDER WIEDER BLUHN (1953) was her performance with her mother, too. Therefore, there were some voices that Romy began her Austrian career on the bases of her mother's fame. Indeed, there is some truth in it.

Again, like in SISSI, this film shows love very gently. Victoria meets Prince Albert in a little inn in Dover. Their sympathy is based on pure exaltation in dance and gentle smiles. And now...? What would it be showed like? Only sex... But is it the only thing love is based on?

I am grateful to Ernst Marischka for these movies. They had a soul and a message. Some people may call them kitschy, but I will never give up admiring these films. They are IMPRESSIVE!!! UNFORTUNATELY, HIGHLY UNDERRATED!

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A pattern for the Sissi trilogy

Author: dbdumonteil
20 December 2006

Just made before Empress Elizabeth's famous trilogy ,this story like biopic of Queen Victoria's salad days retains the same obsolete charm.Not only it features Romy Schneider and her mother Magda (who,oddly,does not play her mother here but a baroness,the queen's lady-in-waiting and confident) ,but it depicts the meeting Albert /Victoria as the director (Ernst Marischka who directed the four movies)would do with Elizabeth and Francis Joseph: here they meet in an inn where Johann Strauss is playing his famous waltzes on the piano;in "Sissi" ,the heroine goes fishing and catches ... her future husband!A rather daring -for the time- line in the dialog:Victoria would like to know the meaning of the word "rape" and her mentor can't explain.In "Sissi " there would not be such a thing.

That said,although "Madchenjähre" is quite pleasant,it is not as buoyant,as charming and as compelling as "Sissi"

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movie rocks

Author: Cher Berns from United States
21 August 2005

I loved this movie. It was so well done! Great acting and drama and historically accurate. I love Romy Schneider movies. This one rocks, not as great as Sissi but still rocks!

And Scorpiolina,she commented and said french dubbing. Well this is originally a German movie not french. So yea. Second of all there was a plot, maybe your not familiar with history. Oh and her mother played the part of her governess, not her teacher. And the storyline was actually not Cinderella but Queen Victoria, maybe u missed that detail.

But anyway.... yea the history in this movie is great, I love historical movies and Queen Victoria is very fascinating! I love all the historical stuff. Like that guy that was trying to manipulate her mom. And when she ran away and met her future husband and he showed her the "new type of dance" waltzing. When waltzing was new it was considered kinda scandalous because the couples dance so close. Yea her governess was like oh my god!

And also the clothes, I love the clothes. The styles are great, hoop skirts are awesome. And of course Romy always looks very pretty.

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Kitschy but irresistible story of romance between Victoria and Prince Albert

Author: Andres Salama from Buenos Aires, Argentina
8 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In one of her first movies, Romy Schneider shines as young queen Victoria of Britain, as she is suddenly put into the throne at the age of 18, learns to govern despite the machinations of the politicians, and eventually romances and marries Prince Albert of Saxony. Kitschy and campy (though surprisingly faithful to the real events), this romantic piece is irresistible. Seeing this movie about British royals spoken in German adds to its quaint charm. On that front, one wonders why an Austrian movie was made about an English queen; but then one remembers that in 1954, Austria was still under occupation by allied troops, including British ones. Maybe this was one of the reasons for the existence of this film.

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Enjoyable fluff

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
7 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's interesting that the DVD producers seemed to try to make people think this was one of Romy Schneider's immensely popular Sissi movies. However popular this trilogy of films was, this is NOT one of them but is a story of part of Queen Victoria's life--and has nothing to do with the Austria-Hungarian empress, though they both lived during the same period. Now because this is about Victoria, it is a tad confusing, as everyone's speaking German during the film. Her future husband, Albert, was German and she could speak the language, but in this film set in the UK and France it is odd hearing nothing but German!

The film begins just before Albert and Victoria meet--but it is pure romantic fiction. The Princess is about to become queen when the film begins. Soon, King William dies and she is now queen. When she's told she must marry, she has no interest in a proposed marriage to a German prince (Albert) and instead takes off for a trip to France. On the way to Dover, by chance, she stops at an inn and meets a man who she falls head over heels for--not realizing it is Albert himself! It may sound like I am providing a spoiler, but this also is divulged in the summary listed on IMDb.

If you think about it, the plot is very much like the plot of the first Sissi film--a member of the royalty longs for life outside court and ends up meeting and falling in love with their future husband. The big difference is what's not in the film--that Victoria practically worshiped Albert, whereas Sissi and her husband, Franz Josef, were about as compatible as a wolverine and a hyena! Also, you may notice that Romy Scheider looks and acts like she did in her Sissi films--and little like Victoria. So is it worth seeing? Well, yes...if you like romantic fluff. This isn't meant as pejorative--but the film has very little depth and isn't exactly a biography--more a story of the couple that COULD have happened...but didn't. If you are looking more for the real life of Victoria, try watching "The Young Victoria"--it's so much closer to the facts and lacks all the romanticism--which is good, since the real story of the couple is, in fact, quite romantic and sweet. Watchable but not a lot more.

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quit entraining but campy and low budget and not accurate

Author: cynthiahost from United States
25 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't let my constructive criticism stop you from buying and watching this Romy Schneider classic. This movie was shot in a lower budget ,probably against the will of Ernest Marishka, so he had to make due.For example england is portrayed as bordering on Germany.BY a will of the wisp Victoria and her mom are taking a vacation to Germany by buggy ride alone.They arrived their too quick. This probably could not be helped but the castle they rented, for the movie, was Austrian. When she's told that she's queen she goes to the royal room where the members of the court bow to her, where are the British citizens out side from the castle cheering for their new queen? Why ISBN't she showing her self up to the balcony to greet her subjects ?Low budget!Where the audience back then aware of these imperfection? I wonder how the critics felt?Durring the inn scene she meets prince Albert but ISBN't excited about it. Durring the meeting in the eating side of the inn your hear music from famous old American civil war songs like " My old Kentucky home" , and "Old black Joe". What? civil war songs in the 1830's? Is Romy Schneider being portrayed as Scarlet?Where's Mammy? Is Magna Shnieder playing her too? Is Adrian Hoven Rhett or Ashley? What was in Marishka mind?Well this add to the camp.It's unintentionally satirizing Queen Victoria'a story. This is the only reason you should collect it or see it 03 11 09 correction Germany and england are connected

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