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Thoroughly enjoyable

Author: Ruth Voboril from United States
23 May 2005

I'd never heard of this series, or even Ronald Howard, for that matter, until perchance I picked up a four-episode DVD in a dollar store. Now I'm completely hooked, and I must have *every* episode.

Ronald Howard is simply captivating here, and clearly enjoys his role. Just as another reviewer said, he makes the viewer believe he really *is* Sherlock Holmes.

Howard Marion-Crawford is splendid as Dr. Watson, as is Archie Duncan as the inept Instpector Lastrade. The series favors many guests over and over in various guest spots; some are good, though many are, well, pretty bad.

It is Mr. Howard that really makes the series. Wouldn't he be thrilled to know that fifty years after the show aired, and nearly 10 years after his passing, that there are a few of us enjoying this charming piece of work.

Here's to you, Mr. Howard. You were nothing short of wonderful.

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A classic favorite for the young at heart.

Author: boom-10 ( from Columbus, Ohio
25 March 2003

I must say that this enjoyable show is finally coming to light with recent releases on DVD. For those familiar with other portrayals of the pipe-smoking master detective, this series comes as something of a shock. The Holmes (Ronald Howard) in this one is young, fit, and very active. With a wry smile, he is as comfortable in a scuffle as he is with his violin. The Watson is not the bumbling fool of the films of the 40s, nor is he the Grenada persona, who is almost as intelligent as Holmes himself. He is a man who has common sense, an eye for the ladies, and never ceases to be amazed by Holmes.

This show does not have high quality direction, or guest actors, or even complex and intricate webs of intrigue. What it does have is the good guy winning, Holmes solving the case, and a wonderful scope of imagination. Those that let themselves figure out what is going early on can be pleased with their brilliance. I first saw this show on PBS when I was around the age of 9. Although there can be no doubt that Jeremy Brett is a master, I felt, and still do feel, that Howard's Holmes is a kinder, approachable, and altogether affable depiction. I don't watch this show for intellectual stimulation. It's a comfortable blanket to wrap up and enjoy oneself for a half an hour.

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Former Die-Hard Rathbone Fan Now Converted :-)

Author: Michael Stevens from United States
30 July 2005

In a nutshell, I grew up with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, yet I do recall seeing the Ronald Howard episodes on TV in the late 50's. Only after I picked up a dollar DVD at Walmart featuring Ronald Howard did I realize what a totally charming performance he gave as the super-sleuth. H. Marion Crawford is equally charming as Dr. Watson, and the pair interact and play off each other in a manner much different than the Rathbone/Bruce pairing. Howard portrays Sherlock as a much more human and compassionate character and is a joy to watch. There are many nuances in his words and actions which one does not immediately observe on the first viewing which help enhance his portrayal. If you are a Sherlock fan, you must sample this delightful series. Kudos also for photography and editing, at least in the limited number of chapters I have been able to view thus far. As some have mentioned, the plot lines are somewhat shallow-- you will watch these less for the intrigue of the mystery and more for Howard's acting and the wonderful chemistry between Howard and Crawford.

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Easy Mysteries, but good acting

Author: Buffy Summers from United States
29 December 2004

Indeed, Ronald Howard plays a great Holmes, and the portrayal of Lestrade is just Hilarious. Crawford plays one of the best Watsons I have seen yet, and the series overall, despite the simplicity of many mysteries, and the lack of any-but 1- original A.Conan Doyle mystery in the series, is fantastic. Holmes is portrayed many a times after this series with many different actors, and none of them quite amount to Howard's job done with the character. He's very believable, and there's an obvious enjoyment in his knowledge, but nothing to the degree of rubbing it in other's faces, or flaunting it. He's very personable, and a bit quirky at times. He really makes you believe he /is/ Sherlock Holmes. The fact that this series is in black and white makes it even more enjoyable in my personal opinion. To be able to watch a classic like that for me is just terrific, considering I wasn't alive during that time. The director and cast had to have done something right if my nine year old brother, who hates black and white films, and was originally set dead against watching it, was interested by the time "The Case of Harry Crocker" was finished. I currently own volume one and two on DVD from Digiview, but I highly recommend buying the 10 disc set from Amazon. There's a few episodes not in the set, but it's definitely worth it. ASIN: B0001Z3TS4

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Excellent series

Author: Arsen Dalavaccio from United States
7 January 2006

If you are not so interested in the mysteries, but rather Holmes himself, you will not be disappointed in this series. Whatever it may lack in directing, staging or filming, Ronald Howard makes up for it (Especially when many of the episodes can be found very cheaply.) While it does deviate from Doyle's original stories in fact, it does not deviate in spirit.

There are some moments in which characters such as Dr. Watson and Lestrade are given center stage while Holmes is put to the side, which might disappoint some viewers. Dr. Watson, who is closer to the everyman than Holmes, seems to be the center of attention quite a bit more than some might like. While these might detract from the few episodes which are like this, they do not affect the series as a whole.

Even if it does not become the favorite of any Holmes collector who chances to pick it up, it will at least become an admirable addition to any DVD or memorabilia stronghold.

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Ronald Howard aka Sherlock Holmes

Author: Blulite from United States
14 December 2005

I bought this set of 20 episodes 5 years ago in Houston Texas, USA, we are in the process of a move and this set had never been opened, so I slit open the box and began watching this set to see if it was worth keeping or giving away so there is less to pack. WAS I EVER ASTONISHED, not only does Howard sound and somewhat look like his Dad, Leslie Howard, but his version of Holmes is a delight to view, for a 30 minute show this is very nice and a delight to watch with pleasure on a cold and blustery night with a warm mug of chocolate. It also has bookend video extras with a bio comment by Christopher Lee. A special treat and a joy to own, would really like the extra 19 episodes if they can be found.

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Very good!

Author: moriarty1993 from United States
16 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sherlock Holmes is a very good TV series for two reasons:Ronald Howard and H.Maron Crawford.Ronald Howard is quite far the second best Holmes of the screen(next to Basil Rathbone,of course) but this show's Watson goes un-rivaled.Not a bungler like Nigel Bruce or a completely boring and pointless character like Ian Flemming.Rather,a very interesting character with a lot of personality.Howard's Holmes reminded me more A.Conan Doyle's character of the sixty published cases than anyone else.These scripts provide both suspense and humor,something that uaually doesn't work.My favorite episode of all time was probably "The Pennsilvania gun.It was the perfect Sherlock Holmes episode.Overall,this show is a superb representation Holmes and MUST NOT BE MISSED.

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An Enjoyable Light Portrayal of the Familiar Characters

Author: Snow Leopard from Ohio
1 February 2006

Although there are a great many television and movie adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes characters and stories, most of them are well worth seeing, and many have their own particular approach to the material. This television series lasted only one season, but it has still shown up from time to time on late-night broadcasts and the like, and the whole series is now available on DVD. The half-hour episodes always furnished entertaining short mystery stories with an enjoyable light portrayal of the familiar characters.

As Holmes, Ronald Howard's upbeat, jaunty approach is noticeably different from the styles of Jeremy Brett, Basil Rathbone, and most others who have played the character. But Howard's characterization is well-suited for a fast-paced half-hour format. As Watson, H. Marion Crawford is believable and likable as the stolid, loyal straight man, and as Inspector Lestrade, Archie Duncan is amusingly befuddled.

The plots in a few of the episodes are based on original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, though sometimes with noticeable modifications. The majority, though, are new stories written to fit into the show's own format. Most of the time these fit neatly into the Victorian setting and the Holmes atmosphere, though at other times they seem a slightly odd match for the setting and characters. But every one of the episodes was entertaining and worth seeing, and that's not a bad accomplishment.

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I Laughed, I Loved

Author: Anna McNarin from United States
18 November 2005

Howard is a believable Holmes, he carries off an almost absentminded humour in his portrayal of Sherlock. He is second in my book only to Jeremy Brett (except Howard has better hair, rather curly, which I found attractive).

The writing and dialogue was well done and charming. Howard and Crawford play off each other beautifully, and obviously enjoy their roles.

Some of the camera angles in this show are awful, but only add to the comedy (at least to me). It seemed a little too obvious at times that some actors were shot independently of the rest of the scene, and jumped places.

In short I laughed a lot at it all, and loved every minute of it. If you haven't, go buy this show.

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A good way to spend a Sunday evening...

Author: Emma Augusta from Somerville, MA USA
10 March 2004

Sherlock Holmes has been DONE. Therefore, I am picky about what I watch in this genre. While I agree that the mysteries are pretty easy to solve in this particular series from the 1950s, I think that Ronald Howard and H. Marion Crawford acquit themselves fairly well considering that they had to follow the Rathbone-Bruce 'Sherlock Holmes' movies. There is also a bit of dry humor to this series that I liked--even as a teen-- that isn't always present in other versions.

I'd call the series "Sherlock Holmes for Beginners." You can start with this one, then work your way to the Rathbone-Bruce ones and then the Jeremy Brett-Edward Hardwicke ones and take a detour to "young Sherlock Holmes" and if you have the stomach, you can move to the 2002 version of "Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Hound of the Baskervilles.'"

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