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Season 1

11 Mar. 1954
The Case of the Parolee
Matthews tries to aid an ex-convict suspected of robbing his boss.
18 Mar. 1954
The Unfit Mother
Matthews defends a bar waitress accused of doping a patron.
25 Mar. 1954
Lost Cause
A happily married man suddenly becomes unhappy when he looses his job. His pregnant wife agrees to work until he finds another, but when tragedy arrives, he goes begging an enemy for work. He's soon accused of murder after his new boss is found murdered.
1 Apr. 1954
The Forger
A man, happy in his career and marriage, is suddenly arrested and accused of check forgery. The public defender must find him innocent when thirteen witnesses and his own wife think he's guilt.
8 Apr. 1954
The Prize Fighter Story
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15 Apr. 1954
The Clown
A troubled kid is accused of a crime he says he didn't commit. Unfortunately, his relationship with is father, a clown, is also severed.
22 Apr. 1954
Behind Bars
The public defender takes on a case to investigate the truth behind a young recovering alcoholic who is in jail for murdering her land lord.
29 Apr. 1954
Two Brothers
There are two brothers. One is accused of armed robbery, the other isn't. The priest believes the brother is innocent even though he claims to have done it. The public defender doesn't believe the brother's story either. But if he didn't do it, who did?
6 May 1954
Badge of Honor
Bart Matthews remembers a young, anxious police officer who made a mistake while still a rookie as they lay him to rest.
13 May 1954
Let Justice Be Done
An assistant public defender must defend the man who is accused of killing his best friend, a police officer, and leave behind a grieving widow and son.
20 May 1954
Pauper's Gold
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27 May 1954
Step Child
A woman is arrested after her step-daughter accuses her of cutting her and locking her in a closet. After arrested, she tells the public defender the story behind the accusations.
3 Jun. 1954
The Auto Accident
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10 Jun. 1954
Confession of Guilt
A woman confesses to shooting her ex-husband and is to stand trial for murder. Her boyfriend tells the public defender what really happened.
17 Jun. 1954
The Hobo Story
A hobo is accused of kidnapping and beating a little girl he had befriended.
24 Jun. 1954
Youth Crime Ring
A group of teenagers rob a store. The driver is later caught in arrested. While being questioned by the public defender, it's learned his reason behind his life of crime and the consequences of trying to stop.
1 Jul. 1954
Third Floor Rear
A man is arrested for kidnapping his own child. The public defender is given the story behind the reason by the man's artist rep.
5 Jul. 1954
Out of the Past
After many years, an escaped convict's past catches up with him.
12 Jul. 1954
A Call in the Night
Teenagers from several "good families" are arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The parents are dumbfounded, wondering how good kids could get into so much trouble. One girl, represented by the public defender, gives her story.
19 Jul. 1954
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26 Jul. 1954
High Stakes
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2 Aug. 1954
A woman is jailed for stealing $250, even though she returned ever sent. When a newspaper man learns her name, he wakes the public defender up in the middle of the night to tell a story about Lisa, a woman he used to know.
9 Aug. 1954
Baby for Sale
A man arrested for assault tells the public defender about his wife's unfortunate loss and the trials they encountered while trying to start a family.
16 Aug. 1954
Think No Evil
A young man is arrested for robbery but claims he's innocent. The public defender's office goes to Las Vegas, where the man claims he was, to check up on his story. They find some disturbing news.
23 Aug. 1954
The Ring
Bart Matthews takes a personal initiative to assist a carnival entertainer accused of stealing an heirloom ring worth $15,000.
30 Aug. 1954
The Last Appeal
A young man is about to be executed and his priest makes one final attempt to prove his innocence by going to the Public Defender with the story.

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