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Year: 1954 | 1955 | 1956 | 1957

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Tonight at 8:30

18 October 1954

Ginger Rogers ... (segment 'Red Peppers) (segment Still Life) (segment Shadow Play')

Estelle Winwood ... (segment 'Red Peppers')
Martyn Green ... George (segment "Red Peppers")
Dermot A. McNamara ... Alf (segment "Red Peppers") (as Dermot McNamara)

Trevor Howard ... Alec (segment "Still Life")

Ilka Chase ... Dolly (segment "Still Life")
Philip Bourneuf ... Albert (segment "Still Life")

Gig Young ... Simon Gayforth (segment 'Shadow Play')

Margaret Hayes ... Martha (segment 'Shadow Play')
David Orrick McDearmon ... (segment 'Shadow Play') (as David Orrick)

John Baragrey ... Michael (segment 'Shadow Play')

Gloria Vanderbilt ... Sibyl (segment 'Shadow Play')
Mel Brandt ... Himself - Narrator

Philip Coolidge ... Bert Bentley (segment "Red Pepper")
Louis Hector ... Mr. Edwards (segment 'Red Pepper')
Lucie Lancaster ... Myrtle (segment 'Still Life')
Robert Shawley ... Young Man (segment 'Still Life')
Bert Thorn ... George (segment "Shadow Play")

Season 1, Episode 2: State of the Union

15 November 1954
A wealthy businessman is persuaded to run for U.S. President. He finds that he is constantly forced to compromise his principles in order to secure support and funding, and finally withdraws from the race. However, his experience has only made him more determined to reform the political system. ;

Joseph Cotten ... Grant Matthews

John Cromwell ... Jim Conover

Nina Foch ... Kay Thorndyke

Margaret Sullavan ... Mary Matthews

Ray Walston ... Spike McManus

Season 1, Episode 3: Dateline

13 December 1954
A tribute to the American reporter.

Philip Abbott
Marian Anderson ... Herself
Hal Boyle ... Himself

Sid Caesar ... Napoleon Bonaparte / Himself
Milton Caniff ... Himself

Perry Como ... Himself
Bob Considine ... Himself
John Daly ... Himself - Host

Dwight D. Eisenhower ... Himself

Eddie Fisher ... Himself
Henry Ford II ... Himself
Emanuel Freedman ... Himself
Ben Grauer ... Himself
Bill Gunn (as William Gunn)

Bob Hope ... Himself
H.V. Kaltenborn ... Himself

Sandy Kenyon

Elsa Maxwell ... Herself
Edward R. Murrow ... Himself
The Ray Charles Singers ... Themselves

Martha Raye ... Delilah / Herself

Carl Reiner ... Leif Erickson / Himself
Inez Robb ... Herself

Richard Rodgers ... Himself
Carl Sandburg ... Himself
Robert E. Sherwood ... Herself
Lawrence E. Spivak ... Himself

Ray Walston

David White

Season 1, Episode 4: Call to Freedom

7 January 1955
The story of the quest for freedom in Austria, with an emphasis on music. Highlights include scenes from Beethoven's opera "Fidelio".
Karl Böhm ... Himself - Conductor, Vienna Philharmonic
Anton Dermota ... Himself - Opera Singer
Waldemar Kmentt ... Himself - Opera Singer
Martha Mödl ... Herself - Opera Singer
Paul Schöffler ... Himself (opera singer)

Alexander Scourby ... Narrator
Irmgard Seefried ... Herself - Opera Singer
Ludwig Weber ... Himself (opera singer)

Season 1, Episode 5: Yellow Jack

10 January 1955
The story of US Army doctor Walter Reed and how he and his medical team helped to find the cause of yellow fever, which was responsible for the deaths of thousands every year, in Cuba after the Spanish-American war of 1898.

Philip Abbott ... Brinkerhof

Dane Clark ... James W. Lazear

Jackie Cooper ... O'Hara

Wally Cox ... William H. Dean

Broderick Crawford ... Walter Reed
Peter Donat

Lorne Greene ... Gorgas

Victor Jory ... Aristides Argamonte
John Lehne

E.G. Marshall ... Dr. Carlos Finlay

Raymond Massey ... Stackpoole
Carlos Montalbán

Dennis O'Keefe ... James Carroll

William Redfield ... McClelland (as Billy Redfield)

Eva Marie Saint ... Miss Blake

Rod Steiger ... Busch

Fred Stewart ... William Crawford

Frank Sutton
Frederic Tozere ... Col. Tory

Season 1, Episode 6: The Women

7 February 1955
Claire Boothe Luce's famous all-female play, about a woman whose husband leaves her, and how all her friends endlessly gossip about it and their own problems.

Season 1, Episode 7: Peter Pan

7 March 1955
A live restaging of the 1955 TV production of the Broadway musical version.

Season 1, Episode 8: Darkness at Noon

2 May 1955
During the Stalinist purges in Russia in the 1930s, a committed Bolshevik named Bubashov sits in prison, having been betrayed by the cause he fought for, and goes over his life via a series of flashbacks and coded conversations with other condemned prisoners in an adjoining cell.

Season 1, Episode 9: The Petrified Forest

30 May 1955
Gabrielle Maple works in a dusty desert gas station-café, but yearns for the life of an artist in France, knowing there must be something finer than the provincial dead-end she is trapped in. A hitch-hiking writer, the disillusioned Alan Squier, appears and revitalizes her dreams of a better place, and finds his own sense of worth refreshed by this vital young girl. When Duke Mantee and his gang, wanted killers, show up and take hostages, Gabrielle falls in love with the poetic Alan, and Squier begins to see a way to give Gabby the life she deserves.

Season 1, Episode 10: Wide, Wide World

27 June 1955

Dave Garroway ... Himself - Host

Louis Armstrong ... Himself

Milton Berle ... Himself - in Commercial

Cantinflas ... Himself

Lorne Greene ... Julius Caesar
Tyrone Guthrie ... Himself
Bobby Hackett ... Himself

Woody Herman ... Himself
Michael Langham ... Himself
Velma Middleton ... Herself

Vaughn Monroe ... Himself - in Commercial

Woody Herman and His Orchestra ... Themselves

Season 1, Episode 11: The Fourposter

25 July 1955
Adapted from the prize-winning Broadway play that featured two people and a four-poster bed, in which the couple enacts their marriage, from its day in 1897, until he dies, some time after she has died from cancer. It is a "love" that endured wars, an "other" woman, and the death of their favorite son.

Season 1, Episode 12: The Skin of Our Teeth

11 August 1955
This Thornton Wilder play, the story of life on Earth from prehistoric times through World War II as lived by Mr. and Mrs. Antrobus, their two children, and their house maid, Sabina, is filled with biblical and mythological references.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Our Town

19 September 1955
Change comes slowly to a small New Hampshire town in the early 20th century. People grow up, get married, live, and die. Milk and the newspaper get delivered every morning, and nobody locks their front doors.

Season 2, Episode 2: Cyrano de Bergerac

17 October 1955
Embarrassed by his large nose, a romantic poet/soldier romances his cousin by proxy.

Season 2, Episode 3: Dateline II

14 November 1955
The Overseas Press Clubs salute to Freedom of the Press.
Antonio ... Himself
Patricia Benoit ... Marguerite Higgins

Milton Berle ... Himself

Irving Berlin ... Himself

Janet Blair ... Herself
Robert Dryden ... Soldier

Bert Freed ... Soldier
Robert Frost ... Himself on film

Greer Garson ... Herself
Tom Gorman ... Himself

William Holden ... Himself

Peggy Lee ... Herself
Buzz Martin ... Soldier

Darren McGavin ... Soldier

Richard Nixon ... Himself
John Raitt ... Himself

Jason Robards ... Himself
Carmen Rojas ... Herself

Frank Sutton ... Soldier

John Wayne ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 4: The Sleeping Beauty

14 December 1955
Tchaikovsky's ballet, with Margot Fonteyn in the title role, presented on TV in color. Only a black-and-white kinescope of this production seems to survive.

Season 2, Episode 5: Peter Pan

3 January 1956

Season 2, Episode 6: Festival of Music

30 January 1956

Charles Laughton ... Himself - Host
Marian Anderson ... Herself
Jussi Björling ... Rodolfo in 'La Boheme' scene
Zinka Milanov ... Herself
Mildred Miller ... Herself
Jan Peerce ... Canio in 'Pagliacci' scene

Roberta Peters ... Olympia in 'Tales of Hoffmann' scene
Gregor Piatigorsky ... Himself

Artur Rubinstein ... Himself
Isaac Stern ... Himself
Risë Stevens ... Carmen in 'Carmen' scene
Renata Tebaldi ... Mimi in 'La Boheme' scene
Blanche Thebom ... Herself
Leonard Warren ... Tonio in 'Pagliacci' scene

Season 2, Episode 7: Caesar and Cleopatra

5 March 1956
Julius Caesar's advance into Egypt is halted when he meets Cleopatra, the sister of the boy pharaoh.

Claire Bloom ... Cleopatra

Cedric Hardwicke ... Julius Caesar (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)

Jack Hawkins ... Rufio

Judith Anderson ... Ftatateeta

Patrick Macnee ... Lucius Septimus
Walter Adams ... Roman Soldier

Robert Allen ... Egyptian man
George Blackwell ... Egyptian man
Joseph Boatner ... Nubian
William Branch ... Egyptian soldier
Marian Carr ... Egyptian Lady (as Marion Carr)
Adrienne Carroll ... Child
Roger Chardiano ... Egyptian soldier
Francis Compton ... Theodotus
Floyd Ennis ... Egyptian soldier
Michael Enserro ... Major Domo
Michael Evans ... Sentinel
Jay Gerber ... Roman Soldier

Thomas Gomez ... Pothinus
Robert Goodier ... Centurion
Jenny Gorgas ... Slave Girl

Farley Granger ... Apollodorus
Loraine Grover ... Iris
Wyley Hancock ... Egyptian man
Barney Johnston ... Roman Soldier
Joyce Jones ... Egyptian Lady
Arne Markusson ... Roman Soldier
Gregory Morton ... Achillas
William Nuss ... Roman Soldier

Anthony Quayle ... God Ra
Jo Rabb ... Charmian
Ken Renard ... Egyptian man
Emory Richardson ... Egyptian man
Cyril Ritchard ... Britannus
Gordon Sherer ... Roman Soldier
Victor Sordan ... Egyptian man

Raymond St. Jacques ... Egyptian Soldier
Rhoden Streeter ... Ptolemy
Michael Vines ... Priest
Richard Ward ... Nubian
Norman Wigato ... Egyptian man
Leslie Woolf ... Egyptian man

Season 2, Episode 8: The Barretts of Wimpole Street

2 April 1956
Elizabeth Barrett's tyrannical father has forbidden any of his family to marry. Nevertheless, Elizabeth falls in love with the poet Robert Browning.

Season 2, Episode 9: Dodsworth

30 April 1956
The owner of an automobile manufacturing company succumbs to his vain wife's pressure for him to retire--which he really doesn't want to do--and for them to take a cruise to Europe. On the cruise he learns some truths about himself, his wife, and their marriage.

Season 2, Episode 10: Bloomer Girl

28 February 1956

Keith Andes ... Jefferson Calhoun
Ray Barra ... Dancer
Virginia Bosler ... Dancer

Heywood Hale Broun ... Sheriff

Barbara Cook ... Evelina Applegate
Scott Douglas ... Dancer
Joan Ehrman ... Dancer

Paul Ford ... Horatio Applegate
Lidija Franklin ... His Girl
Leslie Franzos ... Dancer
Cathrine Horn ... Dancer
Betty Low ... The Widow
Carl Luman ... Dancer
Enrique Martinez ... Dancer

Carmen Mathews ... Dolly Bloomer
Christine Mayer ... Dancer

Paul McGrath ... Governor Newton

James Mitchell ... The Returned Soldier
Darrell Notara ... Dancer

Frank Overton ... Hamilton Calhoun
Robert Pagent ... Dancer

Brock Peters ... Alexander
Felix Smith ... Dancer
Jim Spearman
Emy St. Just ... The Needle Threader

Nydia Westman ... Serena Applegate
Dusty Worrall ... Dancer

Season 2, Episode 11: Happy Birthday

25 June 1956
A shy young Newark librarian is secretly in love with a handsome and dashing bank clerk. She hatches a scheme to meet him in a bar, but in her nervousness she has too much to drink and winds up plastered. However, four patrons in the bar take pity on her and resolve to help her catch the man of her dreams.

Season 2, Episode 12: Rosalinda

23 July 1956

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: The Lord Don't Play Favorites

17 September 1956
A small-time traveling circus is stranded in a small Kansas town that has been devastated by a drought. The town government has subjected the circus to large fines in order to raise money to hire a rainmaker to alleviate the drought. The circus folk find a way to turn the tables on the town to raise their own money to enter the circus' trick horse in the county race.

Season 3, Episode 2: The Letter

15 October 1956
The wife of a rubber plantation administrator shoots a man to death and claims it was self-defense; a letter in her own hand may prove her undoing.

Season 3, Episode 3: Jack and the Beanstalk

12 November 1956

Leora Dana ... Mother

Billy Gilbert ... Giant / Mr. Poopledoop

Joel Grey ... Jack

Celeste Holm ... Mad Meggie

Dennis King ... Narrator

Peggy King ... Tillie
Cyril Ritchard ... Peddler

Arnold Stang ... Mr. Fum

Season 3, Episode 4: Festival of Music (#2)

10 December 1956

José Ferrer ... Himself - Host
Marian Anderson ... Herself
Virginio Assandri ... Himself
Boris Christoff ... Boris Godunov
Victoria de los Ángeles ... Herself
Elizabeth Doubleday ... Herself
Kirk Jordan ... Himself
Barry Morrell ... Himself
Nicola Moscona ... Herself
Arthur Newman ... Himself
Michael Pollock ... Himself

Artur Rubinstein ... Himself
Andrés Segovia ... Himself
Alfred Wallenstein ... Conductor

Season 3, Episode 5: Ruggles of Red Gap

3 February 1957
English butler comes to the Wild West to work for newly rich hicks - finds it unbearable - but then comes to his senses.

Season 3, Episode 6: Mayerling

4 February 1957
Mayerling is the name of a notorious Austrian village linked to a romantic tragedy. At a royal hunting lodge there, in 1889, Crown Prince Rudolf--desperate over his father's command to put away his teenage mistress, the Baroness Marie Vetsera--shot her to death and killed himself. The misfortune may indeed have been a murder-suicide, but perhaps it was a political assassination, or even the result of a lunatic family vendetta: scholarship is still catching up with the facts.

Season 3, Episode 7: Romeo and Juliet

4 March 1957
In Shakespeare's classic play, the Montagues and Capulets, two families of Renaissance Italy, have hated each other for years, but the son of one family and the daughter of the other fall desperately in love and secretly marry.

Season 3, Episode 8: Reunion in Vienna

4 April 1955
An archduke who had been banished from Austria returns to Vienna for a reunion of his old fellow aristocrats and meets up with the former love of his life, who is now married to a psychoanalyst.

Season 3, Episode 9: The Great Sebastians

1 April 1957
It's 1948 in Communist-controlled Prague, Czechoslovakia. A mind-reading act is commanded by the authorities to entertain at a private party. They discover what the authorities really want is for them to use their "powers" to expose spies and traitors to the regime. In addition, the anti-Communist Czech president has recently died a mysterious "suicide", and the officials want them to falsely swear in a statement that they knew the man and he was depressed and suicidal. Realizing the kind of trouble they're in for, they decide to escape using their best stage tricks.

Alfred Lunt ... Rudi Sebastian

Lynn Fontanne ... Essie Sebastian

Akim Tamiroff ... General Otakar Zandek

Lisa Ferraday ... Vlasta Habova

Simon Oakland ... General Javorsky

Anne Francine ... Colonel Bradacova
Arny Freeman ... Josef
Boris Tumarin ... Novotny

Stefan Schnabel ... Doctor Balzar
Rebecca Sand ... Marie Blazar
Alan Furlan ... Paviat

Martin Brandt ... Security Policeman
Peter Gumeny ... Security Policeman
Eugenia Rawls ... Sophie Cerny

Season 3, Episode 10: Cinderella

29 April 1957

Season 3, Episode 11: Mr. Broadway

11 May 1957
Biography of Broadway impresario George M. Cohan.

Season 3, Episode 12: Festival of Magic

27 May 1957

Ernie Kovacs ... Himself - Host
Richard Cardini ... Himself
Milbourne Christopher ... Himself
Robert Harbin ... Himself
June Merlin ... Herself
Rene Septembre ... Himself
Lee King Si ... Himself
Mrs. Lee King Si ... Herself
P.C. Sorcar ... Himself (as Sorcar)

Unknown Season

The King and Mrs. Candle

22 April 1955
The King of Brandovia is overthrown and exiled. He winds up in America, where he gets a job as a dancing instructor. He falls in love with a commoner, Mrs. Candle, but he doesn't know that his former fiancé from Brandovia has also come to America, with a set of very valuable pearls that he gave her for safekeeping.

Wide Wide World II

6 January 1957

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