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Season 1

28 Aug. 1954
4 Sep. 1954
The Moon or Bust
Mickey and his pal Freddy launch a home-made space ship to the moon. They land in outer space, but there are no moon men around only cows.
11 Sep. 1954
Disc Jockey
Mickey, moonlighting as a disc jockey, gets mixed up with a gang of crooks.
18 Sep. 1954
Double Trouble
Mickey is mistaken for a visiting French author.
25 Sep. 1954
Private Eye
Mickey becomes a private eye and the target of much attention from a gang of hoodlums.
2 Oct. 1954
The Grunion Hunt Mystery
A fishy character interrupts Mickey's plans for a grunion hunt with Pat.
9 Oct. 1954
Ghost Story
A haunting tale: Mickey's parents and boss are trying to rent the same cabin for their vacations when ghosts suddenly appear.
16 Oct. 1954
The Lion Hunt
Mickey and Freddy join a city-wide hunt for an escaped lion.
23 Oct. 1954
The Bronc Buster
Mickey's girl Pat falls for a tall Texan and Mickey goes West to win her back.
30 Oct. 1954
Tiger Mulligan
The betting is heavy when Mickey is picked to represent the network in a boxing match but most of the wagers are placed on his opponent.
6 Nov. 1954
The Other Woman
Mickey shows some home movies which include a scene of his boss embracing a beautiful women. When his wife threatens to his supervisor, Mickey and Freddy decide to pretend to be Arab princes to lure the 'other woman' away.
20 Nov. 1954
Diamond in the Rough
Undaunted by his lack of golf skills, Mickey enters the company's annual tournament to take a shot at its top prize of 50 dollars. A pair of jewel thieves grabs a valuable diamond and hides the jewel in Mickey's golf ball.
27 Nov. 1954
The Executive
Mickey learns that his size may be impeding his growth in the business world.
4 Dec. 1954
The Seance
Mrs. Mulligan falls under the influence of a spiritualist who tells her to sell the family house.
11 Dec. 1954
The Voice
An injection cures Mickey's laryngitis and gives him a fabulous singing voice.
18 Dec. 1954
Episode #1.16
In a beauty contest for "Miss I.B.C.", Mickey and Freddy start off competing their girlfriends, but when Pat says she doesn't care, Mickey enters homely, graceless Bobo the phone girl, and proceeds to try and make a lady of her with some quickly improvised lessons in charm.
25 Dec. 1954
Fan Mail
The network brass has Mickey's boss on the carpet for a low-rated show.
1 Jan. 1955
Scoop Mulligan
A newspaper job gives Mickey a chance to prove his journalistic prowess or lack of it.
8 Jan. 1955
The Fur Coat
Loving son Mickey wants to surprise his mother with a fur coat so he starts raising chinchillas.
15 Jan. 1955
The Basketball Star
Mickey tries out for the company basketball team in trick shoes.
22 Jan. 1955
The Wedding Present
Network employees chip in for a wedding gift and choose Mickey to buy it.
29 Jan. 1955
Mickey and the Mummy
An Egyptian mummy is an unexpected source of help as Mickey tries to apprehend jewel smugglers.
5 Feb. 1955
Seven Days to Doom
Mickey learns that he has only seven days to live.
12 Feb. 1955
Cinderella Nell
Joy and bedlam reign: Mrs. Mulligan has won a giant TV jackpot.
19 Feb. 1955
Star Struck
Mickey is assigned to escort movie queen Mona Sanders around the TV studio.
26 Feb. 1955
The Average Man
The network launches a search for the average TV viewer.
5 Mar. 1955
Friends and Foes
Best friends for 21 years and the friendship ends when Mickey and Freddy argue over when they met.
12 Mar. 1955
The Producer
Mickey unwittingly hires a chimp to star in the company show.
26 Mar. 1955
Society Woman
A socialite visits the Mulligans to take part in a charity for underprivileged children but is quick to leave after hearing Mulligan's 23rd precinct harmonics.
2 Apr. 1955
The Giant Killer
Roped into babysitting, Mulligan tells his version of the fable, "Jack and the Beanstalk".
16 Apr. 1955
The Surplus Store
Confident of their business ability, Mickey and Freddy buy a war-surplus store.
23 Apr. 1955
The Guardian
Mickey becomes the guardian of a beautiful "baby" and her huge inheritance.
7 May 1955
The Robot
Mickey orders some Government surplus computers and receives a robot instead.

 Season 1 

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