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3 Jan. 1955
Boy in the Storm
Following the death of his aunt/guardian, a 17-year-old epileptic is methodically treated with medication and extensive counseling in order that he may be able to live a comparatively normal life with a caring foster family.
24 Jan. 1955
Breath of Life
Obsessively self-reliant Dr. Robert Parker faces an uncertain future and an extended period of reliance on an iron lung (and on other people) after he contracts a case of polio.
31 Jan. 1955
A Time to Be Alive
Eleven-year old Danny is a hemophiliac, even a slight injury can cause death. He's cut his arm and the doctors must halt the bleeding. Now his older sister worries that she too may be subject to the genetic disease.
14 Feb. 1955
Flash of Darkness
This "what-if" episode imagines what would happen in the event of a nuclear strike on Los Angeles. Dr. Styner and his colleagues are at a warehouse outside the city for a training session, but must try to make their way back to the devastated city after the nuclear attack. Along the way they try to treat and save as many injured and radiation-poisoned patients as they can with what little medicine they have and are forced by circumstances to decide which patients can be saved--and which ones they'll have to let die.
21 Feb. 1955
Mercy Wears an Apron
An aging actor has been a paraplegic for five years. Confined to bed, he turns to the bottle, maundering over his situation. That is, until a public health nurse arrives. Now he feels sensations in his legs. Is it just wishful thinking.
28 Feb. 1955
Dr. Impossible
In 1884, pioneering surgeon Dr. William Stewart Halstead finds that he and three colleagues are slowly but surely becoming seriously addicted to the cocaine that they have been using in anesthetic self-experiments.
14 Mar. 1955
Break Through the Bars
A quiet, sedate, middle-aged bank cashier suddenly begins to exhibit strange and disturbing behavior. After a thorough examination, a medical team decides that his problem can best be treated by electroshock therapy.
21 Mar. 1955
Death Is a Red Balloon
A young wife and mother is suddenly stricken with a brain aneurysm. Now the couple must decide between short-term treatment hoping for no recurrence, or risk delicate brain surgery to remedy the problem.
28 Mar. 1955
All My Mothers, All My Fathers
An abandoned baby grows up in a hospital ward when an extensive series of surgical procedures is necessary to repair the damage caused when the infant's mother forced her to ingest caustic household lye.
11 Apr. 1955
Physician, Heal Thyself
Shortly before completing his residency and beginning his own practice, a resident internist is stunned when a routine chest X-Ray reveals that he has contracted an active case of tuberculosis.
18 Apr. 1955
Wall of Silence
Following an assault that results in a severe head injury, a newspaper editor develops aphasia and must struggle through the lengthy rehabilitative process necessary to re-learn even basic speech and literary skills.
25 Apr. 1955
My Child's Keeper
Two mothers leave their children, a little girl and a baby boy, alone downstairs. The girl discovers a lighter and starts a blaze that engulfs them both. At the hospital, one mother holds the other responsible for what happened.
16 May 1955
An injured sailor is helicoptered onto a naval hospital ship for treatment. There the head doctor suddenly starts treating his staff angrily. It appears he has a personal stake in the sailor's survival.
23 May 1955
Never Comes Sunday
The blow to a child's head causes not only brain damage, but a dysfunctional family, as the members try to cope with the girl's problems.
13 Jun. 1955
General Practitioner
Dr. Terence Canfield, a general practitioner, is involved in the lives of his patients to the extent that it is beginning to adversely affect his own marriage.
5 Sep. 1955
All the Lonely Night
Pretty, young Helen has a collapsing colon. Unless she consents to surgery to open up a new elimination canal and container bag, she will die. But what will that mean to a young woman's self-image and life style. Daring topic for its time.
12 Sep. 1955
Walk with Lions
Unaware that he has developed diabetes, a struggling young prizefighter who is also a gifted artist endangers his life by continuing to push himself in order to earn the money needed to further his education.
26 Sep. 1955
And There Was Darkness and There Was Light: Part 1
Immediately after giving birth to her fourth child, Frances Dunbar develops a severe case of postpartum depression and becomes convinced that she can (and will) violently murder the baby.
3 Oct. 1955
And There Was Darkness and There Was Light: Part 2
After unsuccessfully attempting to kill her baby, Frances Dunbar voluntarily admits herself to a state psychiatric institution where she receives treatment that slowly helps her to realize the reasons for her troubled mental state.
24 Oct. 1955
When I Was Young
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31 Oct. 1955
When Mama Says Jump
Dr. Styner offers advice and support when a 17-year-old track star develops severe acne and chronic fatigue due to stresses caused by his demanding mother's determination to see him achieve his father's dream of Olympic stardom.
7 Nov. 1955
Candle of Hope
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21 Nov. 1955
Black Friday
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28 Nov. 1955
Glass of Fear
Comic strip artist Dick Hooper does a nationally syndicated feature called "Salty", but he can't make his due dates for finished cartoons because he's become obsessed with germs and various muscle and stomach pains that doctors can't locate. He's become a raging hypochondriac that's about to lose his wife and career.
5 Dec. 1955
Pray Judgment
A county coroner's investigation will exonerate or incriminate a distraught spinsterish woman who was alone with her younger sister's baby boy when the infant died suddenly and unexpectedly.
26 Dec. 1955
The World So High
During World War Two, pilots are able to take aircraft higher and higher, but they keep fainting out when parachuting out. A young doctor proceeds to do experiments back in the states on the most likely of these pilots to falter. Controlled high altitude simulations prove dangerous, but necessary.

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