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Season 4

8 Sep. 1957
The Runaway
An orphan runaway named Timmy is befriended by the Miller family when he is found by Lassie hiding in their barn.
15 Sep. 1957
The Suit
When Timmy tears his new suit; afraid of being sent away, he blames Lassie so Ellen makes him choose a punishment for Lassie in hopes that empathy for Lassie will spur him to honesty but Jeff is skeptical and resentful of the plan.
22 Sep. 1957
Jeff who is working for Dr. Weaver leaves Timmy in charge for a few minutes to assure the purchase of a discounted baseball glove and Timmy frees a biting dog under observation for rabies.
29 Sep. 1957
The Burro
The Millers nurse back to health a burro that is left dying in the Millers' woods by the negligent owner of a itinerant burro enterprise.
6 Oct. 1957
The Berrypickers
While Ellen and Jeff go to a dinner, Timmy and Gramps go on a berry picking trip on which Timmy eats poison berries but fortunately Timmy has called the doctor because he thinks napping Gramps is ill.
13 Oct. 1957
The Raccoon
Jeff and Timmy nurse a injured raccoon much to Gramps annoyance when the raccoon causes havoc on the Miller's farm.
20 Oct. 1957
The Ballerina
Jeff becomes smitten with a young ballerina who visiting the Millers.
27 Oct. 1957
The Elephant
After a circus train wreck, Timmy and Lassie find a baby elephant in the woods and Jeff and Porky want to use the baby in the back yard circus that they are holding to make money for circus tickets but mama elephant comes for the baby.
3 Nov. 1957
The Spartan
Jeff's and Porky's selfish promotion of the Spartan way of extreme self reliance to Timmy so a fishing outing can continue causes Timmy to avoid telling Ellen he is ill and results in Timmy contracting pneumonia.
10 Nov. 1957
When Gramps, Jeff, Porky and Timmy go to the Capitol City Zoo to visit the chimp once delivered to the Miller farm, the chimp stows away in the Miller car and is hidden on the farm by Timmy who fears imprisonment for theft.
17 Nov. 1957
The Wolf Cub
Thinking it is a dog, Timmy brings a wolf pup to the farm which draws the mother to the house and opens discussion about the pup's destruction which Timmy has trouble accepting.
24 Nov. 1957
The Tooth
Timmy has bad dreams after Lassie pulls his loose tooth by a string fastened to her collar but loses it hurrying to be with the family to watch a solar eclipse as Timmy is fearful of losing tooth fairy money and uneasy about the eclipse.
1 Dec. 1957
With Gramps death, Jeff and Ellen are faced with moving to Capitol City and Timmy with going with his aunt and uncle but the Martins agree to take over the farm and adopt Timmy.
8 Dec. 1957
Timmy's Family
Timmy has trouble accepting Ruth as his mother and Ruth compounds the problem by wanting Lassie kept out of house to the extent that Timmy attempts to send Lassie to Jeff and Ellen Miller.
15 Dec. 1957
The Bike
Timmy borrows Mike's bike to practice which he hides in bushes when sees Paul's truck and, since the bike is stolen, Paul tells Timmy to give Mike the new bike he has bought for Timmy so Timmy might finally get to school on time.
22 Dec. 1957
The Goose
After Roy cancels a planned day with Timmy because he forced to go to the birthday party of a girl cousin, Timmy and Lassie begrudgingly acquire a play date with the unlikely companions of a girl and her pet goose.
29 Dec. 1957
The Baby-Sitter
Mrs. Grimes is asked to babysit Timmy and Scott while the Martins go to Capitol City but Timmy scams Mrs. Grimes into not coming after which the boys make a huge mess which they must summon Mrs. Grimes to manage.
5 Jan. 1958
The Crisis
Returning from buying a calf with Timmy who is increasingly ailing from measles along, Paul runs out of gas so sends Lassie with a note for help but Lassie is attacked by a territorial dog and then shot by a fearful mechanic.
12 Jan. 1958
The Business
When the worms Lassie finds prove special at landing fish, Timmy and Scott decide to sell the worms and when a wealthy fisherman refuses the worms in favor of his tackle, the boys continue to raise the price at the man's frustration grows.
19 Jan. 1958
The Ring
Timmy becomes disenchanted with Uncle Petrie when he realizes the tall tales he been told are not true. Uncle Petrie make a friendship ring for Timmy to get his forgiveness.
26 Jan. 1958
The Greyhound
A prized racing greyhound which has escaped its kidnapper is hit by Paul's truck and Paul takes it home for veterinary care and to wait for the claim of the real owner
2 Feb. 1958
When Timmy's school is to administer polio inoculations to the schoolchildren, Timmy who is afraid feigns sickness, does not give Ruth the permission slip and hides after the slip is signed but changes his mind after a visit to Weaver.
9 Feb. 1958
The Pony
Uncle Petrie contemplates leaving the farm when is tale telling is believed to have caused Timmy to lose sight of reality when Timmy reports seeing a large gypsy and small ponies in the woods which Timmy has actually seen.
16 Feb. 1958
To replace Uncle Petrie broken guitar Timmy enters a borrowed parrot in a contest to win the prize of a new guitar.
23 Feb. 1958
The Square Dance
Timmy refuses to square dance for fear of dancing with a girl.
2 Mar. 1958
The Garden
Timmy learns the trials and tribulations of agriculture when Paul give him a plotted area on which to grow vegetables.
9 Mar. 1958
Lassie is struck by a flying rock and loses her memory after Timmy takes Lassie to a blasting area much to Lassie protest.
16 Mar. 1958
The Hungry Deer
During a large snowstorm the deer start foraging in fields of the farmers which lead to special hunting permits to be issued, that when Timmy try to find a way to discourage the deer without any killing.
23 Mar. 1958
The Hospital
When Timmy becomes seriously ill and delirious he cries out for Lassie but hospital rules prevent Lassie from visiting Timmy but Lassie is determined to get to Timmy.
30 Mar. 1958
The Penguin
When a penguin in a crate falls off a truck its finds it way to the Miller's farm where Timmy and Scotty find that a penguin is a lot more than they bargain for.
6 Apr. 1958
The Bird House
Timmy helps along an injured sparrow by building a bird house.
13 Apr. 1958
Seeing Eye Dog
Timmy and Scott find an injured seeing eye dog for which Timmy and family along with Lassie must perform tasks to heal and return the dog to a blind man.
20 Apr. 1958
Junior Firemen
Timmy and Lassie enter a fire prevention program but Timmy becomes overly aggressive in finding fire hazards.
27 Apr. 1958
The Blanket
Ruth decides it time to replace Lassie old blanket with a new one but Lassie refuses to part with her well-worn blanket.
4 May 1958
The Rabbits
Lassie is annoyed and jealous when Timmy devotes too much time with his rabbits.
11 May 1958
The Cub Scout
After Timmy becomes a Cub Scout, Paul is invited to bring Timmy and Scott to help with a Boy Scout outing while Scott's impertinent and taunting cousins Ralph and Bert spurn their invitation but come unaffiliated and start a fire.
18 May 1958
The Crow
Timmy latest pet a injured crow becomes a nuisance to the other family members.
25 May 1958
The Mother
Lassie befriends a litter of newborn puppies but does it secretly.
1 Jun. 1958
The House Guest
Timmy becomes annoyed with a house guest of Ruth when all she can talk about is all the finer things Ruth is missing by living on a farm.
8 Jun. 1958
The Sermon
When Timmy is told a story of a boy who talks to animals he decides to try it too, but he only befriends several kind people who come to Timmy aid when Lassie get into trouble.

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