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Season 12

12 Sep. 1965
Lassie Meets a Challenge
A pregnant doe is hit by a car which injures her leg. Lassie helps her find shelter from a predator and obtains medical treatment for her.
19 Sep. 1965
Sudden Fury
While playing and chasing a rabbit in San Carlos Canyon, Lassie and her old friend Spike are caught in a flash flood and trapped in the river as the waters rise. Rangers Corey and Barney work in tandem to rescue their beloved canines.
26 Sep. 1965
Lassie and the Dynamite
In an area being developed for swimming and fishing, two youngsters playing hooky wander into the blasting zone. Lassie is able to bring help and rescue the boys.
3 Oct. 1965
Lassie and the Seagull
While in the desert visiting an old friend, Lassie and Corey meet an injured seagull. When he escapes his cage, Lassie protects him from several predators before he can accompany Lassie and Corey back to the ocean when they return home.
10 Oct. 1965
Charlie Banana
When items begin to disappear from the ranger station, Lassie solves the mystery of the theft and reveals the identity of the thief.
17 Oct. 1965
In the Eyes of Lassie
Lassie and Corey accompany Dr. Hanson to a snow testing site. When the doctor suffers a cramp and Corey's sunglasses are damaged and he goes snow blind, Lassie must rescue them all.
24 Oct. 1965
Trouble at Paradise Lake
A serious reduction in trout has caused Andy McGrew's business to fall into disrepair. Lassie, Corey and a man from the fish and game department discover the cause of the problem with the trout and help Andy save his business.
31 Oct. 1965
Little Dog Lost
Lassie helps her friend Mattie adopt a new puppy, who breaks away and leads them both on a merry chase through the swamp, When the pup falls into the swamp, Lassie saves him from hungry alligators.
7 Nov. 1965
Lassie's Time of Peril
During heavy rains and flooding, a group of logs break free and float down river. Lassie and Ranger Corey battle the rapids to string a chain line across the river to constrain the logs and save a bridge construction project.
14 Nov. 1965
In the Midst of Splendor
In the Bristlecone National Forest where the bristlecone trees are ancient, the earth is fragile, and no off-road vehicles are allowed, two cyclists threaten the safety of the environment as well as the safety of Lassie's new friends.
21 Nov. 1965
Lassie Saves a Life
After an outbreak of rabies is confirmed in one of their campsites, Lassie and Ranger Corey Stuart search for a boy who may have been bitten by a rabid squirrel and must be stopped for medical attention before he can leave the area,
28 Nov. 1965
The Waif
When land is being cleared and burned to create new grazing land for cattle, Lassie plays protector to a family of rabbits caught in the upheaval. She helps them relocate and protects them from predators during their move.
5 Dec. 1965
Corey and Lassie visit a ranger whose wife is having trouble adjusting to her new life in the forest. When a ranger at Red Oak Station is attacked by a wounded bear, the wife and Lassie must assist the ranger and deal with the bear.
12 Dec. 1965
Lassie and Corey fly to Los Angeles where Lassie befriends a hungry pigeon, visits an art museum, and saves a bird from the tar pits.
19 Dec. 1965
Temper the Wind
While conducting a fire inspection, Lassie and Corey visit their friend Carlos, a local sheep herder. When lightning starts several fires, Carlos and his sheep are in danger of being trapped.
26 Dec. 1965
The Gift of Life
After a car accident injures a pregnant collie and her master, the collie tries to seek help for them. While Corey offers medical assistance to the young man, Lassie finds shelter for Lady and stays with her while she delivers her pups.
2 Jan. 1966
Lassie Catches the Poachers
Lassie and Corey are sent to a nearby river to observe a fishery. Lassie first is injured by and later catches two poachers who are stringing nets and setting off dynamite to fish illegally.
16 Jan. 1966
The Town That Wouldn't Die
While visiting a town whose lake is drying up, Lassie and Corey try to determine what's causing the water to recede. When Lassie finds a new source of water, the townspeople must find a way to release it into the lake.
23 Jan. 1966
Just One Old Cow
A dispute between two longtime neighbors Ben Adams and Jackson Hayes over a cow begins to escalate. Ranger Corey and Lassie try to find way to make both men happy.
30 Jan. 1966
The Outcast
During a nature walk Lassie brings a bag of treats to feed her animal friends. She .springs a hunter's traps and befriends a skunk, who follows her. When a hungry wolf shows up to fight Lassie, the skunk steps in to help.
6 Feb. 1966
Cradle of the Deep
While visiting his friend Jim, Corey goes fishing and Lassie befriends a pair of sea lions. When Lassie is swept out to sea, one of the sea lion goes to Corey for help.
13 Feb. 1966
The Homesick Hound
Ranger Henry's Aunt Sam arrives with Rufus, a homesick hound. They're moving into the area and are searching for a house. Lassie discovers and reveals the reason why Rufus is homesick and what he wants in a house.
20 Feb. 1966
The Silent Threat
Corey and another ranger battle a spruce bud worm infestation by spraying but meet resistance from a horse ranch owner. Lassie makes friends with a colt and reveals the true cause of death of one of the horses.
27 Feb. 1966
The Friendless
Young Mike runs away from a detention farm stealing items from a nearby house. He also saves a colt and befriends Lassie. Corey tracks Mike with the collie's help, then tries to convince him that both he and Lassie are friends wanting to help.
6 Mar. 1966
When Corey becomes trapped in an overturned truck, a new kind of balloon signal device helps him. It's Lassie, however, who comes to the rescue.
13 Mar. 1966
Babes in the Woods
When the rangers are too busy to play with her, Lassie goes for a walk in the woods and finds two baby raccoons whose mother was forced downstream by a hungry coyote. Lassie babysits until the mother raccoon returns.
20 Mar. 1966
Lassie's Rescue Mission
Lassie and Corey assist a scientist who has invented a nuclear probe to measure snow packs. When the scientist has a cardiac event and Corey suffers from snow blindness, Lassie must lead the two men to safety.
27 Mar. 1966
The Doll
Ranger Corey gets a call from Steve regarding a lost girl Kathy and takes Lassie along to search. They locate her at the bottom of a cliff but her recovery hinges on finding her missing doll. Lassie heads out to find it.
3 Apr. 1966
The Untamed Land
Lassie visits her friend Boone Sawyer who does not want power lines coming into the forest. When a surveyor gets stranded, Boone has a chance to argue his point of preserving the beauty of the wilderness from the ugliness of technology.
17 Apr. 1966
The Day the Mountain Shook
Lassie and Corey work at a summer camp for handicapped boys. Most of the boys were born deaf, but one young man is severely traumatized from an automobile accident. Lassie and a squirrel help him overcome his problem after an earthquake.
24 Apr. 1966
The Vigil
Lassie finds a small dog near a rock slide and tries to lead his new friend to safety. But the collie doesn't know that a person is trapped beneath and the man's pet refuses to leave until he's rescued.
1 May 1966
The Strongest Instinct
To get timber cut and moved before an impending snow storm, a lumberjack makes a risky climb to "top" a tree. Corey must help the lumberjack while Lassie clears out the wildlife on the ground to protect them when the tree falls..

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