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Season 11

6 Sep. 1964
The Wayfarers: Part 1
Initially excited when his parents break the news that the family is moving to Australia, Timmy changes his mind when he finds out Lassie would be quarantined for six months and cannot come with them.
13 Sep. 1964
The Wayfarers: Part 2
Lassie has settled in living with Cully-and mostly occupied keeping Cully's mischievous Yorkshire terrier Silky in line-when the elderly man suffers another heart attack. Lassie fetches Doc Weaver, but in the process of his getting Cully to the hospital, Silky escapes, fair game for tourists at a tourist camp.
20 Sep. 1964
The Wayfarers: Part 3
While Lassie and Silky wander Blue Canyon, where Silky is in danger from a marauding hawk, an old friend of the collie's shows up, Corey Stuart, who immediately heads out to find his missing friend.
25 Oct. 1964
Lassie and the Loner
An illiterate young man inadvertently starts a forest fire because he can't read the labels on the storage cans.
22 Nov. 1964
Nature's Way
Disabled children are upset when their tree planting project is destroyed by a fire, however, Corey and Lassie show them the need to go on with the project.
6 Dec. 1964
Mountain Mystery
Corey is sickened while surveying in Echo Canyon, and closes the forest 48 hours before the opening of tourist season. Facing the ire of the mayor and other local businessmen of the area, he searches for the source of the problem, which he is sure is in the water supply. He's right-and Lassie has ingested some of the poison.
13 Dec. 1964
Realm of the Wild
When a bear raids food from campers at the Twin Oaks campground, Corey helps the local game warden relocate the animal to an area away from tourists, not knowing the bear left a cub behind-luckily Lassie has found the little fellow and is leading him to safety, fighting off a bobcat and hawk to do so.
20 Dec. 1964
The Little Christmas Tree
When trees cut from the forest for a Christmas charity project are stolen from a church lot, Stuart plays on the suspected thieves consciences by introducing them to the charity givers and recipients .
9 May 1965
Lassie's Teamwork
A rancher hides his cattle so he will not be accused of overgrazing his land.

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