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Season 10

29 Sep. 1963
Lassie and the Bird Watch
While trying to study for an important math test Timmy becomes distracted with Lassie when she find migrating ducks stuck in a marsh.
6 Oct. 1963
The Agreement
Cully and Mr. Krebs have falling out over an agreement to cut the trees down on the property they bought together.
13 Oct. 1963
Lassie to the Rescue
After Paul complaints about the dangerous cliff road and the need for improvements, Ruth Martin skids on the cliff road and is left teetering on the edge.
20 Oct. 1963
Lassie is credited for finding a lost child but a dog named Jeeper who is consider to be a nuisance is the real hero.
27 Oct. 1963
A Time for Giving
When Timmy friend Ricky returns to France he gives his dog to Timmy, Timmy however gives the dog to Cully after the death of Cully's dog. But the new dog causes Cully problems and Timmy begins to regret his decision.
3 Nov. 1963
Three Alarm
As a result of Washburne showing a fire prevention film at the school, Timmy removes fire hazards from Charlie James' barn creating an unintended disturbance which causes James to petition the city to remove Washburne as chief .
10 Nov. 1963
The Treasure: Part 1
When Timmy and Cully visit a abandoned cabin of a deceased man who supposedly had a hidden treasure hidden away they come across an eagle inside clutching a pouch which Timmy believes to be the hidden treasure.
17 Nov. 1963
The Treasure: Part 2
Cully leg is trapped by a boulder after being caught in a landslide when he and Timmy were trying to get to the eagle's nest to get a pouch which they believe to be missing hidden treasure.
1 Dec. 1963
Lassie and the Winged Enemy
While looking for butterflies for a nature school project in the Martin peach orchard Timmy and Lassie discover the orchard has been infested by the destructive gypsy moth.
8 Dec. 1963
High Tension
When Timmy enters a Camera Club contest Timmy attach a camera to a kite to get a aerial photo, but kite and camera get caught on a high tension power wire over a neighbor stable which catches fire from the sparks.
15 Dec. 1963
Lassie's Gift of Love (Part 1)
During a time when Timmy has organized a wild animal feeding program in a severe winter for which the local farmers blame a surge in wolves, a quaint toy repairman traveling with a donkey wagon lodges with the Martins at Christmas.
22 Dec. 1963
Lassie's Gift of Love: Part 2
It is a bustling Christmas for Calverton as Timmy sings a solo at church and the Martins host a party while Lassie rescues the cubs of a wolf Krebbs has killed and Nicholson disappears with the cubs as mysteriously as he arrived.
29 Dec. 1963
Day of Darkness
Timmy is begrudgingly allowed by the Martins to raise an orphan colt that is born blind and with Lassie's help overcomes challenges he experiences in the process.
19 Jan. 1964
A Challenge for Lassie
To help with the Martin's financial bind, Timmy hitches a ride to a distant town to enter canine field trials to win the prize money for which he must put up Lassie for the unexpectedly high entrance fee.

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