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2 Jan. 1955
Boy's Week
For a school project, Bud's class is given jobs in the real world. Bud is Traffic Court Judge for the day - the day that Jim gets a ticket. Kathy breaks a neighbor's window for the third time in the month and Jim wants to teach a lesson.
9 Jan. 1955
A Friend of Old George's
It's Kathy's birthday and she tries to find the cake and presents before the celebration. And then a friend of George's shows up for Jim, who says "any friend of George is a friend of mine". Kathy thinks he is ruining her party.
16 Jan. 1955
Bud the Snob
Everyone at school thinks he is a snob because he does not talk to a lot of people. It is actually because he is terribly shy. Jim talks Bud into hosting a masquerade party at home to show his friends he is not a snob.
23 Jan. 1955
The Promised Playhouse
Bud wants Jim to promise to take him to a rodeo, but Jim does not want to promise. Promises gets him into trouble, Once, to get Kathy to take medicine, he promised he would sleep with her in a play house and he reluctantly kept the promise.
30 Jan. 1955
Jim, the Farmer
Stressed out from the daily grind at work, Jim decides to quit the insurance business, move the Andersons out West, and run a farm - much to the dismay of his family.
6 Feb. 1955
Father of the Year
The local newspaper is hosting a Father of the Year contest. Betty, Bud, and Kathy want to nominate Jim. Jim finds out and is overjoyed that his children want to submit an entry. But the kids cannot think of anything to actually write.
13 Feb. 1955
The Mink Coat
Jim calls a family meeting because there has been too much spending recently and they must cut expenses. Just when he tells everyone to save money, Jim gets a deal on a mink coat. He buys it then has to justify his purchase to the kids.
20 Feb. 1955
The Matchmaker
Margaret's cousin Louise is visiting. The Andersons have a dinner party for Louise and her boyfriend Tom. Margaret hopes Tom will propose to Louise. Margaret does everything to make the mood romantic, despite the children's interruptions.
27 Feb. 1955
Bud the Bridesmaid
Margaret's cousin Louise is getting married. The wedding preparations are underway with food, chairs, flowers and more. Louise is nervous and Tom is weary. Louise & Tom have an argument and say the wedding is canceled.
6 Mar. 1955
Proud Father
Jim runs into an acquaintance who brags about his family members and all their achievements. Jim's family does not measure up, so he decides to encourage Betty, Bud, and Kathy to do their best and excel at something.
13 Mar. 1955
Father Delivers the Papers
The newspaper manager tells Jim that Bud is slacking in his paper delivery route. Bud has every excuse as to why he cannot do it. The manager gives him one more chance. Bud messes up due to minor injuries. Jim finishes the route for Bud.
20 Mar. 1955
No Partiality
Kathy is upset because all she seems to get are hand-me-downs. Jim and Margaret decide to treat her with more equality in privileges. When Betty wants to invite a boy to dinner, Kathy invites a boy first. Turns out it is the same boy.
27 Mar. 1955
Close Decision
Margaret is upset that Bud is not doing his chores lately. When he tries to keep raking the leaves in order to play in a baseball game, Margaret puts her foot down.
31 Aug. 1955
Art of Salesmanship
Bud has to sell sauce boats which he thinks will be an easy sell. He soon learns there is more to selling than just asking people to buy. Jim helps him learn some selling tips.
7 Sep. 1955
Father's Private Life
Jim thinks the children ask him to solve their problems too much. He decides they need to start finding their own solutions.
14 Sep. 1955
Lessons in Civics
The town is undergoing new construction, and when Jim learns the old meeting house is being torn down, he is upset. It is a memorial for the town since has history. Jim teaches civics to the children by trying to keep the old building.
21 Sep. 1955
First Disillusionment
Bud applies for a job in a sports department. His resume has some embellishments, but his father tells him to only tell the truth. When he applies, he does not get the job because someone else embellished their resume and was hired.
28 Sep. 1955
Woman in the House
Virge, an old friend of Jim's visits Jim at work and announces he and his wife have moved to Springfield. Jim & Margaret invite the couple to dinner. While Virge is well liked and enjoyed, his wife is not so pleasant.
5 Oct. 1955
New Girl at School
A new family moved into the area. They have a son Kathy's age and a daughter Bud's age. Kathy and Grover become friends. Bud and his friend Joe both like April. Turns out April is a flirt who tries to get all the boys to do her bidding.
12 Oct. 1955
Kathy Makes Magic
Kathy trades her skates for a friend's magic set, and then believes she can make anything disappear or change appearance as long as she waves the magic want. When she does magic while Bud tries smoking a cigar, she thinks she made Bud sick.
19 Oct. 1955
Advantage to Betty
A newspaper reporter takes pictures and writes an article for the paper on the school's tennis team. The picture is Betty, the rawest member of the team, and it looks like she is the champion player. The team captain is not happy.
26 Oct. 1955
The Big Test
Bud studies a lot for a big test. For once, he knows the material and does well on the test. Since this is a change from his previous tests, the teacher assumes he must have cheated.
2 Nov. 1955
Father Is a Dope
Jim watches a family sitcom on television and thinks the father is displayed as an idiot who needs his wife to always save the day. The next day, Jim suspects his own family is trying to show Jim how much Margaret has to save the day.
9 Nov. 1955
The Spirit of Youth
Bud thinks his parents are old, but Jim & Margaret do not feel old. Jim receives an invitation for his college reunion. Jim & Margaret attend the reunion. They realize that while they are not old, they are not teenagers and are glad of it.
16 Nov. 1955
Bud, the Ladykiller
When a classmate calls Bud, he is rude to her because she is the least popular girl in school and considered a nerd. Jim finds out Bud was rude and tells Bud he has to apologize. Bud tries, but the girl does not accept his apology.
30 Nov. 1955
Margaret's Premonition
Margaret has a few lucky coincidences about things she thinks about and things that happen. Everyone tells her she has premonition and she starts to believe it. She makes a prediction about Jim and he does not want to follow her advice.
7 Dec. 1955
Stage to Yuma
Robert Young plays the role of Tate Ibsen, one of six passengers riding a stagecoach through Arizona in the year 1860. One passenger has been convicted of murder and is handcuffed to a deputy. Tate Ibsen's plan to spring him loose before they reach the Yuma Penitentiary runs into complications when the stage is attacked by Indians.
14 Dec. 1955
Bad Influence
Bud starts hanging out with a new friend in school. The friend takes things from the store without paying for them. Bud gets blamed. Everyone later finds out Bud's friend suffers from kleptomania.
28 Dec. 1955
Betty Hates Carter
Betty is horrified when her father sets her up on a blind date, the son of one of Jim's business associates. Betty plans to make sure the date is a bad one, but she finds she actually likes the date.

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