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13 Feb. 1955
Annie and the Chinese Puzzle
Mr. Wong (Keye Luke) owns valuable property in town and someone wants to get it cheap. They harass and attempt to convince Mr. Wong to get out of town.
27 Feb. 1955
Annie Breaks an Alibi
To be sole heir of an inheritance, a rancher kills his cousin, the only other next of kin. When he tries to say he was on a late night ride at the time of the murder, it's up to Annie to find the holes in his alibi.
6 Mar. 1955
Trigger Twins
Annie has double duty this time when she matches wits with Dana and Jana Matthews, twin sisters. With Pistols and Boots she has to do battle with this dynamite duo.
13 Mar. 1955
Diablo Doctor
When he is unable to save his own father, Diablo's town doctor loses his confidence in himself. It's up to Annie to convince him that Diablo needs him and that you must get right back up when you're knocked down.
20 Mar. 1955
Dead Man's Bluff
Panic hits Diablo and the citizens make a run on the bank over worries of solvency. Afraid he will be exposed as a counterfeiter, the banker decides to fake his own death.
27 Mar. 1955
Annie and the Junior Pioneers
Clell Morgan is a former delinquent who is starting over with the help of the Junior Pioneer Club of Diablo. He begins to worry that all that may fall apart when he learns his older brother has escaped from jail and is headed to Diablo.
3 Apr. 1955
Hard Luck Ranch
Link and Evie Tabor have been struggling, working their ranch, ever since Link was injured in a rodeo mishap and confined to a wheel chair. But if that wasn't hard enough, now the Tabors are being threatened by outlaws.
10 Apr. 1955
Thunder Hill
The newly arrived Peters family seem to be angry at the world and want nothing but to be left alone. But Annie, Tagg and Lofty try their best to be friendly, and to find out what's underneath all that hostility.
17 Apr. 1955
Sure Shot Annie
When a beautiful woman robs the bank, the young bank teller is accused and it's up to Annie to find evidence to prove he is innocent and that she is guilty, unbelievable as it seems.
1 May 1955
Trouble Shooter
Unexpected trouble comes to a rancher who hires ex-convict Steve Bailey. The real trouble starts when Steve's outlaw brother Duke Bailey comes to the ranch determined to keep his brother from going straight.
8 May 1955
Annie Takes a Chance
A Judge, who runs a facility to help criminals start over again, has just sentenced an outlaw to hang for his crimes. Now he is threatened by the outlaw's brother if he carries out his verdict.
15 May 1955
Annie and the Higher Court
Lofty captures a member of an outlaw gang who happens to be the only one who knows where the loot of a recent hold-up is buried. In an effort to free the crook, his confederates attempt to bribe Judge Bowen, who is about to resign his post to care for his wife who needs expensive medical treatment.
22 May 1955
Powder Rock Stampede
When a section of the territory is opened for settlement, Ralph and Mary plan to race in the land rush and claim a fertile piece of land Mary's father discovered in his travels years before. When Ralph is brutally beaten by a pair of crooks who are aware of the land's value and plan to claim it for themselves, Annie and Lofty decide to enter the race and stake a claim for the young couple.

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