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Season 1

9 Jan. 1954
Annie and the Brass Collar
Annie is called on to help find three men involved in a train robbery. The manager's son tells his father that he's taking over, believing his father is no longer capable of his job.
16 Jan. 1954
Annie Trusts a Convict
An old school friend of Annie's breaks out of jail with two other inmates to go search for the treasure at the mission. She believed his innocence when he was convicted, and still believes him. Now she must help him capture the two inmates who want the treasure.
23 Jan. 1954
With an outlaw at large and the Sheriff searching for him, trouble arrives in the form of a fake sheriff, a drunk, and a senseless murder.
30 Jan. 1954
The Dude Stagecoach
While awaiting word from the mine to see if they found gold, Annie discovers a beloved stagecoach is now being driven by a woman, the daughter of the owner who is now threatening to sell the stage and pocket the money. Annie suspects there's more going on with the mine when they return and announce that there is no gold. Now, she must get to the bottom of things before it's too late for the town.
6 Feb. 1954
Ambush Canyon
The owner of the mine is bushwhacked, but lives long enough to ask Annie to send for his daughter. His killer still unknown, the daughter has a big decision to make on the running of the mine.
13 Feb. 1954
Annie Calls Her Shots
Annie and Lofty jail Dobie but he proclaims his innocence while they look for the rest of the gang. Dobie escapes but he and Tagg get kidnapped by the actual culprits, leading Annie to take desperate measures to rescue her brother.
27 Feb. 1954
Annie and the Silver Ace
Tagg experiments with hypnosis and has Moose believing he is a dog. Luckily for all, it helps resolve ownership of a mine that villians are trying to claim.
6 Mar. 1954
Annie Finds Strange Treasure
When Annie tries to save an old prospector from an attack by outlaws, they think she has learned the secret location of his cache of gold.
13 Mar. 1954
The Cinder Trail
A cattleman tries to take over the railroad so that he can control the price of shipping cattle.
20 Mar. 1954
Valley of the Shadows
When a girl is blinded in the murder of her father, Annie tries to help her identify the killer.
27 Mar. 1954
Annie and the Lily Maid
Sam Forbes is murdered and his foreman Choctaw looks to inherit his ranch when a previously unknown niece Elaine appears. Annie is suspicious but the men fall for her delicate ways. But it's all an act and Tag's archery skills play a part in saving the day.
3 Apr. 1954
The Hardrock Trail
Vic Carver, released from prison, arrives with his brother Johnny to get revenge on Annie's Uncle Luke. Annie gets her uncle out of town and tries to reason with the Carvers. She succeeds with Johnny but Vic kidnaps Tagg.
10 Apr. 1954
Annie Gets Her Man
Annie is in charge of the sheriff's office and is being bothered by braggart Chet Sterling's antics. His uncle Frank's bank is robbbed and Tagg names one bandit as Trem, Frank's friend, after he secretly trails them. A double cross, killing, and frame up follow.
17 Apr. 1954
Justice Guns
Legendary lawman Clay Griffin is losing his eyesight and refuses an operation despite Annie's pleading. Johnny Storm and the Murdocks commit robbery which leads to Clay's brother Frank being shot. Annie and Lofty accompany Clay when he calls Johnny out.
24 Apr. 1954
Annie's Desert Adventure
Annie doesn't believe the man Lofty arrested for the hold up is the right man. She goes behind Lofty's back to prove he's wrong, which gets her into trouble with Lofty.
8 May 1954
Annie and the Texas Sandman
Les Clinton, alias Texas Sandman, comes to Diablo ready to retire from gunfighting and marry local teacher Marge. He befriends Annie who aids him when the Yanceys arrive seeking revenge against the weaponless Clinton.
29 May 1954
Bull's Eye
A chemist poisons the watering holes on a wild game preserve in a scheme to take over the land.
12 Jun. 1954
Sharpshooting Annie
Annie and Tagg return from raising money for charity with a circus sideshow when they are robbed by someone calling himself the Welshman. Annie recovers part of the money, then she and Lofty lay a trap with one last performance.
26 Jun. 1954
Outlaw Mesa
Duke and his gang frame Sam plus kidnap Linda to keep him from proving his innocence. Annie and Lofty must stop a lynch mob lead by Howard, save Linda while proving Duke's guilt with Tagg's ventriloquism helping.

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