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"We're shovin' wight off, we're shovin' wight off again!"
slymusic7 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Snow Business" is an excellent Tweety/Sylvester/Granny cartoon directed by Friz Freleng. Tweety and Sylvester are forced to stay in their house during a blizzard while they wait for Granny to return home with fresh food. Of course, Sylvester already knows what HE'D like to eat!

Highlights: At the beginning of this short, Sylvester reacts hilariously (aided by the tremendous vocal talent of Mel Blanc) at the prospect of starving for six weeks and having nothing in the house to eat except birdseed. For myself, it's always a real treat to hear Tweety sing, and as Sylvester places him inside a toy sailboat in preparation for boiling inside a huge pot, Tweety merrily sings a familiar seafaring song. Later on, a mischievous hungry mouse shoves Sylvester's carcass into that very same cooking pot! And at the end of this short, Sylvester is forced to eat birdseed when Granny finally arrives home with the wrong package; when Tweety asks Sylvester if he likes the birdseed, the mouse gnaws Sylvester's tail, Sylvester lets out a yell, and Tweety concludes that the birdseed couldn't be THAT bad!

There's no cartoon like "Snow Business"! It's full of fun entertainment from beginning to end, so don't miss it!
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This Mouse Was A Real Rat
ccthemovieman-119 April 2007
I actually felt sorry for poor Sylvester as a mouse, not Tweety, comes out of his hole and torments the poor cat throughout much of this Looney Tunes cartoon. Sylvester is eaten, burned and pounded from head to toe by a sadistic and hungry mouse.

It all begins when Granny gets the word that a blizzard has knocked out the roads to her cabin on top of the mountain. "Oh, flibbertigibbit," says Granny. "My bird and cat will starve up there. I'll have to find a way." (Is fibbertigibbit a word?)

It's calm up at the cabin, however, and - shocking as it may sound - Sylvester and Tweety are lounging together at the fireplace. Sylvester even kisses Tweety! However, the cat hears on the radio that "all roads might be closed for up to six weeks," he panics, says "I'll starve," and starts looking around for food, but all there is available is bird seed. From there, it goes from bad to worse for your always-unlucky cat. At least Tweety gets off the hook, as this mouse comes out of a hole and terrorizes poor Sylvester.

This was entertaining but I didn't find it that humorous. The brutal mouse made the story almost sadistic in nature.
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A brilliant Sylvester and Tweety cartoon?!!
phantom_tollbooth1 October 2008
After the feeble 'A Bird in a Guilty Cage', Friz Freleng finally injected some life into his repetitive Sylvester and Tweety series with the brilliant and novel 'Snow Business'. Owing a good deal of its success to a superbly inventive script by Warren Foster, 'Snow Business' opens with Tweety and Sylvester as the best of friends. Only when they are stranded in a cabin by a snowstorm do the starving cat's thoughts turn to eating his former playmate. A great twist on the straightforward formula, 'Snow Business' has a few more tricks up its sleeve. For one, Tweety remains oblivious of the danger he's in throughout the whole cartoon as Sylvester convinces him that a ride in a boiling hot cooking pot and skating on a greased frying pan are enormous fun. This unusual set-up creates a whole new refreshing dynamic between the cat and bird. The real star of 'Snow Business', however, is a psychotic little mouse who, driven crazy with hunger, decides he wants to eat Sylvester. It is this final bizarre plot twist which pushes 'Snow Business' from great to brilliant and the emaciated little rodents attempts to devour a creature ten times his size are hilarious to watch. 'Snow Business' is, in all probability, the very best of all the Tweety and Sylvester shorts. It's a genuinely funny and odd script brilliantly directed by Freleng.
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One of the best of the Sylvester/Tweety series
TheLittleSongbird30 August 2014
This viewer finds the Sylvester/Tweety cartoons more entertaining than most people do though admittedly they are formulaic and can get repetitive. Snow Business is one of the best of the series and one that even non-fans will love. The animation is indeed excellent, in distinctive Fritz Freleng style, with vibrant colours, detailed backgrounds and fluid character designs. The music has always been one of the main strong points in the Sylvester/Tweety cartoons and with Looney Tunes in general. Few cartoon composers did lush orchestration, lively rhythms and action enhancement better than Carl Stalling(though I do dig Milt Franklin for also Looney Tunes, and Oliver Wallace for the Disney cartoons as well), and the music for Snow Business has all of those and doesn't disappoint at all. The dialogue is some of the wittiest of the series and the gags some of the funniest and most inventive, while the story is perhaps the most original and the cartoon of theirs that isn't formulaic and feels properly like a story, especially with Sylvester and Tweety being friends at the beginning and the whole twist with the mouse. Granny doesn't have a lot to do but Tweety is cute and amusing(have always liked him more than most). Sylvester and the mouse though are much more memorable, Sylvester takes the laughs in a hilarious way yet we feel sympathy for him as well but the mouse manages to even steal the show from under him, demented but just as funny. Some of Snow Business has a weird touch to it but never in a sadistic way, certainly not to the extent that the Gene Deitch Tom and Jerry cartoons did. To conclude, a fabulous cartoon and one of the best of the series. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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One of the best Tweety & Sylvester Toons!
Chuck Miller2 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the very few Tweety cartoons that actually has a story to it, as Granny discovers that she can't get to her cabin where her bird and cat are holed up due to a snowstorm.

Amazingly, we also see that Tweety and Sylvester are co-existing in a friendly manner!!! But the radio announcer comes and tells them that it could be weeks before they might escape, and there's no food for Sylvester except Tweety.

So it's not his fault when he attempts to cook our little yellow friend. Interrupting this is a mouse who is also hungry and starts chewing on Sylvester. This is one of the very few times that we actually get to root for Sylvester! The animation is excellent! And while one reviewer detests Tweety's voice, he shouldn't knock this cartoon just because of that!
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It's a mouse eat cat world
Chip_douglas18 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
At the start of this cartoon we witness a rare occasion of harmony between Tweety and Sylvester. But don't worry, this is not like one of those latter day Tom and Jerry shorts where they have set aside their animal animosity, As soon as Sly finds out all roads to their log cabin are closed for six weeks (cause of the weather) and they only have bird seed in store, the pussycat starts to panic. First he tries tricking the Tweetster into taking a boat ride on the stove and gullible birdie immediately starts singing. Enter our hungry guest character: a mouse that starts nibbling on the succotash sufferers tail and attacks him with a Tarzan yell. I never knew mice ate cat when times got bad.

So, the three way dance of death is on, and Tweetys speech impediment is worse then ever. Sly's next idea is to invite him to go skating in a frying pan (because they are still the best of pals, of course) But that crafty mouse won't give up either, using everything from bowling balls to a toaster. One complaint I must submit is the sloppy use of scale: they keep changing between shots to make jokes work. One moment Tweety comes up to Sylvester's knee, the next he fits in his paw! And don't get me started about the gag with the hammer: first Sylvester is using it to hit the mouse, but when a hole is cut in the top, he almost fits in there himself. Then granny arrives with a big disappointment and a lame ending. "Oh flibbedeekibbet".

7 out of 10
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"The Shining" as a cartoon (note: this is a very loose interpretation)
Lee Eisenberg29 September 2007
Yes, it's true: I derived in "Snow Business" a connection to "The Shining". Obviously, you have the snowbound individuals (Sylvester and Tweety = the Torrance family), while someone else tries to return to the snowbound place (Granny = the cook). But aside from Sylvester starting to get cabin fever and view Tweety as a possible meal, there's the other presence in the snowbound location (the mouse = the ghosts) eating at the character going crazy - and I mean literally in this case.

I understand that my interpretation is probably one of the more outlandish interpretations of this cartoon, as the cartoon was probably intended as pure entertainment. I just like to look for similarities between different kinds of movies, cartoons, etc.

All in all, worth seeing.
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"What do putty tats like to eat?"
utgard1425 December 2014
Sylvester and Tweety are trapped by heavy snow in Granny's mountain cabin. Tweety has plenty of birdseed but poor Sylvester is all out of food. I'm not sure if Granny just isn't stocking up on food for him or if he's just eaten it all. Probably the latter although the ending to this one makes you wonder. Anyway, Sylvester naturally decides he will have to eat Tweety to survive while a starving mouse has the same idea about Sylvester. A fun short with nice animation, great music, and lots of funny gags. The mouse's attempts to eat Sylvester are especially good. Tweety is as adorable as ever. He sings "The Song of the Marines" while in a little paper boat, which is just priceless. Some people don't like the Sylvester & Tweety cartoons but I happen to enjoy them. Yeah, they can be repetitive after awhile but most of the Looney Tunes shorts feel that way after you've seen a lot of them.
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SNOW BUSINESS proves that Granny and Tweety are . . .
Edgar Allan Pooh12 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
. . . One Per Center sociopaths, while Sylvester represents we 99%. When a blizzard temporarily strands Tweety and Sylvester home alone in a mountain cabin (the 93rd different domicile in which this series has shown Mommy Warbucks owning and operating), there is absolutely nothing in the lodge to eat except bird seed. As Sylvester ransacks cupboards, drawers, and closets for even a tiny morsel of feline or human food, all he turns up during this desperate search is at least 35 unopened red boxes of bird seed. (It's implied that this is just the tip of the iceberg; the cabin most likely is stuffed with more than 500 full boxes of bird seed.) When Granny finally rides her broom in out of the blizzard bearing a bundle, it turns out to contain seven MORE red boxes of bird seed! These circumstances prove that Granny herself subsists on bird seed, which is indigestible for human beings. Therefore, "Granny" is a WITCH, which is why she's evilly cackling most of the time that she's on-screen. This also is why the SNOW BUSINESS mouse keeps nibbling on Sylvester: the rodent's been BEWITCHED!
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Please make it stop
movieman_kev30 October 2005
Sylvester Cat and Tweety Bird are trapped in a snowstorm in Granny's mountain cabin. Tweety doesn't need to worry food-wise as there's plenty of bird seed around, but Sylvester has only the bird to think about eating. There's also a mouse who gets into the act. Only 2 Tweety shorts to go on this DVD, these are quite the chore as my loathing of that damned speech impediment having bird is by now well known. I find it hard to be fair-minded with a character I actively detest and fear my reviews for the Tweety cartoons are suffering because of it & am so very glad that the next short is the last one I'll have to review, until Volume 3 of the Golden Collection at least. This animated short can be seen on Disc 3 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2.

My Grade: D+
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