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  • Sylvester Cat and Tweety Bird are snowbound in a mountain cabin, and though Tweety has lots of bird seed, Sylvester will starve unless he can cook the unsuspecting Tweety. Meanwhile, a starving mouse thinks Sylvester is edible and keeps springing on the cat, chewing the fur off his head and tail and trying to cook his various body parts. Granny returns just in time with groceries, to find she mistakenly brought back only more bird seed!

    - Written by Kevin McCorry <mmccorry@nb.sympatico.ca>
  • During a fierce blizzard, Granny fumes at a highway patrolman about her inability to get to her snowbound cabin in the mountains, where her pets Tweety and Sylvester are. The pair hear a radio report that they may be stranded for six weeks without suitable food. Well, not really; Tweety had plenty of birdseed, but Sylvester might not. After the bird helps Sylvester review the list of "what puddy tats wike to eat," Sylvester begins his carnivorous pursuit of the bird. This time he chums up to Tweety, treating him as his best friend as he tricks him into such situations as a stewpot and a frying skillet. All the while, Sylvester's attempts to cook Tweety are impeded by a starving mouse who's so delirious he tries to eat the puddy (he only manages to gnaw at his fur). The mouse makes several attempts to cook Sylvester. Eventually, Granny does make it back to the cabin to replenish her food supply only to find she picked up more birdseed.

    - Written by Brian Rathjen <briguy_52732@yahoo.com>


As the film opens, Granny is stuck in her car during a massive blizzard. A man in a nearby cabin tells her that all roads to the mountains are closed...

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