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Awww, he called me Da-da

Author: Neal Klein from TX, USA
25 October 2000

The dialogue alone is worth giving this cartoon short high marks. The whole premise is pure Warner Bros. golden age magic: Sylvester is forced to put his instincts aside to protect his "son" from the hungry neighborhood cats. I loved it!

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An excellent cartoon in which Sylvester has to battle his instincts and his own kind. [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

Author: Akbar Shahzad (rapt0r_claw-1) from Karachi, Pakistan
22 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sylvester's wife has always wanted a child, but Sylvester doesn't. He doesn't even care about her "I work and I slave" routine. But one day the stork does bring them a little bundle of joy. But the stork's drunk and it's a mis-delivery, so the cats get a mouse as their child. Sylvester must overcome his instincts and does.

How many times has Friz Freleng turned out an excellent, hilarious and interesting animated story? Many a time, and this is one of his finest efforts. The precarious situations that Sylvester gets into while protecting his son are really memorable, as are the attempts of his ex-friends the cats to get him. The story is really interesting, it's fresh and new, not the old cliche of cat-chases-bird, cat-chases-mouse, cat-fights-cat-for-mouse, or dog-chases-cat. If you're tired of that, one of the best options is to take a look at A Mouse Divided. It's great to see that cat with a demonic look on his face suddenly, magically transforms as his heart melts when the mouse calls him 'da-da'. I also quite vividly remember those cats trying to smash through the door with a treetrunk. It's hilarious the way those cats, posing as salesmen, orphans and poverty-stricken single mothers taking care of a rather oversized child, are all dispatched. A great cartoon, most highly recommended to one and all! A true masterpiece!

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Loony Looney Tunes!!

Author: ( from U.S.A
1 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Sylvester's wife has always wanted the pitter patter of little feet around the house, but not Sylvester. Then one day, a drunken stork delivers a baby to their house. Since he was drunk, it was a misdelivery: they got a baby mouse. Sylvester wanted to eat it, but the wife would have nothing of it. But when she went out that day, Sylvester tried making a sandwich out of him--until he called him daddy. Touched, Sylvester took him to the park, but then had to run back when a gang of cats wanted to get their claws on Sylvester's "son". Many of them tried to get into the house to get it, but failed.

Realizing his error, the stork tried to get the baby mouse back but got Sylvester instead, so mice parents got Sylvester for their son.

This is a good cartoon! I like the part where a cat barges into Sylvester's house dressed as a vacuum salesman to take the baby mouse. A classic gag: a cat comes down the chimney dressed as Santa Claus, but Sylvester looks at the calendar which reads July. In Looney Tunes cartoons whenever a character dresses as Santa Claus, another guy looks at the calendar and it's always July, a month we know for sure isn't Christmas. But anyway, I recommend A Mouse Divided!


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One of Sylvester's better cartoons

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
3 November 2012

Looney Tunes have been responsible for some of my favourite cartoons of all time. A Mouse Divided is one I have a lot of fondness. The drunken stork idea is one I've seen many times before, but the interplay between Sylvester and the baby mouse is done so in a fresh and vibrant way. The characters are right on the money. Sylvester's wife is appropriately firm and the baby mouse is adorable, but it is Sylvester, just by his facial expressions and how he softens in that touching scene when the baby mouse calls him Da-Da, that provides the best moments. The dialogue is deliciously witty, and the gags especially the idea to knock the door down with a tree are clever and really funny to watch. The animation is colourful and fluid while the music still has that characterful robust energy typical of Looney Tunes. Mel Blanc's vocals are superb as well. In conclusion, I like Sylvester a lot and I do consider A Mouse Divided one of his better cartoons. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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pure cinema at its best

Author: rsainz-2 from Spain
27 June 2009

there is not such a thing as a "best movie ever", "best song ever", or a "best anything ever". well, that said, this is the best cartoon ever. nothing has surpassed the quality of the dialogs or the great scene where a bunch of cats look through a window the new 'baby cat'.. that's pure cinema. at its best. not a cartoon or anything. it's one of the most expressive (and hilarious) scenes (yeah..) ever there are many directors and script writers that try forever to do something just decent. this 5 minutes cartoon rich what most people has never ever been able to do. I hate to be so much superlative, mainly when what you should be doing is just watching the thing, but I need to write 10 lines to be published and get you. I do not know why you are already reading, just get a copy and watch it. You own me one..

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mice, mice, baby, forever

Author: Lee Eisenberg ( from Portland, Oregon, USA
16 January 2007

I've long wondered what's the deal with the image of the inebriated stork. Whatever it is, it leads to a pretty funny cartoon here, as the alcoholic bird delivers a baby mouse to Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester, and Sylvester becomes enamored with the little guy and has to protect him from the rest of the cats in the neighborhood.

Was "A Mouse Divided" the best Looney Tunes cartoon ever? No, far from it. Some parts were clearly lifted out of the Bugs Bunny vehicle "Gorilla My Dreams". What I like in this cartoon is the extent to which Sylvester goes to keep the hungry felines from eating the mouse (including a dynamite gag; those guys sure had a way with TNT). It's a nice, fun way to pass time.

He doesn't get it from my side of the family. Some arguments seem to continue forever.

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