I Confess (1953) Poster


Plot Keywords

priest church
confession police
lawyer murder
gardener investigation
catholic caretaker
suspect secret
catholic church innocence
cassock court
rectory robbery
death suspicion
prime suspect catholic priest
trial jury
confessional seal of confession
two word title 1950s
1940s slow motion scene
québec canada murder investigation
french cookie
stage elbow punching through car window
island handyman
collar ordination
traffic policeman flowers
school uniform painter
accidental murder money
military cross telephone call
forgiveness ballroom
subjective camera painting
husband murders wife husband shoots wife
gunshot shooting
gun kitchen
chef canadian army
circular staircase lynch mob
mob polishing silver
bicycle wristwatch
arrest farmhouse
wedding secretary
letter ambulance
doctor courthouse
judge courtroom
police car cross
maid party
unfaithfulness extramarital affair
adultery death of wife
death penalty dead body
balancing drink on forehead dancing
dancer drink
drinking chase
martyrdom montage
post world war two boyfriend girlfriend relationship
kiss umbrella
rain cigarette smoking
ferry following someone
love girl
boy candle
servant praying
prayer husband wife relationship
stealing theft
thief policeman
circumstantial evidence eye witness
witness québec city québec canada
foreign language adaptation flashback
false accusation secrecy of confessional
director cameo suspense
world war two veteran religion
refugee rainstorm
police detective parlor trick
murder of wife member of parliament
melodrama marriage
interrogation infidelity
hotel gazebo
conscience blackmail
based on play

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