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Remade as 

Glen and Glenda (1994) (Video)

Edited into 

Sleazemania Strikes Back (1985) (Video)
A U.S. theatrical trailer is featured under the title 'I Changed My Sex!' plus scenes from this film are edited into this compilation.
Glen or the Bride of the Night of the Plan 9 from Outer Space (2014) (Short)
Edited into "Glen or the Bride of the Night of the Plan 9 from Outer Space".

Referenced in 

Eraserhead (1977)
Close-up of radiator, Close-up of character with smoke in background.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Ring of Terror (1990) (TV Episode)
"Glen *and* Glenda"
On the Trail of Ed Wood (1990)
the movie is mentioned in a interview
The Critic: Every Doris Has Her Day (1994) (TV Episode)
a person in Jay's little black book is identified as "Glen/Glenda"
Ed Wood (1994)
The making of the film is depicted.
Siskel & Ebert: The River Wild/Jason's Lyric/Ed Wood/The Scout/Rapa Nui (1994) (TV Episode)
Referenced during the "Ed Wood" review.
Blue Movie (1995) (Video)
the cross-dressing director
The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper: Spook, Lies and Videotape/Ghostfather (1996) (TV Episode)
2 tombstones that say Glen and Glenda appear during the end credits.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies (1997) (TV Episode)
Servo: Renee Richards IS Wendy Carlos in Glen or Glenda.
Law & Order: Baby, It's You (1997) (TV Episode)
Munch refers to the film.
Jeopardy!: Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1, Game 37 (2005) (TV Episode)
correct answer in "Oh, A Weiss Guy, Eh?" category
A Square to Spare (2005) (Short)
The line "pull the string" is yelled in the same manner as Bela Lugosi in this film.
Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse (2010) (Video Game)
The Narrator - "Pull the cords! Pull the cords!"
Midnight Screenings: Horrible Bosses/Zookeeper (2011) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Jack and Jill (2011)
According to the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, "Jack and Jill" is a "remake/rip-off of Ed Wood's 'Glen or Glenda'".
The Mentalist: Ruby Slippers (2012) (TV Episode)
One of the dragqueens is called Glenda, but his real name is Glen.
Best of the Worst: Night Beast, Trick or Treat, and Skull Forest (2013) (TV Episode)
Jay alludes to it. Also, video case is shown.
Videoclub (2013)
Video case is shown ("Glen o Glenda").
Best of the Worst: Elves, Santa Claus, and Christmas Vacation 2 (2013) (TV Episode)
Video case is shown.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return: Carnival Magic (2017) (TV Episode)
Crow: "Alex the chimp as you've never seen him, in 'Glen or Glenda'"

Featured in 

Horrible Horror (1986) (Video)
Mondo Lugosi (1987)
Ed Wood (1994)
The opening credits of the film are seen.
The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr. (1995)
Footage is shown.
Idle Hands (1999)
Screwed (2000)
The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made (2004) (Video)
Clips are shown
Indie Sex: Extremes (2007) (TV Movie)
A clip is shown
Dad Made Dirty Movies (2011)
Clip shown to illustrate Ed Wood's introduction.
Edición Especial Coleccionista: Pack Ed Wood (2011) (TV Episode)
clips shown
The Cinema Snob: Glen or Glenda (2017) (TV Episode)
movie is reviewed
When We Rise: The People Behind the Story (2017) (TV Movie)
A clip from the movie is shown.

Spoofed in 

Dead End (1985)
Ed Wood zombie in a dress
Seed of Chucky (2004)
Glen or Glenda is used quite a bit in the plot with Chucky and Tiffany's offspring Glen (or is it Glenda?)

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