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20 Mar. 1954
The Monkey That Couldn't Stop Growing
The planet Clavo's eccentric orbit brings it into our solar system.
27 Mar. 1954
The Plan of Planet H
The Rocket Rangers discover a plan by the inhabitants of the water Planet H to flood Earth.
3 Apr. 1954
Invasion from Dimension X
Shadowy figures from another dimension confront the Rocket Rangers.
10 Apr. 1954
The Matter-Transfer Machine
A criminal gang is using a matter-transporter to smuggle contraband isotopes away from Earth.
17 Apr. 1954
Terror in the Space Lighthouse
Two hardened inmates assemble a daring plan to escape from the isolated prison asteroid Hermes.
24 Apr. 1954
Assignment Danger
Adjutant Wilbur Wormser is rescued by what initially appears to be a kindly elderly woman after he encounters trouble on a routine passenger liner voyage to Venus.
1 May 1954
Bird Girl of Venus
Archeological explorations on Venus lead to the discovery of a winged humanoid being.
8 May 1954
The Exploding Man
Opportunists rush in to exploit the discovery of uranium on Ganymede, and the Rocket Rangers discover attempts at looting.

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