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15 Jan. 1954
Account Closed
Bill is infatuated with his sexy blonde co-worker Alice, but she remains cool to his advances. Hoping he can control her, Bill confronts Alice with his knowledge of her embezzling, but she also has proof of his questionable bookkeeping. Bill's obsession leads him to investigates her background and he comes to believe she's the dame wanted for the murder of a Chicago mobster.
22 Jan. 1954
Farewell Performance
A ventriloquist, popular on the vaudeville stage, murders his unfaithful, nagging wife in a fit of jealous rage, but feigns innocence to the police. His dummy, however, has seen all, and keeps no secrets.
5 Feb. 1954
The Psychophonic Nurse
A couple of new parents are unable to keep a nanny because none will follow the clinical rules in a new child-rearing book. John, head of an electronics company, has his staff develop a robotic nurse to care for the baby. The humanoid seems perfect, except for its inability to use judgment or give love.
18 Jun. 1954
Doubled in Danger
A recently released convict vows revenge on the man that unjustly set him up. He meets a stranger who also has murder on his mind. They agree to kill each other's intended victims, so they can have perfect alibis.
4 Jul. 1954
Dear Little Fool
Nurse Carroll doesn't follow the book in to attending to the old men under her care. She realizes that they need reasons to want to get better. Dr. McNaughton, however, is a rigid man who's frustrated trying to get her to follow the rules.
18 Jul. 1954
The Whistling Room
A Londoner, with his father, moves to a castle in Ireland to be near his fiancee. All three are tormented nightly by eerie wailing sounds coming from a cottage on the grounds. The woman is convinced that the noises are from Irish spirits upset that she's marrying a "foreigner." Enter professional "ghost finder" Dr. Carnacki who is sure he can shush the spirits.
8 Aug. 1954
Long, Long Ago
During a stormy night at an old, isolated house in England, a lonely couple a visited by a strange little boy who seems dazed and uncommunicative, yet knows where things are in the house, and ghostly strains of "Long Long ago" can be heard.
15 Aug. 1954
A Londoner returns from a South Seas fortune-hunting expedition minus his son-in-law who suffered a tragic end. A nervous wreck, the man screams around the clock about "the third day" and a man named "Mungahra." Mungahra was the expedition's native guide who, before dying, placed a curse on the greedy, self-serving Englishman who treated him like a savage.
29 Aug. 1954
Monica is a lonely young girl who is schooled at home by her Uncle Stephen and his housekeeper. When Monica talks about her new playmates Mary and Elsie, her Uncle believes she is just imagining things. He grows more concerned when he himself begins to hear Monica's playmates throughout the house.
24 Oct. 1954
I Went to Havana
An American tourist takes a trip to Cuba to hit the gambling casinos in Havana, convinced he has a surefire way to win at the roulette tables. He runs into two con men, who are equally sure they have a surefire way to swindle him out of his money.
7 Nov. 1954
Death Rides a Wildcat
A group of people start out a cross-country tour by sharing expanses, but the trip soon deteriorates into violence and murder.
14 Nov. 1954
This Man for Hire
A woman who had once written some incriminating letters to a man is now thinking about committing murder in order to get them back.
28 Nov. 1954
Desert Reckoning
Two businessmen and the woman they're both in love with are forced to crash-land in the desert during a flight from Mexico to the U.S.

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