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6 Jan. 1964
The Bowling Partners
Danny is hopeful that Rusty will ask him be his partner at an upcoming Father and Son bowling tournament.
13 Jan. 1964
Linda's Crush
When Linda discovers that her father is using her crush on a boy in his comedy act, she gets angry with him especially after the boy finds out because of the jokes.
20 Jan. 1964
Kathy, the Secretary
When Danny complains to Kathy about her overspending, she cons Phil into giving her a temporary job as his secretary.
27 Jan. 1964
The Quiz Show
Frank's mother needs a new washing machine, so he cons Danny into appearing with him on a quiz show in hopes of winning a brand new one.
3 Feb. 1964
Howdy, Neighbors
Danny, Charley, and their wives are perplexed by the snobbish behavior of their Connecticut countryside neighbors.
10 Feb. 1964
The Antique Dealer
Danny and Charley set up a roadside stand outside their Connecticut country home, and they try to pass off junk as valuable antiques.
17 Feb. 1964
Bunny Gets Into the Act
Charley's in the doghouse when he refuses to allow Bunny a chance to perform in his new stage review at the Copacabana.
24 Feb. 1964
Sense of Humor
Danny's in trouble with the local tradesmen when they learn they are the brunt of the jokes in his nightclub act.
2 Mar. 1964
Tonoose Gets a Job
Uncle Tonoose needs one thing to make him feel like the leader of the family, so Danny helps him get one at a women's shoe store.
9 Mar. 1964
The Leprechaun
Howard Morris appears as a man who claims he's a leprechaun.
16 Mar. 1964
Pupa from Italy
Danny imports a girl from Italy to sing at the Copacabana, but soon discovers she has stopped performing pop music in favor of opera music.
23 Mar. 1964
Pupa's Pooch
Pupa is an entertainer Danny discovered when they visited Italy. When staying with the Williams family to make celebrity status from working in the dinner club with Danny, Pupa is overwhelmed by her homesickness, and maneuvers things so that she hides her dog from Italy in her room. But the law stipulates that an animal must be quarantined for a period of time when entering the United States. So when an agent comes to collect the dog she cannot be consoled. Will Danny's rediculous sceme console her or will he alienate her for good?
30 Mar. 1964
Pupa Loves Rusty
12-year-old Pupa mistakenly believes she's engaged to be married to 16-year-old Rusty.
6 Apr. 1964
Beautiful Lady
Danny reconnects with a tomboy girl named Moose that used to play on his school's baseball team. He now finds himself attracted to her.
13 Apr. 1964
Call Off the Hounds
Danny and Charley are seeing imaginary dogs, after their wives give them the "Gaslight " treatment.
20 Apr. 1964
Rusty and the Chorus Girl
Rusty falls for an older woman - a chorus girl at the Cobacabana.
27 Apr. 1964
The Persistent Cop
A cop asks Danny if he will audition a singing group from the poor side of town.

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