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1 Jan. 1962
Useless Charley
Charley is full of suggestions for when the baby comes and Bunny isn't interested in any of them. When Charley destroys Rusty's project by "helping", he's convinced he won't be a good father. Danny tells Charley he can teach him everything he needs to know in three minutes.
8 Jan. 1962
A Baby for Charley
Danny and Charley have plans to go to Acapulco with the wives; but Louise is on vacation so they have to cancel because of the kids. Charley goes on a rant about kids and Bunny gets upset. She just learned she's going to have a baby, and now that Bunny's convinced Charley hates kids she doesn't know how to tell him. SONG: Brahm's Lullaby
15 Jan. 1962
Linda, the Tomboy
Charley has decided he really wants the baby to be a boy. Danny is telling Charley how nice it is to have a sweet little girl when Linda storms in with a black eye. Linda has been playing football with Scotty hoping he'll ask her to the party that Saturday, but 9-year-old Eloise arrives looking for "big, strong Scotty". Danny decides to teach Linda to out-girl Eloise so she won't lose Scotty.
22 Jan. 1962
The Big Fight
After Danny and Charley sign their new contract, Kathy and Bunny argue over whose husband works hardest. Danny and Charley stop the fight and then get into the same argument. When Phil returns to say the contract needs initials, they tear it up. Charley hires a new comic due to open at the Ace of Clubs (a dive), and Danny goes to the Ace of Clubs to prove he can make it a success.
29 Jan. 1962
Casanova Tonoose
Uncle Tonoose arrives in New York to announce he is getting married in April. When Danny asks who the bride is, Uncle Tonoose says "I dunno". It's an old Lebanese custom that the groom does not approach the bride, his best friend introduces them... and Uncle Tonoose has chosen Danny to do the honors.
5 Feb. 1962
Charley Does It Himself
Charley and Bunny enter fighting. Bunny's brother has offered to decorate the nursery for them so it will be ready for when the baby arrives, but Charley wants to do it himself. Bunny wants her brother to decorate because Charley knows nothing about home improvements. Danny settles the fight by proposing Charley do the work, but that he do it with expert supervision - him.
12 Feb. 1962
The P.T.A. Bash
The entertainment for the P.T.A. meeting falls through at the last minute. Kathy tells the committee that Danny is working night and day rehearsing for the Ed Sullivan Show and there is no way she can ask him to entertain for the P.T.A. meeting. After some arm-twisting, Kathy agrees to have Danny perform. Now Kathy just needs to figure out how to get him to perform that night without asking him.
19 Feb. 1962
A Nose by Any Other Name
Danny is convinced his family is embarrassed by his nose, so he goes to a plastic surgeon to change it.
26 Feb. 1962
Casanova Junior
Rusty hasn't asked a girl to the school dance because he has no confidence. Danny gives him some pointers and now the girls are falling all over themselves to go out with Rusty. The only problem is Rusty, he's gone from no confidence to treating the girls badly and Danny is not happy about it.
5 Mar. 1962
Temper, Temper
Danny is guilt-ridden after hollering at Kathy. Charley says he always buys Bunny an expensive gift when he makes her cry. Danny says he didn't make Kathy cry, and resolves not to by keeping his temper from now on. Meanwhile Bunny is showing Kathy the expensive gift she got from Charley when he lost his temper, and wasn't there a hat Kathy had her eye on? Bunny convinces Kathy to make Danny yell at her.
12 Mar. 1962
Hunger Strike
Rusty wants to go on a weekend saddle trip with his friends. Instead of asking Danny right out, he tries to con him into getting permission. Danny isn't fooled and says no, so Rusty goes on a hunger strike.
19 Mar. 1962
Bunny Cooks a Meal
Charley's cousin Herman is in town and wants to come for dinner. Herman is a famous chef and tried to stop Charley's wedding years ago when he found out Bunny couldn't cook. Since then Charley has been writing letters about the wonderful cook Bunny has become. Too bad none of it is true. Kathy only has the weekend to give Bunny a crash course in cooking. SONG: Ain't We Got Fun.
26 Mar. 1962
Jose's Protege
Danny's looking for a couple children to use in his act. When he sees it mentioned in the newspaper he's sure every stage mother in New York will be at his door. Jose is doing a good job keeping them away . . . except he has a nephew who would be just perfect.
2 Apr. 1962
Danny and Bob Get Away from It All
Autograph hunters have followed Danny and Bob Hope up to Danny's apartment, the kids want to charge their friends to come up and see them, and Kathy wants them to perform at the Hospital benefit. Danny and Bob decide now is a good time for a vacation, but where can they go where they won't be recognized? SONGS: Thanks for the Memories, From This Moment On.
9 Apr. 1962
Extrasensory Charley
Charley pulls a prank on Bunny while they're playing charades with Danny and Kathy. Bunny gets even by enlisting the Williams's help to convince Charley he has ESP.
16 Apr. 1962
Kathy, the Pro
Kathy is feeling useless: Rusty doesn't want her help with his homework, Linda doesn't want her help sewing, and even Bunny is off to help Charley with the bookkeeping. When Danny brings her up on stage to dance, she decides to join the act - for good. SONGS: That Face, Pretty Baby
23 Apr. 1962
A Promise Is a Promise
Linda promised she wouldn't touch Danny's tape recorder. Danny promised Linda could go on Art Linkletter's show Kids Say the Darndest Things. When Danny discovers Linda has recorded over all the material for his new act, she gets a spanking and grounded for the weekend: a promise is a promise. Linda tells Danny she can't stay in her room the ENTIRE weekend, she's supposed to be on the show Saturday. Linda is mad and repeats back to him: a promise is a promise. Now Danny's worried what she might say.
30 Apr. 1962
The Smart Aleck
Danny receives a letter from Uncle Tonoose that he's sending Danny's cousin for help getting into show business. Danny's expecting a shy young man. What he gets is an overconfident, arrogant, smart-aleck. Danny decides to give him a large dose of humility.
7 May 1962
The baby is due in a few days and Charley is jumping every time the phone rings. He wants to know where Bunny is every second and he can't sleep. Danny gives Charley a tranquilizer to calm him down so he can get some sleep - better take two. Kathy finds the bottle laying out and gives Bunny a few so she can put one in Charley's milk each night until the baby comes, but Bunny slips him two.
1 Oct. 1962
The Baby Hates Charley
The baby loves everyone - except Charley.
8 Oct. 1962
Danny's Replacement
The club books Jack Carter, as Danny's replacement, while he's on a European tour.
15 Oct. 1962
What Are Friends For?
On the eve of leaving for their European trip, Danny and Kathy discover that the Halpers will be unable to look after Rusty and Linda, now that they have an infant of their own.
22 Oct. 1962
The British Sense of Humor
Danny arrives in England, and he is not favorably impressed with the British sense of humor.
29 Oct. 1962
Jose Rents the Copa
Jose wants to rent the club for the evening, but he can't afford it.
5 Nov. 1962
Rusty for President
Rusty enters the cold, brutal world of politics: he runs for junior class president.
12 Nov. 1962
A Hunting We Will Go
While in England, Danny is lured by a friend into poaching pheasant from a neighbor's land.
19 Nov. 1962
Ten Years Ago Today
Charley recalls the time when he first met Danny.
26 Nov. 1962
Jose, the Scholar
Jose studies to pass an American history examination.
3 Dec. 1962
The Ould Sod
Danny and Kathy visit her relatives in Ireland.
10 Dec. 1962
Tonoose, Life of the Party
Uncle Tonoose may be the death of Rusty's party.
17 Dec. 1962
Danny's English Friend
Charley hires a bumbling British waiter to work at his club.
24 Dec. 1962
Bunny, the Brownie Leader
Bunny takes over as leader of Linda's Girl Scout Brownie troop.
31 Dec. 1962
Charley the Artist
Bunny thinks taking art classes with her will help Charley get rid of some of the stress of being an overworked club owner, while Charley thinks he is being soaked by a bogus art professor.

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