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Season 10

1 Oct. 1962
The Baby Hates Charley
The baby loves everyone - except Charley.
8 Oct. 1962
Danny's Replacement
The club books Jack Carter, as Danny's replacement, while he's on a European tour.
15 Oct. 1962
What Are Friends For?
On the eve of leaving for their European trip, Danny and Kathy discover that the Halpers will be unable to look after Rusty and Linda, now that they have an infant of their own.
22 Oct. 1962
The British Sense of Humor
Danny arrives in England, and he is not favorably impressed with the British sense of humor.
29 Oct. 1962
Jose Rents the Copa
Jose wants to rent the club for the evening, but he can't afford it.
5 Nov. 1962
Rusty for President
Rusty enters the cold, brutal world of politics: he runs for junior class president.
12 Nov. 1962
A Hunting We Will Go
While in England, Danny is lured by a friend into poaching pheasant from a neighbor's land.
19 Nov. 1962
Ten Years Ago Today
Charley recalls the time when he first met Danny.
26 Nov. 1962
Jose, the Scholar
Jose studies to pass an American history examination.
3 Dec. 1962
The Ould Sod
Danny and Kathy visit her relatives in Ireland.
10 Dec. 1962
Tonoose, Life of the Party
Uncle Tonoose may be the death of Rusty's party.
17 Dec. 1962
Danny's English Friend
Charley hires a bumbling British waiter to work at his club.
24 Dec. 1962
Bunny, the Brownie Leader
Bunny takes over as leader of Linda's Girl Scout Brownie troop.
31 Dec. 1962
Charley the Artist
Bunny thinks taking art classes with her will help Charley get rid of some of the stress of being an overworked club owner, while Charley thinks he is being soaked by a bogus art professor.
7 Jan. 1963
Lost French Boy
While touring France, Danny and Kathy get taken by a 6-year-old con man.
14 Jan. 1963
Jose, the Dog Sitter
Jose is fully expecting a raise, but he soon discovers that, on top of his elevator operator duties, he's expected, he's expected to walk, Maurice, a kleptomaniac dog.
4 Feb. 1963
Rusty's Birthday
Rusty is deeply disappointed when he doesn't receive a 16th-birthday present from his parents, who are touring Europe.
18 Feb. 1963
The Roman Patriot
An exhausted Danny doesn't want to take Kathy sightseeing upon their arrival in Rome, but he catches his second wind when a handsome and charming Italian man volunteers to escort Kathy around the Eternal City.
4 Mar. 1963
Bunny's Cousin
Bunny tries to trick Charley into auditioning her cousin for a job at the club.
11 Mar. 1963
When in Rome
When they arrive in Rome, Danny and Kathy are advised to eat where fellow American tourists gather, they ignore this warning.
13 May 1963
That Old Feeling
Danny and Sid negotiate with songwriter Harry Ruby over the use of his songs in Danny's act.
25 Mar. 1963
Louise to the Rescue
Louise offers to help Charley out of a jam.
1 Apr. 1963
Venetian Melody
While in Venice, Danny and Kathy meet an eager young agent, representing her little brother and Gondola singing father.
15 Apr. 1963
Linda, the Grownup
Linda is determined to prove she can handle responsibility.
22 Apr. 1963
Danny and Kathy return from their European sojourn, but the Halpers' feelings are hurt when they are forced to leave the Williamses apartment.
29 Apr. 1963
Tonoose's Brother
Danny fools Uncle Tonoose into believing he's his long-lost brother, Tufik.
6 May 1963
Jose's Rival
Jose meets a rival competing for the girl of his dreams.

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