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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Uncle Daddy

29 September 1953
Danny is upset to hear after being away for months his kids call him "Uncle Daddy".

Season 1, Episode 2: Party Dress

6 October 1953
Danny objects to his 11-year-old daughter going to her first formal dance with a boy, until he is reminded of his own youth.

Season 1, Episode 3: Second Honeymoon

13 October 1953
Danny returns from a three-month night club tour, and plans a second honeymoon.

Season 1, Episode 4: Mother-in-Law

20 October 1953
When Danny asks once too often that his mother-in-law babysit for him, he gets a lesson in adult psychology from his two children.

Season 1, Episode 5: Anniversary

27 October 1953
Danny forgets that it's his 12th wedding anniversary.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Jean Hagen ... Margaret Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Louise Beavers ... Louise
Frank Gerstle ... Danny's Publicity Man
Pat Goldin ... Leo Patch, The Jockey
Allan Ray ... Artie (as Alan Ray)

Robert Foulk ... Stagehand (as Bob Foulk)
Corky ... The Dog

Season 1, Episode 6: Margaret, Non-Pro

3 November 1953

Season 1, Episode 7: The Visiting Englishman

10 November 1953
The household is in confusion when an English musician friend of Danny's overstays his visit by three weeks.

Season 1, Episode 8: The Sea Captain

17 November 1953
On Danny's birthday his kids pay more attention to a kind old sea captain who lives in the building. Danny finds away to regain their attention,as a dad and for his birthday.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Jean Hagen ... Margaret Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Edgar Buchanan ... Captain Chris

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy
Corky ... Laddie, the dog
Alice Bauer ... Herself - Golf Pro & Lucky Strike Pitchman

Jinx Falkenburg ... Herself - Seidel Pitchman

Donald Woods ... Himself - Seidel Pitchman

Season 1, Episode 9: Thanksgiving Story

24 November 1953

Season 1, Episode 10: Last Dollar

1 December 1953

Season 1, Episode 11: Margaret's Job

8 December 1953
Danny urges his wife to work in the office of one of her career-minded college friends. If she spends a hard day at the office, Danny promises to do the "easy" job of taking care of the house.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Jean Hagen ... Margaret Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Jorja Curtright ... Lydia

Jesse White ... Jesse Leeds
Allan Ray ... Charlie (as Alan Ray)
Jimmy Hatlo ... Himself - Cartoonist & Lucky Strike Pitchman

Season 1, Episode 12: Wonderland

15 December 1953
A radio contestant wins the privilege of spending the weekend at the home of her favorite comic Danny Williams. The over-aged bobby-soxer who arrives at the house upsets the Williams' plans for a quiet weekend.

Season 1, Episode 13: Christmas

22 December 1953

Season 1, Episode 14: Toledo

29 December 1953
Danny goes back to his native Toledo and meets his old friends.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Jean Hagen ... Margaret Williams (credit only)

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Maxie Rosenbloom ... Charlie Patchok

Mabel Paige ... Miss Whittaker
Rudy Germane ... Banquet Guest (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 15: Margaret's Jealousy

5 January 1954
Danny and his wife see a play in which the long-married husband develops a roving eye. Margaret's imagination causes jealousy. She's sure Danny, too, has a wandering look, when Rusty shows her a picture of Danny kissing a blonde.

Season 1, Episode 16: Terry for President

12 January 1954

Season 1, Episode 17: True Blue Benny

19 January 1954

Season 1, Episode 18: Rusty Runs Away

26 January 1954

Season 1, Episode 19: The Professor

2 February 1954

Season 1, Episode 20: Burlesque

9 February 1954

Season 1, Episode 21: Black Eyes

16 February 1954

Season 1, Episode 22: Margaret's Birthday

23 February 1954
Margaret is explaining to her bridge club how she showed Danny a mink coat in order to get him to buy her the ring she really wanted for her birthday. Unfortunately, the new tape recorder was running. Danny hears the conversation and decides to teach Margaret a lesson, but Danny is the one who learns the lesson.

Season 1, Episode 23: The Matchmaker

2 March 1954

Season 1, Episode 24: Night Club

9 March 1954

Season 1, Episode 25: Terry's Career

25 March 1954

Season 1, Episode 26: School Festival

23 March 1954

Season 1, Episode 27: Rusty's Pal

30 March 1954

Season 1, Episode 28: Julia's Birthday

6 April 1954
Danny tries to help his mother-in-law, Julia, land a starring role on a television series, when Danny learns that Julia is depressed that she's too old to land any acting roles.

Season 1, Episode 29: Pittsburgh

13 April 1954

Season 1, Episode 30: Danny's Vacation

20 April 1954

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Family Troubles

28 September 1954
The family plans a clever ruse to end Danny's severe case of jitters about his career as a night club entertainer. Meanwhile, Rusty wants an allowance.

Season 2, Episode 2: Tonsillectomy

5 October 1954
Danny must decide whether or not to have a nose job to get a movie contract.

Season 2, Episode 3: Terry Takes Charge

12 October 1954

Season 2, Episode 4: Danny Has a Baby

19 October 1954

Season 2, Episode 5: Military School

26 October 1954
Danny is incensed by Rusty's report card and warns his son that the next step may just be military school.

Season 2, Episode 6: Danny Lands in Pictures

2 November 1954
When a producer promises Danny a part in a film, the Williams family prepare for their trip to Hollywood.

Season 2, Episode 7: Hollywood Trip

9 November 1954
Danny has high hopes and expectations for his film career, as the Williams arrive in Hollywood.

Season 2, Episode 8: Anniversary

16 November 1954
Danny is in hot water with Margaret when he is unable to join her to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Season 2, Episode 9: Margaret's Aunt

23 November 1954
Margaret acts as peacemaker between her mother and her aunt, but enlists the help of an unsuspecting Danny.

Season 2, Episode 10: Terry's Boyfriend

30 November 1954
The Williams family is in an uproar. Terry's been asked to a school dance, her very first date. Danny can't understand all the excitement.

Season 2, Episode 11: Margaret Feels Neglected

7 December 1954
Danny's wife Margaret has a first-class case of neglect symptoms. She discovered that the spotlight that shines on Danny isn't big enough for both of them. The family must make Margaret feel wanted.

Season 2, Episode 12: Father of the Year

14 December 1954
The Williams family are in an uproar when Danny wins the "Father of the Year" award and is slated to appear on a magazine cover.

Season 2, Episode 13: The Anna Maria Alberghetti Show

21 December 1954

Season 2, Episode 14: The New Year's Show

28 December 1954
Margaret and Danny decide to eschew New Year's celebrations for a nice, quiet evening at home.

Season 2, Episode 15: Jesse's Romance

4 January 1955

Season 2, Episode 16: Terry Gets Her Own Room

11 January 1955
Now that she's older, Terry persuades Danny and Margaret to find her a room of her own.

Season 2, Episode 17: Danny Goes on TV

18 January 1955
There's much joy in the Williams' household when Danny lands an appearance on television.

Season 2, Episode 18: Terry's First Big Crush

25 January 1955
When a French celebrity stays with the Williams, Terry is crazy for him and all things Gallic.

Season 2, Episode 19: The Children's Governess

1 February 1955
Margaret hires a governess for her children even though Danny doesn't like it. But when her mother shows up to spend time with the grandchildren, more problems arise. Soon she wonders if having a governess for her children is indeed the best idea when her children become TOO polite.

Season 2, Episode 20: Daddy's Biography

8 February 1955

Season 2, Episode 21: Danny Tries Real Estate

15 February 1955

Season 2, Episode 22: Rusty Gets a Haircut

22 February 1955

Season 2, Episode 23: Terry's Teen-Age Birthday

1 March 1955
Terry turns 13 and is invited by a young man to celebrate at a chic restaurant.

Season 2, Episode 24: Peter Pan

8 March 1955
After seeing the play, 7-year-old Rusty imagines that he can fly like Peter Pan, so his father invites the theater's elderly stagehand to the house to dispel the fantasy and bring Rusty back down to Earth.

Season 2, Episode 25: The Piano Teacher

22 March 1955
Danny balks at paying for piano lessons for Rusty and Terry when it's quite evident that neither of them have any musical aptitude.

Season 2, Episode 26: The Newspaperman Show

29 March 1955
Danny needs some publicity and reaches out to a journalist friend to write an article about Danny and his family.

Season 2, Episode 27: The Philosopher

5 April 1955
Danny is approached by a philosophy professor to deliver a lecture before his class.

Season 2, Episode 28: Father-Son Show

12 April 1955
Though Danny wants to spend more time with Rusty, he balks at appearing in a silly costume for a father and son show at Rusty's school.

Season 2, Episode 29: The Benefit Show

19 April 1955
When Danny turns his back on a club owner who needs his help, Danny's conscience kicks when he has a nightmare about what might have transpired if Danny had lent a hand.

Season 2, Episode 30: A Trip to Wisconsin

26 April 1955
Danny grudgingly agrees to take the family to visit old Mrs. Finch, who took care of Margaret Williams when her parents were on the until Rusty becomes lost searching for arrowheads.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Davy Crockett

13 September 1955
In an effort to get closer to Rusty, who has become obsessed with Davy Crockett, Danny dons a Davy Crockett outfit to understand Rusty's latest fad.

Season 3, Episode 2: Little League

20 September 1955
Rusty wants to play little league baseball, but he fails his try-out with his neighborhood team, the Giants. Danny, who owns a vacant lot on which the Giants want to play their games, makes a deal to allow Rusty to play and Danny to be the coach. However, Rusty's team loses due to his very poor play.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Jean Hagen ... Margaret Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Bill Baldwin ... 2nd Baseball Coach

John Hubbard ... 1st Baseball Coach

Herb Vigran ... 3rd Baseball Coach
The Giants ... Themselves - Little League Team

Season 3, Episode 3: Margaret Goes Home to Mother

27 September 1955
Margaret is very upset when Danny is invited to perform at the White House and she was not invited to attend.

Season 3, Episode 4: Love Thy Neighbor

4 October 1955
Terry acts as referee when Danny and a new next door neighbor nearly come to blows.

Season 3, Episode 5: Rusty Gets a Job

11 October 1955
Danny encourages Rusty to get a job as a paper boy, then misses the free time they spent together.

Season 3, Episode 6: Big Shot

18 October 1955
When Danny gets a traffic ticket, he tries to use his celebrity to status to get himself out of it.

Season 3, Episode 7: Danny's Palladium Offer

25 October 1955
Jesse finally gets Danny booked into the London Palladium, fulfilling Danny's lifelong dream, but Danny's family has other plans for that evening.

Season 3, Episode 8: The London Palladium

1 November 1955
The family are off to London for Danny's huge gig at the Palladium, but family's nerves are in tatters -- it's their first time on an airplane.

Season 3, Episode 9: Sonnets from the Lebanese

11 November 1955
Surrounded by English arts and letters, Danny dreams he is Robert Browning and Margaret is Elizabeth Barrett, during their time together in London.

Season 3, Episode 10: High Society

15 November 1955
Danny and Margaret find themselves hobnobbing with the English aristocracy, as Danny prepares to perform at the London Palladium.

Season 3, Episode 11: The Smugglers

22 November 1955
On their way back to US from England, Margaret and Danny discover that Terry and Rusty have sneaked back a souvenir -- a genuine, English kitten.

Season 3, Episode 12: Danny's Old Girlfriend

29 November 1955
After three of Danny's former flames have written to him, Danny dreams about what life would have been like had he not married Margaret.

Season 3, Episode 13: Louise's Surprise Party

6 December 1955
Misunderstandings abound when Louise thinks she's about to get the sack from the Williams, when in fact they are planning a surprise party for her.

Season 3, Episode 14: Mr. Williams Goes Legit

13 December 1955
When Danny lands a role in a stage play, he models himself after boxing champ, Maxie Rosenbloom, who thinks that Danny is interested in becoming a boxer.

Season 3, Episode 15: Danny Strikes Oil

20 December 1955
Jesse offers Danny a chance to get in on an oil investment he's making on a tip from a Texas client. Danny gets buyer's remorse and is convinced he's going to lose all his money.

Season 3, Episode 16: Terry's Party

27 December 1955
Terry is excited when she's given permission to throw a party for her friends, but Danny feels rejected when she doesn't pay heed to his suggestions on what it takes for a successful party.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Jean Hagen ... Margaret Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams
Danny Richards Jr. ... Friend at Party
Lee Erickson ... Friend at Party

Mary Jane Saunders ... Friend at Party
B.G. Norman ... Friend at Party
Auriela Galli ... Friend at Party

Season 3, Episode 17: The Songwriter

17 January 1956
Margaret begs Danny to have a look at a song she's written, and, in short order, Danny finds himself involved in a plagiarism suit.

Season 3, Episode 18: Star of the Family

24 January 1956
Margaret develops an inferiority complex when she realizes Danny, Rusty and Terry have each won an award for something -- and Margaret has not.

Season 3, Episode 19: Margaret's Cousin

31 January 1956

Season 3, Episode 20: Like Father, Like Son

7 February 1956
Danny and Rusty share an evening of anxiety -- Danny's opening a new act at the club the next night and Rusty has to recite the Gettysburg Address before his entire class the next day.

Season 3, Episode 21: Wyatt Earp Visits the Williamses

14 February 1956

Season 3, Episode 22: Who Can Figure Kids?

21 February 1956
Danny is taught a valuable lesson when he tries to force Terry to sing and dance in the school play.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Jean Hagen ... Margaret Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Wally Brown ... Frank Martin

Diane Jergens ... Ellen King

Arte Johnson ... Bob Martin

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 23: Terry and the Sorority

28 February 1956
Terry wants to be accepted into the Psi Psi Psi sorority, the most exclusive sorority in the school, even though most of the other sororities want her. She is afraid she might not get accepted because her father is an entertainer rather than coming from a background of bankers, lawyers and the like. Meanwhile Uncle Toonoose, who hasn't seen Danny in years, comes over. Terry learns something about appreciating her family heritage.

Season 3, Episode 24: Danny and Jesse Split

6 March 1956
When Jesse books more clients, Danny thinks he should be paying more attention to him and believes it's time for them to go their separate ways.

Season 3, Episode 25: Terry Has a Date

13 March 1956

Season 3, Episode 26: Don't Yell at Your Children

20 March 1956

Season 3, Episode 27: Coats and Boats

27 March 1956

Season 3, Episode 28: We're Going to Chicago

3 April 1956
Louise, the Williams' housekeeper, is troubled at Danny's announcement that the family are leaving New York for a new life in Chicago.

Season 3, Episode 29: Danny Goes on USO Tour

10 April 1956
Danny is in search of a qualified piano player to accompany him to Japan on his upcoming USO tour.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Jean Hagen ... Margaret Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Harry Ruby ... Harry Ruby

Billy Gilbert ... Mr. Hofsteader

Mabel Albertson ... Mrs. Ilene Ruby
Peter Leeds ... Doug Adams
Eddie Garr ... Nightclub Sirocco Owner

Season 3, Episode 30: Danny's Birthday

17 April 1956
It is Danny's birthday, but Danny's children are more interested in the plight of the old sea captain living in their apartment building's basement, who has led an exciting and a dangerous life, than they are in giving Danny a birthday present.

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Boarding School

1 October 1956
After losing his wife, Danny thinks that he is unable to provide and give the attention that his children need, so he sends them away to boarding school.

Season 4, Episode 2: The Nelson Eddy Show

8 October 1956
While Danny is still hobbled with a broken leg, he gets Nelson Eddy to fill in for him down at the club.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Nelson Eddy ... Nelson Eddy

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Jesse White ... Jesse Leeds

George N. Neise ... Emcee (as George Neise)
Eddie Ryder ... Danny's Sixth Sense

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 3: Problem Father

15 October 1956
Terry is ashamed of Danny and his loud manner when she starts dating the son of a conservative banker.

Season 4, Episode 4: Be a Pal to Your Son

22 October 1956
The father of Rusty's friend tells Danny that he is not being enough of a pal to Rusty and that may be hurting their relationship.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Philip Ober ... Hal Raskin
Amanda Randolph ... Louise

Ahna Capri ... Delilah (as Anna Marie Nanasi)
Rudy Lee ... Tommy Raskin

Season 4, Episode 5: Den Mother

29 October 1956
Rusty's Cub Scout Pack needs a Den Mother so he asks Danny to volunteer for the job.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy
Rita Lynn ... Mrs. Albright

Shirley Mitchell ... Mrs. Shaffer
Evelyn Scott ... Mrs. Brown
Madge Meredith ... Mrs. Jackson

Season 4, Episode 6: Terry at the Crossroads

5 November 1956
Danny suggests to Terry that she forgo her tomboy ways when she falls for a boy who won't give her the time of day.

Season 4, Episode 7: Danny Goes to Texas

12 November 1956
Danny is excited at his Texas booking, until he learns who'll be in the audience.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Jesse White ... Jesse Leeds

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Minerva Urecal ... Mrs. Enright

Robert Anderson ... Buck

Ken Darby ... Singing Group (as Ken Darby Quintet)

Season 4, Episode 8: The Diary

19 November 1956
Danny feels like a real stinker after he stumbles upon Terry's diary and takes a peek.

Season 4, Episode 9: Talented Kid

26 November 1956
Danny wants Rusty to perform with him on an upcoming TV show.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill

Barry Gordon ... Herbie
Cappy Carey ... Stage Mom

Tony Thomas ... Child Singer (as Anthony Charles Thomas)
George O'Hanlon ... Chick

Season 4, Episode 10: Danny's Comeback

3 December 1956
Danny's booking agent, Phil Brokaw, and his press agent, Liz O'Neill pressure Danny to go back to work, but Danny refuses to acknowledge he no longer needs crutches for his still-heeling broken leg.

Season 4, Episode 11: My Fair Vocal Coach

10 December 1956
Danny is quite taken with his new vocal coach and tries to persuade her to audition for some Broadway producers.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams
Terry Saunders ... Elaine Bunson, the Vocal Coach

Steven Geray ... Rudolf Benelman

John Wengraf ... Victor Waingraft

Philip Tonge ... Thomas Bingham
Edith Leslie

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 12: Pride Takes a Holiday

17 December 1956
Danny is at loggerheads with Rusty's Cub Scout troop, when they have different ideas on Danny's role as Master of Ceremonies for their upcoming show.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill
Claude Stroud ... Mr. Alter
Larry White ... Child Performer
Phil Phillips ... Phil Phillip (as Phillip Phillips)

Season 4, Episode 13: Christmas and Clowns

24 December 1956
Anticipating the first Christmas without Margaret, Danny invites a troupe of circus clowns for Christmas dinner to cheer Rusty and Terry.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams
Amanda Randolph ... Louise

George Tobias ... Mike the Clown

Dick Wessel ... Officer Burton (as Richard Wessel)
Duke Johnson ... Juggler
Diane Robinson ... Acrobatic Dancer
Patricia Reid ... Acrobatic Dancer (as Patricia Ried)
John A. Robinson ... Acrobat
Vincent J. Bonofiglio ... Acrobat

Season 4, Episode 14: Liz's Boyfriend

31 December 1956
Danny and Benny interfere with Liz's love life, be that as it may.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill
Fredd Wayne ... Rod Fowler

Richard Deacon ... John Savich

Johnny Silver ... Mr. Shermahorn

Season 4, Episode 15: The School Teacher

7 January 1957
Danny challenges Rusty's music teacher to perform in his club.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Monica Lewis ... Miss Lorraine Andrews

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy
Tom Jacobs ... Band Leader

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 16: Danny's Date

14 January 1957
Danny's kids sabotage his date.

Season 4, Episode 17: Girl from Iowa

21 January 1957
Danny is surprised to find Wilma, a young girl from Iowa, in his home. She wants to make it in show business and finding no one will give her an opportunity decides Danny is her last chance. He tries to give her a helping hand.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill

Kathleen Nolan ... Wilma (as Kathy Nolan)
Betsy Duncan ... 2nd Brooks Brothers Girl

Sheldon Leonard ... Phil Brokaw

Season 4, Episode 18: Danny Goes Social

28 January 1957
Danny blows off an anniversary dinner date with close friends, by accepting a blonde bombshell's invitation to her high society champagne supper.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Jesse White ... Jesse Leeds

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill
Amanda Randolph ... Louise
Jeanne Moody ... Gloria Ridgely

John Hubbard ... Brad Phillips

George N. Neise ... Irving Burgson (as George Neise)

Jacqueline deWit ... Nick Radford (as Jacqueline De Wit)

James Seay ... Puff Radford
Tracey Roberts ... Brenda
Sondra Rodgers ... Jane Burgson (as Sandra Rodgers)
Tom Jacobs ... Cafe Waiter

Season 4, Episode 19: The Lobster Story

4 February 1957
Danny suspects a down-and-out comic of stealing his material.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams (credit only)
Pat Moran ... Frank Farmer

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Joseph Kearns ... Mr. Shipley

Madge Blake ... Violet Fensterwald

Season 4, Episode 20: The Flashback Show

14 February 1957
Danny's depressed because he thinks his kids have forgotten that it's his birthday.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy (archive footage)
Tom Jacobs ... Messenger (archive footage)

Ernest Borgnine ... Cop (archive footage)
Ray Kellogg ... Cop (archive footage)

Season 4, Episode 21: Danny's Fiancée

21 February 1957
Danny meets a woman he hopes might become the mother he's wanted for his kids, but the kids aren't so sure she's right for the job, or him.

Season 4, Episode 22: My Friend, Harry

28 February 1957
Danny wants to portray his songwriter-friend Harry Ruby in a TV special.

Season 4, Episode 23: Uncle Tonoose Pays a Visit

7 March 1957
Uncle Tonoose arranges a Lebanese-style marriage for Danny.

Season 4, Episode 24: The Model

14 March 1957
Danny is unhappy with Terry's firm plans to attend modeling school, but takes a subtle approach when trying to dissuade her.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill

Dan Tobin ... Harry Fishell

Joi Lansing ... Blonde Model
Jean Howell ... Receptionist
Barbara Logan ... Brunette Model

Elaine Edwards ... Redhead Model (Elaine)

Season 4, Episode 25: The Orphan Asylum

21 March 1957
Danny gets a call to perform at the Sands, but it means he has to back out on a promise to play at Rusty's school. Rusty cries "you don't love me, I might as well be an orphan", and promptly runs away - to an orphanage. SONG: It All Depends on You

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill

Lurene Tuttle ... Mrs. Martin
Tiger Fafara ... Eddie - Boy at Orphanage

Season 4, Episode 26: Little League Umpire

28 March 1957
When Rusty's baseball team loses 16 consecutive games, Danny intervenes and becomes the team's umpire.

Season 4, Episode 27: Danny Meets Kathy

4 April 1957
Rusty has the measles, and Kathy is introduced as his visiting nurse. Terry is staying with friends to avoid exposure, and does not appear.

Season 4, Episode 28: Men Are Men

11 April 1957
Kathy is over the measles, which she had caught from Rusty. Danny tries to get her to go on their first date, but she plays hard-to-get. Danny's chauvinism comes into play, while Rusty also has trouble with his girlfriend Ruthie.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy O'Hara
Amanda Randolph ... Louise

Ahna Capri ... Ruthie (as Anna Marie Nanasi)

Season 4, Episode 29: Little Miss Moppet

18 April 1957
Kathy's young daughter feels threatened by her mother's new relationship with Danny and attempts to sabotage their relationship.

Season 4, Episode 30: Danny's Proposal

25 April 1957
Terry and Rusty scheme to get their father to propose to Kathy.

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: Lose Me in Las Vegas

7 October 1957
Danny and Kathy with three children along take a delayed honeymoon in Las Vegas but Danny draws the family's ire by entertaining spontaneous crowds against his pledge that this was to be a non-working vacation.

Season 5, Episode 2: Terry vs. Kathy

14 October 1957
Terry has been running the household since her mother's death: managing meals, shopping, laundry, and looking after her father. Kathy tries to explain gently that she is taking over running the house, but Terry isn't giving up her position without a fight.

Season 5, Episode 3: Kathy Is Approved

21 October 1957
Danny's Uncle Tonoose comes to town to meet his new niece-by-marriage, Kathy, which is actually an inspection to determine whether she will be officially accepted into the family. Unfortunately, Uncle Tonoose's shabby treatment of Kathy seems to indicate that he does not approve of her.

Season 5, Episode 4: The Dinah Shore Show

28 October 1957
Terry has to decide between asking Dinah Shore or Kathy to sing at a fund-raiser at her school. Terry does not want to hurt Kathy's feelings, but she would rather ask the popular singer Dinah Shore.

Season 5, Episode 5: Parents Are Pigeons

4 November 1957
Rusty tells Linda that he can convince his parents to do anything he wants, and to get anything he wants. Rusty knows how to manipulate Danny and Kathy. It works, until they catch on to his game.

Season 5, Episode 6: Two Sleepy People

11 November 1957
Danny and Kathy are told they are an old established couple who are content to stay at home and relax. They decide to show that they can be just as active as other couples by cramming in one activity after another.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Steven Geray ... Dr. Herman ver Hagen

Virginia Gregg ... Sue ver Hagen

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 5, Episode 7: Danny Meets His Father-In-Law

18 November 1957
Kathy's father was away on a 3-month trip when Kathy and Danny got married. They didn't want to wait, and her father's not happy he wasn't at the wedding. As a matter of fact, he isn't happy with Danny at all. Rusty doesn't understand why Danny is putting up with all the insults and bad behavior. Danny tries to explain that Mr. Daly is Kathy's father and his elder and deserves his respect.

Season 5, Episode 8: Honesty Is the Best Policy

25 November 1957
Rusty finds a wallet and Danny explains to Rusty that returning it to him is the right and honorable thing to do. Danny accompanies Rusty to the man's apartment and Rusty is expecting that the gentleman will give him a reward. Danny convinces Rusty that he still acted honorably, irrespective of whether or not he was compensated for his honesty. At that moment, the doorbell rings and Rusty receives a very nice surprise.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)

Joe Conley ... Earl the Elevator Operator

Larry J. Blake ... R. J. Titus (as Larry Blake)

Season 5, Episode 9: Terry, the Breadwinner

2 December 1957
Terry is very excited about her new part time job in a dress shop. However, the bloom is off the rose when Terry complains about an aggressive co-worker, who manages to get to customers before Terry has a chance. Danny intervenes when he sends a decoy, a girl from the Copa, to the shop, in order for Terry to make a hefty sale.

Season 5, Episode 10: The Non-Orgs

9 December 1957
Terry and her friend Peggy are hoping to join an exclusive sorority at their high school, but Terry is refused membership because her father is in show business, which is considered lower-class by the the snobbish social club.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)
Amanda Randolph ... Louise

Eilene Janssen ... Peggy Conroy

Richard Beymer ... Freddie Baxter (as Dick Beymer)

Donna Corcoran ... Bobbie, Sorority Sister
Carla Mercy ... Nick, Sorority Sister
Joan Harding ... Chris, Sorority Sister

Season 5, Episode 11: The Soap Box Derby

16 December 1957
Rusty announces he is entering the Soap Box Derby. Danny and Mr. Daly go down to the basement to help Rusty, but argue over the design and each end up building their own cart. They are so busy arguing that neither notices Rusty has left the basement.

Season 5, Episode 12: Man's Best Friend

23 December 1957
When a man at the Copa is forced to give up his dog, Danny brings the pup home to Rusty. Rusty is thrilled, but when the man comes to visit the Williamses, Rusty sees how attached he is to the pup and how much the pup is attach to the lonely gentleman. Rusty realizes he can't keep the dog and figures out a way to reunite the pooch with his former owner.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Regis Toomey ... Bob Carter

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 5, Episode 13: Chess Game

30 December 1957
Kathy's uncle Sean is coming to visit Kathy and her new Irish husband. Kathy isn't the only one to stretch the truth; to get out of losing a chess game Uncle Sean has Danny send word back to his old foe Paddy McCormick in Dublin that he's died. Now Paddy's coming for the funeral. SONG: It's the Same Old Shillelagh.

Season 5, Episode 14: The Bob Hope Show

6 January 1958
Liz thinks Danny will be thrilled with her good news -- she's booked Bob Hope for a benefit Danny is doing for the Heart Fund. Danny hits the ceiling when he hears the news, convinced that Bob Hope will do all that he can to steal the show out from under him.

Season 5, Episode 15: Evil Eye Schultz

13 January 1958
On the day on which he is opening his show at the Copacabana, Danny is afraid to see or be served by 'Evil Eye' Schultz, a waiter at Lindy's Restaurant with a reputation for jinxing anyone's opening night performance if he serves them that day.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Marvin Kaplan ... Oscar 'Evil Eye' Schultz
Paul Dubov ... Charlie the Mait're D

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 5, Episode 16: The Honeymoon

20 January 1958
In Lindy's Restaurant, Danny tells waiter Oscar Schultz (nee 'Evil Eye'), who is getting married to a woman with children, why not to take the children along on the honeymoon. Danny's own difficult honeymoon with the children is shown in flashback.

Season 5, Episode 17: The Raffle Tickets

27 January 1958
Danny gets annoyed at the imperious Mrs. Greenson, head of Kathy's ladies' club, when she suggests that Rusty is incapable of selling more raffle tickets than her son. Danny picks up the gauntlet and uses his nightclub act as a venue to help Rusty exceed all expectations. Danny and Kathy have second thoughts, however, when they consider that Danny's tactics give Rusty an unfair advantage and that Mrs. Greenson's son is very diligent and works tirelessly to sell his tickets.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)

Doris Singleton ... Mrs. Greenson
Terry Kelman ... Tommy Greenson

Kay St. Germain Wells ... Mabel (as Kay St. Germaine)
Barbara Drew ... Edna

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 5, Episode 18: Rusty, the Bully

3 February 1958
Rusty is being bullied at school. Danny takes Rusty to his gym where he has fighter Max Baer teach Rusty to box. Unfortunatley, when Rusty becomes the bully Danny and Max have to find a way to teach Rusty not to fight.

Season 5, Episode 19: St. Vincent's Frolics

10 February 1958
Danny returns from an entertainment tour and just wants to stay home and relax for a while. However, Kathy has signed him up to be the director and producer of a charity show at the hospital where she worked - without asking him first.

Season 5, Episode 20: Pardon My Accent

17 February 1958
The school is having an awards ceremony and the fathers are invited to say a few words. Rusty is receiving an award and Danny is going, but Rusty's friend (played by Johnny Crawford) is going alone to get an award for "Best English". When Danny goes to the shoe repair shop to persuade the father, he finds out the real reason the father isn't attending. Danny gives a touching speech on emigrants at the ceremony.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)

Jay Novello ... Mr. Lorenzo

Johnny Crawford ... Peter Lorenzo (as John Crawford)

Bill Erwin ... Emcee

Season 5, Episode 21: Terry's Crush

24 February 1958
Danny is alarmed to learn that Terry has been spurning classmate, Donald Cooper, in order to swoon over Dean Martin. Danny enlists Dean to figure out a way to place his wayward teenager back into the arms of the hapless, but far more suitable, Donald.

Season 5, Episode 22: Uncle Tonoose Meets Mr. Daly

3 March 1958
The decibel level in the Williams household is nearly unbearable when Danny's voluble Uncle Tonoose meets Kathy's bombastic father, Mr. Daly.

Season 5, Episode 23: Danny Roars Again

10 March 1958
Kathy's nerves are frayed by Danny's constant hollering at her and the kids. But she's even more distressed once he's stopped his constant carping.

Season 5, Episode 24: The Country Girl

17 March 1958
Danny and Benny discover a wonderful new singer while passing through Rock Ridge, West Virginia.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams (credit only)

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)

Judy Canova ... Elsie Hooper

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy

Chick Chandler ... Judd Hooper

Season 5, Episode 25: Good Old Days

24 March 1958
Terry's friends have band practice at Danny's house, preparing for a PTA show. Danny protests because it is rock & roll and not real music. When Danny finds out the principal cancels the band, Danny starts supporting the band's music.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Richard Deacon ... Principal Conroy

Eilene Janssen ... Peggy Conroy
Bill Hollingworth's Dixie-Small Fry ... Themselves
Aileen Miller ... Student Performer
Carole Amen ... Student Performer
Robert Barrango ... Student Performer
Anthony 'Scooter' Teague ... Student Performer (as Scooter Teague)

Season 5, Episode 26: Terry's Coach

31 March 1958
When Terry has trouble acting her part in The Merchant of Venice and Danny is unable to help her, Rusty finds a erudite beggar in the park and presents the beggar as a drama coach but Danny is skeptical of the man's qualifications.

Season 5, Episode 27: Make Room for Father-In-Law

7 April 1958
Kathy's father visits and stays with the William's. Kathy tries to convince her father to stay for a long visit. Since he is unemployed, he decides to stay.

Season 5, Episode 28: Family Ties

21 April 1958
When Rusty complains that Linda tags along with him, wherever he goes, Danny reminds Rusty that Linda is his sister and that families should do things together. Kathy overhears Danny's lecture and suggests that she accompany Danny to his poker game that night.

Season 5, Episode 29: Danny the Performer

28 April 1958
Danny notices that Rusty is very impressed that his friend's father is an a prominent attorney. Sensing that Rusty may be ashamed of Danny's show business career, Danny invites his son's friends to watch him perform, hoping to garner Rusty's respect for what Danny does each night at the club.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)
Warren White ... Rusty's Friend
Bobby Candee ... Rusty's Friend

Tony Thomas ... Rusty's Friend
John Breen ... Club Patron (uncredited)

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Harold Miller ... Club Patron (uncredited)

Season 5, Episode 30: Terry's Girlfriend

5 May 1958
Danny is not at all pleased with Terry's new and very wealthy teen aged friend, Connie Coleman. She's very uppity, dresses like a chic and much older woman and has Terry putting on airs. When he encounters Connie's parents, he learns that they are globe trotters and care very little about their daughter. Mindful of this, Danny's views towards Connie change and he urges the Colemans to pay greater attention to their daughter, who loves the Williams household for the love, care and concern exhibited towards Terry there - and for what what's lacking in her own home.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams

Sherry Jackson ... Terry Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)
Denise Alexander ... Connie Coleman

James Seay ... Howard Coleman
Amzie Strickland ... Harriet Coleman

Joey Forman ... Man at Lunch
Eddie Ryder ... Man At Lunch
Tom Jacobs ... Waiter

Season 5, Episode 31: You Gotta Be Miserable to Be Happy

12 May 1958
When Liz signs a beautiful blond dancer, Dawn DuBois, as part of his new act, he's convinced that Kathy will become insanely jealous of the young woman. When Liz protests and Kathy exhibits great enthusiasm and praise towards Dawn, Liz is vindicated in her estimation of Kathy, much to the upset of Danny. But is Liz right or is Kathy playing possum?

Season 5, Episode 32: Too Good for Words

19 May 1958
Danny pulls out all the stops to put his very best foot forward when a hard nosed columnist writes a column on everyday life at the Williams household.

Season 5, Episode 33: Rusty, the Man

26 May 1958
Rusty is hell bent on finding a job, to prove to his father that he doesn't need an allowance. Danny protests, but relents at his son's determination to earn his own way. Rusty shines shoes, but when he encounters a needy boy who polishes shoes because his family relies on his income for groceries, Rusty gives the boy his earnings. What Rusty doesn't know is that his act of generosity is witnessed by Kathy and Danny, who tells his son he has earned his respect and acknowledges his entering manhood.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams
Bobby Clark ... Shoeshine Boy (as Bobby Clarke)

Jack Kenney ... Shoeshine Patron (as Jack Kenny)

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: The Bob Hope Show

6 October 1958
When Danny is asked to co-host a charity special with Bob Hope he is worried that Bob will steal the show.

Season 6, Episode 2: Rusty, the Ward-Heeler

13 October 1958
Kathy thinks Danny is sending the wrong message to Rusty, who is running for Class President and is using his father's suggestion to throw a rally, replete with lots of ice cream and Danny's telling jokes, to 'buy' votes for Rusty.

Season 6, Episode 3: The First Anniversary

20 October 1958
When Danny and Kathy disagree and argue about who proposed to whom, Mr. Daly urges Danny not to apologize to his daughter.

Season 6, Episode 4: Terry Goes Steady

27 October 1958
Danny reads an article about teenagers running away to get married. As a result he gets worried over his own teen-aged Daughter, Terry. Then he finds out she is going steady with a boy named Walter, which only worries him more. "Walter" is played by Rusty Hamer's real life Brother, John Hamer.

Season 6, Episode 5: Take a Message

3 November 1958
Chaos ensues when, because of Kathy's forgetfulness, Danny and Kathy dine with the Wolfs, where they weren't invited, much to the dismay of Mr. and Mrs. Fox, where they were invited.

Season 6, Episode 6: A Locket for Linda

10 November 1958
Rusty balks when Danny won't give him $15 for a model airplane, but Kathy and Danny promise Linda a locket from the tooth fairy.

Season 6, Episode 7: Jack Benny Takes Danny's Job

17 November 1958
Danny fully expects to perform at Rusty's Cub Scout show for the third consecutive year and is annoyed at be asked again, until he finds he's been replaced by Jack Benny.

Season 6, Episode 8: Uncle Tonoose's Fling

24 November 1958
After Uncle Tonoose, family matchmaker, has married off his last relative, he comes to visit Kathy and Danny and announces that he wants to lead the life of a playboy.

Season 6, Episode 9: Linda's Tonsils

1 December 1958
When Danny tries to calm a terrified Linda, who needs her tonsils removed, he soon needs some consolation himself.

Season 6, Episode 10: Dinah Shore and Danny are Rivals

8 December 1958
Tension mounts between Danny and Dinah Shore, when they are slated to open at different nightclubs on the same night.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Dinah Shore ... Dinah Shore

Byron Foulger ... Henry Miller

Shirley Mitchell ... Martha Miller

Patrick Waltz ... Man At School
Melissa Montgomery ... Herself (as Melissa Ann Montgomery)

Season 6, Episode 11: The Reunion

15 December 1958
On the eve of a 20 year reunion with old Toledo chums, Danny is feeling a bit smug at his great success with one year of high school while he friends completed their education. The tide turns when the group reunites and Danny learn that Charlie is an eminent surgeon, Harry, a prominent NASA scientist and Joe, a senior member of the diplomatic corps.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Alan Reed ... Joe Ferbus

Douglas Fowley ... Fingers Patman

Milton Frome ... Harry
Charity Grace ... Miss Pelham

Argentina Brunetti ... Mama Razzini
Paul Dubov ... French President in Dream
Bill Tracy ... Man In Dream

Warren Frost ... Man In Dream

Bill Erwin ... Man In Dream (as William Erwin)

Gregg Palmer ... The Colonel

Season 6, Episode 12: Kathy's Career

22 December 1958
Bored with her housewife routine, Kathy accepts a glamorous job at a fashion magazine.

Season 6, Episode 13: The Saints Come Marching In

29 December 1958
After encountering a group of wayward young men, who possess huge musical talent, Danny intervenes with school authorities to put them on the straight and narrow, with a view towards launching their show business career.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Lurene Tuttle ... Miss Burns
Danny Richards Jr. ... Richard Fuller

El Brendel ... Mr. Swenson

Charles Meredith ... School Principal
Jay Daversa ... Gang Member
Bill Hollingworth's Dixie-Small Fry ... Themselves
Richard Grayson ... Gang Member
Bill Baldwin Jr. ... Gang Member
Bobby Crosby ... Gang Member
Stan Wright ... Gang Member
Stewart Brotman ... Gang Member

Season 6, Episode 14: Lucy Upsets the Williams Household

5 January 1959
Danny convinces Ricky Ricardo to move to his apartment during their nightclub engagement, assuring Ricky that Kathy will be a good influence on an out of control spendthrift, his infamous wife, Lucy Ricardo.

Season 6, Episode 15: Tony Bennett Gets Danny's Help

12 January 1959
Uncle Tonoose travels from Toledo with Danny's cousin, Stephen, in tow, asking Danny to scratch Stephen's itch for a show business career.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)

Hans Conried ... Uncle Tonoose
Ruth Perrott ... Aunt Sophie

Tony Bennett ... Cousin Stephen

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 6, Episode 16: Tennesee Ernie Stays for Dinner

19 January 1959
After Danny lectures the children on the meaning of helping the less fortunate, Rusty and Linda bring "Kentucky Cal," a lonely drifter, home for dinner. Kathy and the kids become attached to the colorful Cal, but Danny wants to know more about this mysterious character.

Season 6, Episode 17: Bob Hope and Danny Become Directors

26 January 1959
Danny is outraged when Rusty and Linda are assigned minor roles in their school's upcoming production of "Alice in Wonderland" and argues with Mrs. Foster, the play's director. When she resigns in a huff, Danny takes over, only to find himself with Bob Hope, whose nephew has also been cast, offering his own unique style of 'shtick' while advising Danny on his direction.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Bob Hope ... Bob Hope
Joan Tompkins ... Charlotte Foster
Eric Anderson ... Leslie - Hope's Nephew
Terry Burnham ... Girl In Play

Veronica Cartwright ... Girl in Play
Dana Dillaway ... Girl In Play

Joycelyne Lew ... Girl In Play (as Joyce Lew)

Season 6, Episode 18: Red Tape

2 February 1959
When Kathy's friend takes in a Norwegian exchange student, Danny, missing his teen aged daughter, Terry, who's away at college, decides to sign on as well. When the authorities deem the Williams' household unsuitable because of Danny's profession, Danny, Rusty, Linda and Kathy set out to change their thinking and are determined to house their very own student.

Season 6, Episode 19: Gina from Italy

9 February 1959
Danny awaits the arrival of Italian exchange student, Gina Minelli, with great anxiety. The Williamses do everything they can to welcome the shy and homesick girl, but Danny, particularly, makes all the wrong, albeit, well intentioned moves. Inevitably, he stumbles upon the right tack and a very happy Gina feels very much at home.

Season 6, Episode 20: Shirley Jones Makes Good

16 February 1959
Danny receives a letter from his old and beloved friend and mentor, Otto Nielsen, telling him that his daughter, Shirley, is in New York, hoping to land a job at the Copa. Danny is dismayed when he meets Shirley, a brassy, gum chewing girl who can't sing. When a worried Otto shows up at the Copa, he doesn't recognize the beautiful and innocent daughter who left home three weeks earlier. After some attitude, wardrobe and vocal adjustments, Danny is captivated by Shirley and sees a bright future for her in show business.

Season 6, Episode 21: Gina's First Date

23 February 1959
As Gina attempts to adapt to the American high school social scene, Danny takes it upon himself to help her get the attention of the star football player.

Season 6, Episode 22: Growing Pains

2 March 1959
Rusty turns to Danny and Kathy for advice when he becomes smitten with a cute girl at school.

Season 6, Episode 23: Frankie Laine Sings for Gina

9 March 1959
Gina is thrilled to learn that her idol, Frankie Laine, is performing with Danny at the Copa. She and her friend ask him if he would perform at their high school dance and Mr. Laine, who has taken a shine to Gina, consents. Gina is overjoyed, but as she's getting ready for her exciting evening, Kathy, a former nurse, notices that Gina is down with the measles. Danny promises Gina that Frankie Laine will come back to the Williamses apartment to sing to her after the dance, but Frankie says he has other plans - without the Williamses knowledge, Frankie goes back to their apartment and makes a pizza pie for Gina, the happiest patient in New York City.

Season 6, Episode 24: Kathy Leaves Danny

16 March 1959
Danny takes a ribbing from Phil and Harry, both confirmed bachelors, when they ask Danny along on a fishing trip, but know that he must ask Kathy's permission to go. When Danny protests that this is not true, things get even stickier when the men go back to the Williams' apartment and Kathy tells Danny that she's made vacation plans, without consulting him.

Season 6, Episode 25: The Latin Lover

23 March 1959
When suave Mario Firenze, a young man from Gina's hometown, arrives at the Williamses, he charms everyone with his continental ways. He takes an interest in a befuddled Gina, who tells Danny and Kathy that his family are aristocrats and that he would never give her the time of day back in Palermo. Everything is clarified when Gina receives a letter from her mother, warning her that Mario has traveled to New York to use Gina and enlist Danny and his show business connections to further his singing career.

Season 6, Episode 26: Losers Weepers

30 March 1959
Danny is furious with Phil, when he loses all of the material for Danny's opening at the Copa. The two cross swords and Danny fires Phil. Kathy intervenes when she goes to visit Phil, who has found the missing jokes and song parodies. Phil hands over the envelope and Kathy puts it in her purse, which she subsequently loses. Kathy's in a panic when she breaks the news to Danny, who characteristically explodes. In the midst of their bickering, the building doorman produces Kathy's handbag. Phil drops by, the two men reconcile and Danny has everything he needs for his opening.

Season 6, Episode 27: Grampa's Diet

6 April 1959
Kathy's grandfather comes to visit the Williamses, but Grampa must be watched. He is on a very strict diet, but insists on eating everything that's not good for him. After admonishing him and cajoling him, Danny uses some psychology. Danny gives him carte blanche to eat whatever he wishes, but Grampa refuses. He confesses to Kathy and Danny that he enjoys the thrill of the hunt and comes to realize and understand that he must comply with his doctor's orders.

Season 6, Episode 28: Double Dinner

20 April 1959
When Danny is nominated to be Abbott at the Friars Club, he encounters opposition from some of the membership.

Season 6, Episode 29: Danny's Big Fan

27 April 1959
One night after Danny's show, an enthusiastic and very wealthy fan comes backstage, requests that Danny do his act all over again for him and promises to take him to the most expensive dinner in New York. Danny politely refuses, but the gentleman is persistent -- the next day, the Williams' apartment is inundated with expensive gifts for everyone, much to Danny's extreme annoyance. That evening, the gentleman visits the Williams' apartment, to apologize for his behavior and it becomes increasingly evident to all that this is a kind and lonely man, who simply wants Danny's friendship, something Danny is happy to give to him, but not to sell.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams
Salvatore Baccaloni ... Salvatore Robustelli (as Salvatori Baccaloni)

Ben Lessy ... Benny Lessy
Frank Nelson ... Waiter at Breakfast

Leonard Bremen ... Charlie the Doorman (as Lennie Bremen)
John Laing ... Delivery Man

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 6, Episode 30: Surprise Party

4 May 1959
Danny asked his family not to make a big deal about his birthday and is unhappy that they are doing as he asked. Kathy had planned a surprise party for that night and asked Danny's accompanist Benny to take him out and keep him busy. Instead Danny goes with Ed, a fellow member of the Friar's Club, who shows up before Benny. No one knows where their guest of honor is, will there be a party?

Season 6, Episode 31: Gina for President

11 May 1959
As the battle of the sexes heats up between Danny and Kathy, Gina gets a phone call to tell her that she's been nominated to run for Class President. It's wonderful news, except she's running against her steady boyfriend, Buck. Danny backs Buck and Kathy helps Gina in their respective campaigns, until some ugly leaflets are floated around the school urging students to "Vote American." Buck is hurt for Gina and steps aside and Gina accepts to the applause of every student assembled in the school auditorium.

Season 6, Episode 32: The Practical Joke

18 May 1959
When a dozen kittens are delivered to the Williamses, Danny realizes that, yet again, he's the victim of one of Charley Halper's practical jokes. Danny plots his revenge when he suggests to Charley that they engage Muriel Schultz, the Williamses chubby, temporary maid, suggesting to Charley that's she's beautiful and hugely talented. Muriel is a performer and takes her Copa debut very seriously and Danny soon realizes that she will be hurt by all of this and Danny and Kathy figure a way out of all of this. The only solution is to allow her to perform as scheduled and, ultimately, the joke is on everybody when she turns out to be a terrific singer and a huge success.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Muriel Landers ... Muriel Schultz

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper
Joe Corey ... Delivery Man (as Joseph Corey)
Tom Jacobs ... Nightclub Worker

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 6, Episode 33: Linda's Giant

25 May 1959
Nobody gives Linda's imaginary friend, Mr. Jumbo, a second thought until a school psychologist visits Danny and Kathy and suggests that Linda cannot separate fantasy from reality and faults Danny for all of this. Danny does all he can to spend quality time with his daughter, but when pressed, Linda will not admit that Mr. Jumbo is a figment of her imagination. Danny threatens to spank her for lying to him, but she is literally saved by the bell, when "Mr Jumbo," a new doorman at an adjacent building is at the door, vindicating Linda and utterly discrediting school shrink, Miss Richter, who has created much unnecessary grief for all involved.

Season 7

Season 7, Episode 1: Terry Comes Home

5 October 1959
Terry is coming home after 2 years of school in Europe. Danny is expecting his little girl, but Terry is full of psychology theories which she happily applies to the family. As Kathy explains to Danny, "she's wearing a new education and wants to show it off." When Terry attempts to assert her grown-up status, Danny utters those fateful words, "as long as you live under my roof." Will Terry stay or leave?

Season 7, Episode 2: Rusty's Day in Court

12 October 1959
Danny had a car accident. He's perfectly willing to forget it as there was little damage, but the other person insists on going to court to prove it was Danny's fault. Danny gets mad and says to go ahead, his children were in the car and witnessed it. When Linda says she wasn't paying attention, Danny asks Rusty if he saw it without stopping to ask what Rusty saw. Rusty is torn between helping his father and telling the truth.

Season 7, Episode 3: The China Doll

19 October 1959
Linda's new friend "Charlie" is not allowed to play with her. Chou Li's father has deemed her a bad influence. Danny and Mr. Chow butt heads over the true meaning of respect.

Season 7, Episode 4: Cupid's Little Helper

26 October 1959
Terry believes Danny's marriage is in trouble because he takes Kathy for granted. She thinks their marriage should be more like her newlywed friends Jerry and Bunny, but each of Terry's romantic suggestions results in crossed wires.

Season 7, Episode 5: Terry Meets Him

2 November 1959
Terry is dating a string of European playboys who all have no money. When Danny gets a $70 bill for meals, he comes up with a plan to cure Terry of foreign moochers.

Season 7, Episode 6: Jealousy

9 November 1959
Kathy is jealous when Danny is out all night helping a former showgirl who is now a headliner. Danny laughs her jealousy off as a perfectly natural reaction - for a woman, which only makes Kathy determined to prove men can be jealous too.

Season 7, Episode 7: Terry Goes Bohemian

16 November 1959
Terry has fallen in with a bunch of beatniks. Danny not only can't understand what they're saying, he's not sure he understands the way they think.

Season 7, Episode 8: Rusty, the Weight-Lifter

23 November 1959
Rusty is having bully problems at school again. This time Danny has him lifting weights to build up his strength and confidence.

Season 7, Episode 9: Tonoose, the Matchmaker

30 November 1959
Danny wants Pat Harrigan to propose to Terry, but Uncle Tonoose has a different idea.

Season 7, Episode 10: Danny and Milton Berle Quit Show Biz

7 December 1959
Danny's new show is a bomb, so Milton Berle stops by to offer him encouragement. Milton goes on to say he's left showbusiness - hadn't Danny noticed? - and is doing great in oil investments. Danny decides to follow suit and quit showbiz too.

Season 7, Episode 11: Danny and the Little Men

14 December 1959
Kathy and Terry are not happy when Danny and Pat cancel their plans in order to work on fixes for the new show. When Danny backs out on their vacation, Kathy plots with Charlie Halper to change Danny's mind - by making him think he's seeing little green men.

Season 7, Episode 12: A Dog's Life

21 December 1959
Danny's building was sold and the new landlord doesn't like noise, pets, or people in showbiz. Danny is miffed when the landlord tells him to stop playing the piano. Danny says there's nothing in the lease about piano playing, only pets. Wait until Danny finds out Kathy and the kids have smuggled in a dog.

Season 7, Episode 13: Kathy Crashes TV

28 December 1959
The Friar's Club is having a Family Night Talent Show so Danny has rehearsed a musical dance number for Rusty and Linda, and is planning to sing Daddy's Little Girl with Terry. Kathy is upset that she's not included as part of the "family" show. When Danny reminds her that she has no theatrical talent, Kathy leaves the next morning to make the audition rounds. SONG: My Mother Won't Let Me Cross the Street

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams
Penney Parker ... Terry Williams (as Penny Parker)

Joe Flynn ... Stanley Cooper
Art Lewis ... Milton (as Artie Lewis)

Joe Conley ... Asst. Director (as Joseph Conley)
Betsy Jones-Moreland ... Gloria
John Laing ... Sam

Season 7, Episode 14: Nightclub Owners

4 January 1960
Danny and Pat want to pick up a side business. Charlie lets them in on a deal to tear down a building and put in a parking lot. All Charlie has to do is get rid of the nightclub that's leasing the building, and the tenants are way behind in the rent so that's no problem. Or at least it wasn't until Danny and Charlie go to check out the place and find an old friend has sunk all her money into the club. The old owner let them slide until the nightclub could build up a following, and she is worried the new owner won't give them any more time. SONGS: My Mother Was A Lady (If Jack Were Only Here), and It All Depends On You.

Season 7, Episode 15: That Ol' Devil Jack Benny

11 January 1960
Danny is up for a big network show, but the network decides to give it to Jack Benny. When Jack shows up at Danny's place to say no hard feelings, Danny loses it. Why you? All you do is say "well" and everybody laughs. Jack asks Danny "what do you think, I'm in league with the devil?" When Jack leaves, Danny starts thinking.

Season 7, Episode 16: How to Be Head of the House

18 January 1960
Danny and Kathy can't agree on where to hang their new painting. Terry and Pat had discussed where to go for their honeymoon and reached a decision - until Danny and Kathy weigh in and each try to get their way.

Season 7, Episode 17: Danny, the Housewife

25 January 1960
Kathy has been excused from jury duty, but Danny insists it is her duty to go. When Kathy points out that Louise is on vacation, Danny says he has time off and can run the house while Kathy is gone. After all, how hard can it be? Kathy decides to let him find out.

Season 7, Episode 18: The Apple Polishers

1 February 1960
Rusty comes to Danny for help with a decision. A local merchant will buy the baseball team all new uniforms if they let his son pitch once in a while - but the boy's a terrible player. Danny tells Rusty not to sell out. When Phil says they turned down a network show because the sponsor wants a yes man, Danny tells him to go make the deal and turns into "a weak-kneed apple-polishing hypocrite".

Season 7, Episode 19: Tonoose Makes the Wedding Plans

8 February 1960
Danny enters in his new tailcoat to make an announcement. He has just secured the Cotillion Room for Terry's wedding, she's going to have her dream formal wedding with champagne and caviar. Terry is thrilled. Uncle Tonoose arrives to say everything is set for the wedding: cousin is stomping the grapes for the wine, 6 trucks of relatives are on their way (and 1 truck of sheep to roast), the violinists are booked. It's going to be a real old-fashioned Lebanese wedding, three days and nights. Who is going to tell Uncle Tonoose no?

Season 7, Episode 20: Danny Meets Andy Griffith

15 February 1960
Danny is arrested by Sheriff Andy Taylor for going through an unnoticed stop sign in the town of Mayberry.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Andy Griffith ... Andy Taylor

Ron Howard ... Opie Taylor (as Ronny Howard)

Frances Bavier ... Henrietta Perkins

Will Wright ... Mr. Johnson

Frank Cady ... Will - Town Drunk

Bill Baldwin ... Ted - TV Interviewer

Rance Howard ... TV Crewman
George Fenneman ... Face to Face interviewer (uncredited)

Season 7, Episode 21: Battle of the In-Laws

22 February 1960
The family is about to meet Pat's father (Jack Haley). Pat Sr is delighted to meet everyone, except Danny who "stole" his song. The two make up, but continue to fight over everything from the engagement toast to the wedding guests. SONG: about Irish names in Hollywood

Season 7, Episode 22: Eulogy for Tonoose

29 February 1960
Cousin Habib has chosen who will give his eulogy, so Uncle Tonoose tries to one-up him again. He wants Danny to give his eulogy - and to write it now so Uncle Tonoose can hear and approve it.

Season 7, Episode 23: Linda Wants to Be a Boy

7 March 1960
Rusty gets a new football uniform. When he and his friends go up to his room so he can try it on, Linda tags along. Rusty stops her, telling her "Football is for boys. You were born a girl, better luck next time." Linda wants to be included, so Linda becomes "Louie".

Season 7, Episode 24: Bachelor Party

14 March 1960
During Pat's bachelor party, he tells Danny that he can't possibly give Terry the life she deserves. Pat is calling the wedding off.

Season 7, Episode 25: Danny, the Handyman

21 March 1960
Danny wants to pitch in and help a reluctant Rusty with a father/son project: building a doghouse.

Season 7, Episode 26: The Wedding

28 March 1960
Everyone is caught up in the last minute plans for the wedding - except for the father of the bride who is feeling like a third wheel.

Season 7, Episode 27: Three on a Honeymoon

4 April 1960
Terry's only been gone one day and Danny's already down in the dumps missing his little girl. When he gets a phone call to fill in for an ailing Jimmy Durante, Danny thinks that would be a wonderful break for Pat - and a way to get them back in town.

Season 7, Episode 28: The Deerfield Story

11 April 1960
Danny is excited to get a visit from his boyhood friend Jim (Jim Backus) who used to look out for Danny when they were boys in Deerfield, MI. Danny is proud to show Jim his success, but Kathy figures out Jim was hoping Danny still needed him.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams (credit only)

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)

Jim Backus ... Jim Fletcher

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper

Fritz Feld ... Walter Allsbach

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 7, Episode 29: The Singing Delinquent

18 April 1960
Danny tries to help a talented young singer whose career may be hurt by his surly attitude.

Season 7, Episode 30: Rusty and the Tomboy

25 April 1960
Rusty plans to go to the school dance stag so no girl will "get her hooks into me". Barbara is eating her heart out for Rusty to ask her, but all Rusty sees is a baseball teammate. Danny gives Rusty tips on how to treat a girl hoping Rusty will ask Barbara, but Rusty gets so much confidence that he asks the most popular girl in school to the dance.

Season 7, Episode 31: Family Portrait

9 May 1960
Mr. Gaylord is a famous artist who just might paint a Williams family portrait. Of course he would have to get to know the family before making up his mind, and to do that he moves in.

Season 7, Episode 32: Rusty Meets Little Lord Fauntleroy

16 May 1960
A show business reporter is talking about her wonderful son who is coming to visit from military school. When she is called away on an overnight assignment, Danny suggests they look after her son for the night hoping he will be a good influence on Rusty.

Season 7, Episode 33: Rusty's Advice to Linda

23 May 1960
Linda is mad because she lost her skates and Danny and Kathy refuse to buy her a new pair. She cries "you don't love me" and decides to run away from home. Big brother Rusty tells her to forget it, it's a bad idea. Rusty tells her about the time he ran away from home (Season 4 episode 25) in flashbacks. Danny got a call to perform at the Sands, but it meant he had to back out on a promise to play at Rusty's school. Rusty ran away - to an orphanage.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Mary Wickes ... Liz O'Neill (archive footage)

Lurene Tuttle ... Mrs. Martin (archive footage)
Tiger Fafara ... Eddie - Boy at Orphanage (archive footage)

Season 8

Season 8, Episode 1: Kathy Delivers the Mail

3 October 1960
When the mailman in their new apartment building tells Linda his feet hurt, she decides to help him by delivering some of the mail (without asking him). Kathy sees all the mail in Linda's room and tries to deliver it before Linda gets into trouble. Kathy hides the mail she can't carry and when Danny comes home and finds it, he comes to the only possible conclusion - Kathy is a kleptomaniac.

Season 8, Episode 2: The Report Card

10 October 1960
Rusty gets his report card and no one is more surprised than he is to see all A's. Danny is so proud that he goes overboard. When Rusty's teacher tells him that she made a mistake, Rusty is at a loss how to break it to his father.

Season 8, Episode 3: Danny and the Actor's School

17 October 1960
Danny feels that his comedy performances aren't as respected as stage performers, so he enrolls in a drama school in order to become a "serious" actor.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper
Amanda Randolph ... Louise
Leo Fuchs ... Maxim Gorski
Paul von Schreiber ... Sheldon - Acting Student
Karla Most ... Rosie - Acting Student

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 4: Kathy and the Glamour Girl

31 October 1960
Danny is doing a show with glamour girl Lisa Lazlow (ZsaZsa Gabor). Kathy learns they have worked together before and Danny sang Kathy's song (But Beautiful) to Lisa in the show. Lisa doesn't help matters by playing up to Danny. SONG: But Beautiful

Season 8, Episode 5: Danny Proposes to His Wife

7 November 1960
Danny reminds Kathy one time too many that she proposed. Kathy insists Danny propose to her, after a courtship. Until then, she doesn't consider their marriage "final".

Season 8, Episode 6: Kathy, the Matchmaker

14 November 1960
Doris is dependable, capable, and single. She can fix plumbing, electrical, a carburetor, and tells Kathy she doesn't need a husband. When Phil comes over to talk Kathy into letting Danny go out of town, he says how wonderful that Danny has such a dependable, capable wife and what a shame he never meets anyone like Kathy.

Season 8, Episode 7: Tonoose, the Liar

21 November 1960
Uncle Tonoose is coming to visit. Rusty and Linda's friend says he's a liar nearly causing a fight. Kathy is worried about the effect of Uncle Tonoose's stories. Danny assures her they're harmless - until Uncle Tonoose says he knows middleweight champion Kid Moore. Kid Moore is coming to the apartment tomorrow to rehearse with Danny. Will the confrontation expose the truth?

Season 8, Episode 8: Linda, the Performer

28 November 1960
The whole family is at the club for Linda's birthday. She sings a song, and the next day Charlie wants to book her on Danny's upcoming TV special.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper
Amzie Strickland ... Julie Ann's Mom
Judy Birr ... Julie Ann
Nino Nobles ... Nino - Boy Dancer

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 9: Danny and the Dentist

5 December 1960
Danny has a terrible toothache and is determined not to go to the dentist. Kathy is just as determined to make him go and enlists Charlie's help to get him there.

Season 8, Episode 10: Fugitive Father

12 December 1960
Danny is being replaced at the club for two weeks by his old friend, and recent widower, Buddy Bruno. The only problem is Buddy and his daughter are on the lam from social services.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Buddy Hackett ... Buddy Bruno
Amzie Strickland ... Harriet Waller
Dayton Lummis ... E. H. Sloan

Gloria Pall ... Hatcheck Girl
Katie Sweet ... Barbara Bruno

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 11: The Singing Sisters

19 December 1960
It's Christmas time and Kathy promised a neighbor she'd talk to Danny about meeting two sisters who wrote a Christmas song. Danny explains that songs don't make money until they are published. The sisters say they have a publisher who gave them a contract and only charged them $75 in pre-publishing costs. Danny and Charlie smell a rat and set out to get the money back.

Season 8, Episode 12: Rusty the Rat

26 December 1960
When Rusty breaks one of Danny's golf clubs, he knows he'll be grounded and he's afraid his team will lose their next game. Rusty talks Linda into taking the blame for him now in exchange for him taking the blame for her at a future date. Kathy suspects Linda is not strong enough to have broken the club. Kathy, Danny, and Charlie all try to get Rusty to confess.

Season 8, Episode 13: The Plant

2 January 1961
Danny's landlord, Mr. Heckendon, on seeing a plant Danny has received from a fan recognizes that the plant is quite rare and needs a lot of attention if it is to survive.

Season 8, Episode 14: Democracy at Work

9 January 1961
Rusty and Linda want to go to the movies. When Kathy says no, they complain what good is learning about democracy in school when there is no democracy in their home. Danny comes up with the brilliant solution of having the family vote on everything, but no one can be a sore loser. He comes home to find the kids eating cake and ice cream, and Kathy informs him that while he was gone they out-voted her two to one. Danny has to find a way to stop the voting without being a sore loser.

Season 8, Episode 15: You Can Fight City Hall

16 January 1961
Danny gets a parking ticket that he feels was wrongly issued. He assembles his defense team for a court appearance: a nuclear timer expert and Rusty who can testify that there was time left on the meter.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams (credit only)

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper
Larry Daniels ... Prosecutor Adams (as Lawrence Daniels)

Jack Prince ... Bailiff

Stacy Harris ... John Bradley

Jerome Cowan ... Judge Palmer
Fred Rapport ... Juror (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 16: The Whoopee Show

23 January 1961
Danny arrives home from an out of town engagement to find Kathy on the couch in a ratty robe, with curlers in her hair, and fighting a bout of sniffles. When Danny complains about her appearance, they have an argument which gives him material for his act. Danny comes home and tells a now dolled-up Kathy what a hit the material was. They have another fight about him telling everyone what happened. SONG: Makin' Whoopee

Season 8, Episode 17: The Rum Cake

30 January 1961
Danny is helping Rusty rehearse his drums for the school orchestra try-outs. Kathy enters saying it's nearly 11 o'clock and past Rusty's bedtime. As they continue, the landlord arrives and tricks them into continuing until after 11 pm when he announces they've broken their lease and will be evicted in the morning. Kathy invites him over for coffee and cake in an effort to change his mind. Unfortunately, no one in the family believes Kathy adds enough rum to her cake, so everyone adds more. SONG: Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey

Season 8, Episode 18: Tonoose, the Boss

6 February 1961
Uncle Tonoose arrives in New York determined to invest his life savings so he will be able to send his grand-nephew to college, and on to medical school. To keep him from investing with a man he met on the bus, Danny suggests he invest in the club. Charlie is not happy, and even less happy when Uncle Tonoose changes the menu, the dancers, and starts driving customers away.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Hans Conried ... Uncle Tonoose

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper

Fritz Feld ... Chef Marcel
Maxine Gates ... Fat Blonde Showgirl
Cordy Clark ... Fat Brunette Showgirl (as Coroy Clark)

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 19: Rusty, the Millionaire

13 February 1961
Rusty has been treating Danny like a bottomless dollar bill dispenser. Danny decides to give Rusty a large amount of money of his own to see how he handles it. Rusty can't make up his mind how to spend it - or where to keep it.

Season 8, Episode 20: Good Old Burlesque

20 February 1961
Kathy hires a swami. Danny recognizes him as an old burlesque performer and tells Kathy that burlesque is more than people remember. Some of the great comics got their start in burlesque. Danny and Charlie come up with an idea to put some of the old routines into the act and bring the former star back to work.

Season 8, Episode 21: Four Angels

27 February 1961
Rusty decides to become a talent agent. He then signs up a children's vocal group and negotiates to book them on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Season 8, Episode 22: The Scrubwoman

13 March 1961
In a takeoff on Damon Runyon's Pocketful of Miracles (Lady for a Day), the Williams's Irish scrubwoman admits she's been writing home to an old beau that she is a successful musical theatre performer. She's invented a loving family of a daughter, and two grandchildren (a boy and a girl). Her old beau is arriving in New York tomorrow, what can she do? SONG: Nothing Could Be Finer (Than to be in Carolina).

Season 8, Episode 23: Everything Happens to Me

27 March 1961
Danny is dead-tired after just having flown from New York to Los Angeles to work out plans for a big show, accidentally took two sleeping pills, and has no place to sleep because there are four conventions in town and an incompetent employee of the firm he is working with forgot to make a hotel reservation for him.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Joey Bishop ... Joey Mason

Billy Gilbert ... Mr. Mason (Joey Mason's Father)

Madge Blake ... Mrs. Mason (Joey Mason's Mother)

Joe Flynn ... J. R. Willoughby

Marlo Thomas ... Stella Mason
Mary Lee Dearring ... Girl (as Mary Lee Dearing)

Richard Deacon ... Hotel Assistant Manager

Season 8, Episode 24: Old Man Danny

3 April 1961
Danny hires Paul Pryor (played by Paul Anka) to sing at his club, but when he sees the effect Paul has on the audiences, he starts feeling very, very old.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Paul Anka ... Paul Pryor

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper
Harry Jackson ... Harry, Danny's Rehearsal Bandleader

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 25: Danny and the Hoodlums

10 April 1961
Charlie tells Danny there's an old fan Ed from Chicago in the audience and gets extremely nervous when Danny asks if it's Ed Riley. "Ed Riley, the gangster?" Charlie stutters. Charlie has nothing to worry about, but Skip Harris the notorious comedy material thief not only tells Danny he's stealing his jokes, but manages to thoroughly offend Mr. Riley as well. Danny and Charlie try to warn Skip he's in danger, but he doesn't believe Danny.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams (credit only)
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Buddy Lester ... Skip Harris

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper

Bert Freed ... Mr. Eddie Riley
Vincent Barbi ... Hoodlum

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 8, Episode 26: Rusty's Punishment

17 April 1961
Rusty has a classmate do his history homework for him so Rusty can go to basketball practice. Danny finds out and tells Rusty no more basketball. The only problem is the team is in the finals, and the next game is the playoff. Rusty's team hasn't won in decades and the whole school campaigns to make Danny change his mind.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Harry Townes ... Principal Witkowski

Kenneth Tobey ... Coach Fred Farrell

Sid Melton ... Charley Halper
Amzie Strickland ... Cheerleaders' Mom
Kevin O'Neal ... Marvin
Nora Jo Bruce ... Cheerleader
Trudi Ames ... Cheerleader (as Trudi Zizkind)
Walter Comer ... Basketball Player

Season 8, Episode 27: The Scoutmaster

24 April 1961
Rusty's Scoutmaster is moving away and Rusty has volunteered Danny to replace him. Danny is complaining he doesn't have time - until retired Major Hegendorn (their landlord) is interested. The scout organization says the only fair thing is to let them compete for the job by each leading for a week.

Season 8, Episode 28: The Magician

1 May 1961
Rusty and Linda want to earn their very own money to donate to the hospital drive, so they are doing a magic act. Charlie's friend can fit out a set of tails with magic tricks, but the performance is that evening so they have to go right away. Rusty doesn't have money to rent tails and Kathy has just picked up Danny's. There's no time to wait and ask Danny, so Kathy gives permission. Danny arrives home with good news, he's been asked to speak at the United Nations that night but his family isn't home. He needs his tuxedo, but his tails are laying out and they would be much better - or would they?

Season 8, Episode 29: The Woman Behind the Man

8 May 1961
Jean and Bess are having coffee at Kathy's and bragging about how they are always helping their husbands by solving their problems and keeping them from making bad business decisions. Danny comes home that night and Kathy gets into a fight with him because he has no problems. She overhears Danny in a phone call with Charlie talking about when his dressing room will be painted, and suddenly she realizes he has a problem. The problem is Kathy soon has best friends Danny and Charlie suing each other.

Season 8, Episode 30: Teenage Thrush

15 May 1961
Danny has found a talented young female singer he thinks could make it big, but the girl's mother wants her to finish her education first.

Season 8, Episode 31: The Party Wrecker

22 May 1961
It's Danny's birthday. "Again? I just had one last year." This time Kathy and the kids give Danny his gifts before breakfast. Kathy asks Danny what he wants to do for his birthday, and he says a quiet dinner with just the two of them. Then he finds out Mr. Heckendorn is throwing a big bash and apparently they are not invited.

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 1: For Every Man There's a Woman

2 October 1961
Bill Dana joins the cast as elevator operator Jose Jimenez (a character he made famous before the phrase politically correct). In this twist on Cyrano de Bergerac, Jose tells Danny he is in love. He has never spoken to his love, because "you may not have noticed, but I have an accent". He convinces Danny to record a song for him to send his lady-love. SONGS: June in January and The More I See You

Season 9, Episode 2: Linda Runs Away

9 October 1961
Linda is being punished and threatens to run away (again). Danny tells Kathy to ignore it, kids never mean it and Kathy reminds Danny that Rusty meant it when he ran away. Linda comes out with her suitcase. Danny wants to let her go, but Kathy won't let Linda out of her sight. Danny arranges with Charlie to get disguises to follow her and then lets Linda out of the house. SONG: Be Kind to Your Parents.

Season 9, Episode 3: Love Letters

16 October 1961
Linda is playing mailman again, but she's learned her lesson. Instead of taking new letters, she's using old ones. Kathy's old love letters from Danny. Kathy is upset that her letters are all over the building, but Danny is embarrassed.

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Dick Wessel ... Jay Sandrich
Herbert Ellis ... Mr. Webb (as Herb Ellis)

Naomi Stevens ... Mrs. Sol Schwartz
Hazel Shermet ... Mrs. Green
Trudi Ames ... 1st Girl Returning Letters (as Trudi Ziskinds)

Barbara Hunter ... Teenage Girl #2
Marvel Lawrence ... Store Clerk

Season 9, Episode 4: The Trumpet Player

23 October 1961
Rusty has an audition for the band at the YMCA. The band leader (Harry James) tells Danny that Rusty needs to play the same as the other boys. Of course he doesn't blame Rusty, it's his teacher's fault. His style is not to teach a bunch of flashy tricks, but to teach the boys the basics and give them a solid grounding in music. Danny tells him that he is Rusty's teacher - and it's all downhill from there.

Season 9, Episode 5: Tonoose vs. Daly

30 October 1961
Nothing but trouble can result from adding an unexpected visit from Uncle Tonoose to an already visiting Mr. Daly. Peace doesn't last long when Danny and Kathy get them to stop arguing over who should stay, who is the better man, who is stronger - until they declare the only way to resolve the issue is hold an Olympic competition.

Season 9, Episode 6: Hen-pecked Charley

13 November 1961
The Halpers are over for dinner, and Danny isn't happy to see the way Bunny bosses Charlie around. Danny convinces Bunny to stop and "let Charlie be a man", and then Charlie isn't happy.

Season 9, Episode 7: Danny Weaves a Web

20 November 1961
Danny finds a dent in his car, but after the countless jokes in his act the night before about women drivers (while Kathy was at the club) he doesn't dare tell Kathy. Danny tells Charlie he'll use the housekeeping money Kathy keeps in a jar to get the car repaired and replace it as soon as he can get to the bank. Unfortunately, Kathy discovers it is missing and calls the police.

Season 9, Episode 8: Danny and Durante

27 November 1961
Jimmy has raised his niece Carla who is now graduating from college with top honors "Sigmund cum Laurie". Jimmy wants to send her to live with her aunt in Boston now that she's educated because he feels inadequate. Carla doesn't want to go, so Danny says he'll give Jimmy a crash course in art, literature, and haberdashery so he'll fit in with Carla's college friends. SONGS: Return to Sorrento (in Italian), Inka Dinka-Dink

Danny Thomas ... Danny Williams

Marjorie Lord ... Kathy Williams
Rusty Hamer ... Rusty Williams

Angela Cartwright ... Linda Williams

Jimmy Durante ... Uncle Jimmy Durante
Gina Genardi ... Carla

Ned Glass ... Benny

Bill Bixby ... Mack
Oliver Cliff ... Mr. Carew
Mary Lee Dearring ... Nightclub College Patron
Robert Ball ... Mr. Carew's Assistant
Martin Braddock ... Nightclub College Patron
Hal England ... Nightclub College Patron
Jimmy Hayes ... Nightclub College Patron
Todd Lasswell ... Nightclub College Patron

Earle Hagen ... Earle - Danny's Bandleader (uncredited)

Season 9, Episode 9: Danny and the Brownies

4 December 1961
When Kathy sprains her ankle Danny and Charlie are volunteered to serve as leaders for Linda's brownie troop. At the troop's picnic, a bratty little girl's shenanigans lands Danny in court.

Season 9, Episode 10: Tonoose's Plot

11 December 1961
Uncle Tonoose arrives just as Danny and Kathy are leaving for dinner and the theater. All the family members in Toledo have collectively purchased a piece of land for a family cemetery. Uncle Tonoose doesn't like the location of his plot, so he's left Toledo for good. He's going to live with the only family members that respect him - Danny's family. Not to worry though, he's not staying for good, just a few years.