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Season 2

29 Aug. 1954
Guest in the Night
Duke and Rita visit a remote mountain cabin for a romantic getaway. During a fierce snowstorm, a young boy with pneumonia shows up at their door. Duke won't call for help because he is wanted for robbery, but Rita uses a ham radio to ask for medical help.
5 Sep. 1954
Dr. Juliet
A doctor unravels the mysterious circumstances and suspects surrounding the near-death of a young heiress.
12 Sep. 1954
Double Trouble
Granite jawed Hugh O'Brien, clearly enjoying a change of pace from his usual rugged roles, plays a shy cartoonist whose heroism is awakened by a fraud scandal involving a woman and a his exact double.
19 Sep. 1954
The Lamp
What seems to be Aladdin's Lamp also seems to be fulfilling the fondest wishes of a young couple.
Sep. 1954
You're Driving Me Crazy
A couple finds themselves terrorized by a disturbed man who rear ends their car. There is some genuine suspense in this episode and warrants attention in that it comes years before Alfred Hitchcock Presents and other such anthologies.
3 Oct. 1954
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
This familiar plot of a lone holdout juror benefits from extreme unusual close-ups, montages and double-exposures to "open up" the drama beyond the single room setting.
10 Oct. 1954
For Father Darling
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17 Oct. 1954
On Your Honor, Your Honor
An idealistic widow, whose last name is that same to that of a candidate, allows two slick politicians to add her name to a small town mayoral ballot.
31 Oct. 1954
The Girl Scout Story
A girl scout is left alone with an escaped convict.
7 Nov. 1954
No Help Wanted
Former stuntman and TV's "Range Rider" and "Yancy Derringer," Jock Mahoney, returns to this series, this time playing the owner of a small diner who is taken with a lost soul seemingly left alone in the rain.
14 Nov. 1954
It's a Man's Game
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21 Nov. 1954
Something About Love
A dancer's resolution to go on with her life as a singer inspires an architect who had become embittered after his hands were injured in the Korean war. Sally Field's mother Margaret (wife of Loretta Young show favorite Jock Mahoney) co-stars as Gene Barry's fiancée.
28 Nov. 1954
Our Sacred Honor
Like Spielberg's "Lincoln," which celebrated the little-known people who made a difference as well as high-profile leaders, this episode focuses on one of the lesser-known signers of the Declaration of Independence, John Hart.
5 Dec. 1954
Big Jim
A young man attempts to reform his delinquent mother when she stops in town to see him.
12 Dec. 1954
Evil for Evil
An embittered man takes revenge on a beloved doctor who lost his wife on the operating table, leading to vigilantism. Among the cast is Oscar-winner Jane Darwell ("The Grapes of Wrath," "Mary Poppins"). The theme of friendly neighbors transformed into a hideous mob would be echoed in Twilight Zone episodes "The Shelter" and "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street."
19 Dec. 1954
Time and Yuletide
At a hospital and nursing home, everyone wants to stage Christmas parties for the sick children, but the event coordinator connives to get a party for the elderly residents.
26 Dec. 1954
Three Minutes Too Late
A financially strapped New York cab driver becomes desperate for cash when his wife goes into labor.
2 Jan. 1955
The Girl Who Knew
Familiar TV faces abound in this fanciful dramedy about a woman's ability to know the time without a watch challenged by a watch company's efforts to use a conceited employee's charms to discredit her.
9 Jan. 1955
The Flood
A man whose experience as a prisoner of war has caused him to be alcoholic and homeless stumbles into a situation in which he must use his army medical training and receives advice and support from a nurse and a doctor to change his life.
16 Jan. 1955
The wife of a pilot runs the gamut of emotions and memories while awaiting the return of her husband, whose plane has lost an engine in a storm.
23 Jan. 1955
The Refinement of 'Ab'
Hugh Beaumont plays the dad in one of two suburban families that allow the childish teasing between their sons escalate into a serious social and business conflicts.
30 Jan. 1955
600 Seconds
A successful Art Director lets her imagination run away with her when a young female business associate of her husband's wants to talk to her about something "personal."
6 Feb. 1955
The Case of Mrs. Bannister
A little girl's stories about her seemingly imaginary friend, "Mrs. Bannister," begin to foreshadow real events and imminent danger.
13 Feb. 1955
True story of a Depression-era mother's efforts to redirect her talented little boy's creative projects to more practical pursuits -- and who this boy turns out to be is the twist, as Ms. Young introduces the real-life man and his mom at the end of the episode.
20 Feb. 1955
Option on a Wife
The Hollywood success of a New York writer takes up so much of his time and attention that it threatens his marriage.
27 Feb. 1955
Tale of a Cayuse
A western drifter retrieves a beloved horse to court a maiden settler.
6 Mar. 1955
Case Book
Only a few years after "Spellbound," but before "Vertigo" and "The Three Faces of Eve," this episode uses extended two-actor scenes in its thoughtful exploration of claustrophobia and the benefits of therapy - as well as forgiveness of others and oneself.
13 Mar. 1955
Dateline: Korea
The plight of poverty-stricken war orphans forces a hard-nosed war correspondent to face the flesh-and-blood effects of her cynical editorials.
20 Mar. 1955
Inga II
Dennis Hopper was only nineteen when he appeared in this episode as a privileged young man who is sent to work on a farm to build his character.
27 Mar. 1955
Mink Coat
Series favorites Jock Mahoney, Ann Doran and Casey Adams (Max Showalter) reunite with Ms. Young in an amusing "Fisherman and His Wife/If You Give a Mouse A Cookie"-like fable about the effects an unexpected mink coat has on a two suburban couples.
3 Apr. 1955
Let Columbus Discover You
Craig Stevens plays the head of a modeling agency who likes to discover his clients in ordinary walks of life, prompting an earnest hopeful to pose as an auto mechanic to catch his attention.
10 Apr. 1955
He Always Comes Home
An aging man is unfaithful to his wife and negligent to his daughter.
17 Apr. 1955
Feeling No Pain
In a memorable episode that showcases Ms. Young's comic timing and dancing talent, she plays a passive secretary who cuts loose after a visit to the dentist and the lingering effects of laughing gas. In the scene in which she makes a grand entrance, bellowing "Anita, DAH-ling!" it strongly resembles the first appearance of Cruella DeVil in Disney's animated "101 Dalmatians."
24 Apr. 1955
The Little Teacher
A man is plagued by guilt and worry when his daughter breaks a finger after he spanks her in anger.
1 May 1955
I Remember the Rani
A British writer recalls the captivating Maharani with whom he fell in love while on assignment in India.

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