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Season 10

17 Dec. 1961
Young Randy's insistence that his invisible friend Tippy-Top is real causes friction between his mother and the man she intends to marry. Mom humors her son, but Bob wants to convince the boy that his best buddy is imaginary.
7 Jan. 1962
The Wall Between
Stephen Boyd and Gloria Talbott portray the parents of a mentally retarded child, an accident of life which the father, a former All-American athlete, cannot face and which threatens their marital happiness. This is a powerful dramatization of this reality in life faced by hundreds of parents each year. Aired on the General Electric Theater Sunday Jan 7 1962 on CBS. Ronald Reagan and Everett Sloane also star in this poignant and inspirational teleplay, one of 12 such programs dramatizing subject matter of contemporary social significance to be presented on the series ...
14 Jan. 1962
The Hold-Out
When his daughter Margie announces her intention to marry young Fred Judson, John Graham is disturbed. He believes the couple is too young for marriage and, more importantly, unprepared for the independence he believes marriage requires. Margie and Fred seem content to live on hand-outs from their parents, but John seems the only parent to think that's a bad idea. No matter what he says, the two insist on marrying, even if John won't attend the wedding. Eventually, it's what John doesn't say that affects their decision.
22 Apr. 1962
The Troubled Heart
After eight years of marriage, a woman is happy to finally become pregnant. Her doctors discover she has a heart defect that could kill her if she goes through childbirth.
29 Apr. 1962
Mister Doc
Western comedy about a pharmacist and his son at the turn of the 20th century.

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