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An Underrated Classic.

Author: Lou Rugani ( from United States
17 August 1999

This will touch nerves among those of us who ponder what-might-have-been. The title sounds like it's one of those ha-ha overbright 1950s musicals....but in reality, it's a bittersweet flashback tale of a half-century slice of one man's life as a small-town barber, where fate has permanently halted his dreams of success in the big city.

The film steers clear of the cardboard clichés that such films were fond of in the '50s; instead we get thoughtful vignettes (most beautifully photographed) of the progression of events, big and small, through one man's days and years. As such, it becomes at times a mirror that we look into. David Wayne's performance is stunning, and all the other players are ideally cast as well.

This could be the perfect movie.

There are a number of moments of screen magic, but I can't forget the quiet scene of final transition near the film's end as the camera pans away from the barbershop and we find ourselves in the present day.

You'll cheer for the barber, folks. And don't go through life without seeing "Wait 'Til The Sun Shines, Nellie". It's the kind of film greatness we no longer see.

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Wonderful tale of Americana as seen through the eyes of a small-town barber 100 years ago

Author: J>Duffy ( from Boston, MA
19 April 2002

It will be fifty years ago this summer (1952) that I first saw this film. I was eight years old at the time and have never forgotten it. The bittersweet tale of one man's life told through the history of a small town in mid-west America at the turn of the 20th century. Both David Wayne and Jean Peters handled their roles with conviction avoiding any sticky sweet sentimentality. All to soon we lose Miss Peters and Wayne carries the film to a somewhat happy ending. I would love to see this superb film once again.

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lovely nostalgic story of small town barber

Author: dcs from Oregon, United States
12 December 2005

This is a movie that can grab at your heart while it offers a glimpse at fifty years in the life of a small town barber. It's not a well known movie. I first saw it by accident on a local TV station, back when they showed older movies. It's never been released on video but it has been on cable sometimes and I managed to tape it once but hadn't watched it for awhile. Just finished and it has a strong emotional impact, as previous reviewers have also said. Maybe it's a little corny by "modern standards," and to people used to modern movies its pacing may feel a little slow. But it feels true to the time period it covers. The characters and their situations are believable. David Wayne, who usually seemed to play supporting parts, is terrific in the lead. Jean Peters, whom I don't remember seeing in other movies, is gorgeous. If you have a chance, watch this movie. It's really a wonderful film.

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Wait Till the Sunshines Nellie- A great movie

Author: nightrydre from United States
19 August 2005

I remember seeing this movie when I was in high school. I have always wanted to see it again. I hope this movie will be restored and released to the public for viewing. I loved the story behind the movie.As I recall the movie was about life in the 20's and 30's, during a period when people wore elegant clothing and families were a big thing. It basically touched on the personal life of a barber and his family and the trials and tragedies that touched their lives. It was a movie that left a lasting impression on me, and one that I will never forget. It was also filmed during a time when the movie world was putting out a lot of musicals, and this story was more in the drama filed. I have watched for a long time in hopes that someone would restore it and present it again to the American public. I think there are a lot of people who would enjoy this classic film, along with many of the other well known performers that made movie's during this era.I would also like to see a producer remake this film based on modern day times.

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Moving, personal look changes in a small town the first half of the twentieth century.

Author: chasandsally-1 from United States
8 July 2005

Although this isn't a "great film," there's something compelling and memorable about it. Like another commenter on the film, I saw this in childhood. It's been thirty three years since 1952, but I have never forgotten the story or its ridiculously cumbersome title. See it if you have the opportunity. You'll feel like a voyeur of small town life as it evolves through the decades. More than any other film, this one brings a human face to the historical drama of early twentieth century "progress." It's engaging enough for a young viewer and memorable enough for an older one. Furthermore, it's easy to like the characters and watch their passage through time.

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This is a movie worth making available on video so younger generations can see a great movie.

Author: jomvfan from Kansas
26 June 2001

I saw this movie when it first was released, and have never been able to forget it (I was only 12 or 13 at the time). I remember very well the story line and the actors. It made such an impression on me and I have looked for it often in the TV schedules, but have never seen it. Correction; I did see it again on TV in the 60s, but not since then. I wish sincerely that this would be made available on video. I would jump at the chance to buy it. A GREAT MOVIE.

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Loved it at 13

Author: hlslady from United States
26 July 2005

I was 13 years old when I saw this movie. I was in an orphanage at the time. I also have never been able to forget it, tho I have trouble remembering the entire movie. I do however remember that it made an impact on me. I would recommend that it be available for all kids to see. Even tho they are more into violence I think they could get something out of it. As a child being affected by it, I still remember the ending and for some reason it has made an impact in the way I have lived my life. It has a moral to it, but you must have the ability to look at the movie in an objective way, unless you have had something happen in your life that is associated with the things in the movie. Since my family was a disaster already happened, I was able to subject myself into the characters plot.

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Evoking a Past Age

Author: Kirasjeri from Brooklyn NY
27 July 1999

This is the story of a martyr barber starting in the 1890's in a small town and spaning forty years. He suffers one disaster after another - and if you pay attention it was his own fault, such as lying to his wife right at the start. Nonetheless, David Wayne, a major Bdwy star who lost role after role to the movie versions, does a nice job, and Jean Peters is pulchritudinous - and Howard Hughes wife. Never on video - too bad. I'd like to see it again after twenty years or so when it appeared on late-night/early morning TV.

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This Movie Should Not Be Forgotten!

Author: rogercg1
15 May 2010

I agree with many others who've commented about this wonderful movie. My sadness is that other generations have not been able to see it on TV, VHS, or DVD. Because of that, it has been lost to new fans. There are few movies that have captured the era after the turn of the century as well (although this one encompasses a period of time beyond that.) "The Strawberry Blonde" is another. David Wayne, always an under-rated screen actor was celebrated on Broadway, winning Tony Awards for playing Sakini in "Teahouse of the August Moon" and Og in "Finian's Rainbow. Here, we follow his character's life as a young man as he grows old with friends and family beside him and his love for Nellie everlasting. It's a touching story full of nostalgia. It deserves better. Isn't it amazing that so many of us remember it from our youth? That's how good it is.

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This film needs to be on DVD

Author: dtoevs from United States
25 February 2008

I lived in Hutchinson, Kansas during the filming of this motion picture. With Jean Peters, David Wayne and Hugh Marlowe along with director Henry King in our home town was a great compliment to our state. Then, later, to see familiar sites on the big screen and portrayed in classic premiere photography made Kansans very proud. It was one of the exciting times of our history with Hollywood in Kansas.

It is a big disappointment that this film is NOT available on DVD. The plot is upbeat and positive and needs to be shared with the present generation.

Please, review and consider the value of availability on DVD.


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