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A Brilliant Work of Animated Genius
disneyfreak1911 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This short has to be one of the best. This short is hilarious. June Foray is brilliant as Witch Hazel. I recommend this short as highly as I would recommend any of the Disney Shorts. The musical number in this is fantastic. The Mellomen do a great job singing the title song. I watch this short every Halloween. I enjoy every moment with Witch Hazel, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and of course Donald Duck. Donald gets smashed, run over, scared to death, burned, and hurt all over. Trick or Treat has one of the finest backgrounds, special effects, and animation I have ever seen. This short can be seen on: The Black Cauldron DVD, Mickey's House of Villains DVD, The Sword in the Stone DVD (in the All About Magic Feature) Halloween Haunts, and Disney's Halloween Treat. It will also be on the Chronological Donald Volume 2 which will come out soon. Disney's Hazel puts Warner's Hazel to shame! Ilove Witch Hazel and all her hanky panky steal the show. See Trick or Treat for Disney animation at it's finest!
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A Disney Halloween Tradition
Brett Walter26 September 2002
This is one of those Disney Halloween cartoons that has become a viewing tradition for most families. It is in the Halloween Haunts Cartoon Collection from Disney, and was featured in A Disney halloween, aka Halloween Treat. When Donald cheats his nephews out of candy for Trick or Treating, Witch Hazel helps the boys get even. You can probable guess who wins this battle!!!
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The quintessential Halloween cartoon
TheLittleSongbird25 February 2010
There are a lot of Halloween cartoons I love, "Pluto's Judgement Day" and "Broom-Stick Bunny" being two of a great many but I personally think your Halloween is incomplete without "Trick or Treat". This Silly Symphony-all of which are cute, funny and endearing- is brilliant in every way, from the astounding visual effects to the stunning animation which hasn't dated at all it is a delight to the eyes. Also the music is wonderful it provides just the right amount of chills and thrills, as is the voice acting. Our favourite cantankerous quack is voiced to perfection by the incomparable Clarence "Ducky" Nash, while it is June Foray who steals the show as Witch Hazel. Scary and funny(especially with Donald's treatment of his nephews), this is a must see.

10/10 Bethany Cox
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Things That Go Bump In The Night
Ron Oliver27 August 2003
A Walt Disney DONALD DUCK Cartoon.

Donald learns the true meaning of TRICK OR TREAT when he infuriates a wee witch on Halloween.

This funny little film is probably Donald's best cartoon of the 1950's. The animation, music & characterizations are all first rate. June Foray has a fine time voicing Witch Hazel, who unfortunately makes her only appearance in a Disney film here. Clarence Nash provides the unique voices for the Duck and his Nephews.

For the record, Witch Hazel's recipe for the magic brew consists of eye of needle, tongue of shoe, hand of clock, neck of bottle, tail of pout (a type of fish) and whiskers from a billy goat.

Walt Disney (1901-1966) was always intrigued by pictures & drawings. As a lad in Marceline, Missouri, he sketched farm animals on scraps of paper; later, as an ambulance driver in France during the First World War, he drew comic figures on the sides of his vehicle. Back in Kansas City, along with artist Ub Iwerks, Walt developed a primitive animation studio that provided animated commercials and tiny cartoons for the local movie theaters. Always the innovator, his ALICE IN CARTOONLAND series broke ground in placing a live figure in a cartoon universe. Business reversals sent Disney & Iwerks to Hollywood in 1923, where Walt's older brother Roy became his lifelong business manager & counselor. When a mildly successful series with Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was snatched away by the distributor, the character of Mickey Mouse sprung into Walt's imagination, ensuring Disney's immortality. The happy arrival of sound technology made Mickey's screen debut, STEAMBOAT WILLIE (1928), a tremendous audience success with its use of synchronized music. The SILLY SYMPHONIES soon appeared, and Walt's growing crew of marvelously talented animators were quickly conquering new territory with full color, illusions of depth and radical advancements in personality development, an arena in which Walt's genius was unbeatable. Mickey's feisty, naughty behavior had captured millions of fans, but he was soon to be joined by other animated companions: temperamental Donald Duck, intellectually-challenged Goofy and energetic Pluto. All this was in preparation for Walt's grandest dream - feature length animated films. Against a storm of naysayers, Walt persevered and over the next decades delighted children of all ages with the adventures of Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi & Peter Pan. Walt never forgot that his fortunes were all started by a mouse, or that childlike simplicity of message and lots of hard work always pay off.
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Donald's Halloween "Witch-Up"
Another good Halloween cartoon from Disney starring Donald Duck. And also reprising the talents of June Foray as another Witch Hazel. Now don't get confuse with Warner Bros' version. Anyway, Hazel helps Huey, Dewy & Louie get their candy from Donald, who doesn't do the treat (in trick-or-treat) but the trick! So Hazel and the boys are going to teach him a lesson, about tricking people on Halloween Night; with a little witchcraft of course.

I love it when Hazel casts a magic spell on Donald's feet and he starts dancing around; also making him kick out the pantry key he swallowed. I also love the title song too. So anyway, it's another Halloween classic.
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Classic Halloween
gavin69429 December 2017
After Donald Duck plays a cruel Halloween prank on his pants-hating nephews, the three team-up with Witch Hazel and her broom to teach him a lesson about 'tricks and treats.' As of this writing (2017), this short is now 65 years old. And it holds up 100%, both for its animation and its music. Far too many movies or cartoons become dated, but this one is truly timeless. In a mere eight minutes, Disney found a way to show us the spirit of Halloween, and throw in a real witch just for fun.

If there is anything at all dated about the short (and this is a big maybe), it is the use of the devil costume. Although Halloween has probably gotten more gory and creepy since this cartoon came out, I feel like actual devil imagery has decreased and perhaps become even taboo.
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Revenge is a witch best served cold
Warning: Spoilers
"Trick or Treat" is a Disney cartoon from 1952, so this one has its 65th anniversary this year. The title already gives away that it is a bit of a Halloween special and maybe that is also why it is minimally longer than the average 7 minutes for cartoons from back then. The participation by experienced director Jack Hannah and equally experienced writer Ralph Wright made this a good watch. And of course the involvement by Clarence Nash and the recently deceased June Foray as voice actors is helping matters as well. Early on in here Donald is a bit of a prankster but his victims the three nephews and Witch Hazel fight back quickly. The old witch may not be evil at all, rather kind actually looking at her interactions with the boys, but she is nonetheless a gifted sorceress and Uncle Donald is in for a spooky awakening. It's not a creepy film of course for audiences as it is much more about the fun. And while I did not find it that funny, I am a bit surprised Hazel did not get any other appearances really as this film is one of Disney's more (but not most) known cartoons. Not one of my favorites though I must admit. It's more about spectacle and music towards the end than really funny animation. A cautious thumbs-up and an okay little Halloween feature. Nothing more though.
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More tricks.
OllieSuave-00712 April 2017
This is a somewhat cute Disney Cartoon starring Donald Duck, who plays a mean trick on nephews Huey, Duey and Louie by giving them firecrackers than candy on Halloween. After their bags explode, Donald douses them with water. Soon, the Witch Hazel sees this and decides to help the boys by giving Donald a taste of his own medicine.

This cartoon short contains a catchy Halloween song and some funny moments. Donald as usual gets the brunt of the bad luck, but, at least the nephews weren't bratty or very annoying in this one. A good one for Halloween and a good one for the kids.

Grade B-
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Donald gets what he deserves
Robert Reynolds30 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is a short featuring Donald Duck and his nephews from the Disney studio. There will be spoilers ahead:

This short opens with Witch Hazel (voiced by June Foray) scaring the daylights out of various critters. Her broom almost steals the short. Hazel spots Huey, Dewey and Louie trick or treating and on their way to Uncle Donald's house. Donald being Donald, what they get is all trick and no treat.

Hazel doesn't care for this and goes down to comfort the boys, who have absolutely no problems with seeing a real witch on a flying broomstick. She tries to reason with Donald, which fails miserably, so she uses here wand to haunt him. Donald surrenders at first, then becomes obstinate, locking up the pantry and swallowing the key. Big mistake.

The rest of the cartoon is Donald suffering from his own folly. It's fascinating that at no point do his nephews sympathize with him or try to get Hazel to go easy on him. It speaks volumes for their family dynamic. The cartoon ends with Donald's comeuppance.

This short is available on the Chronological Donald Duck, Volume Four Disney Treasures DVD set and is well worth finding. Most Highly recommended.
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Magic Feet, Do Your Stuff!
ExplorerDS67897 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's that magical time of year again. Halloween night. A night full of trickery, ghosts, goblins, spooks and witches, and if you don't play your cards right, you might incur their wrath. Donald Duck will learn that lesson the hard way in tonight's frightfully funny tale. At 12:00 midnight one Halloween, jovial Witch Hazel was getting into all sorts of mischief, whether it be scaring bats out of belfries or terrifying Figaro the cat. In the process, she witnesses three young ducks, Huey, Dewey and Louie in costumes doing their trick-or-treat run, starting off at their Uncle Donald's house. But this year, Donald was prepared with a little "firecracker" candy. Some, er, "pop" rocks. He gives them fireworks. Pre-lit fireworks that burst the boys' trick or treat bags...and thankfully didn't blow their hands off, then he pours a bucket of water on their heads for good measure. Seeing the whole thing, Witch Hazel steps in to try and procure candy from Donald. She gets a swift yank on the nose and a bucket of water on the head. Well, no more Miss Nice Witch.

Back at her cauldron, Hazel stirs up a little bubble, bubble, toil and trouble to get revenge on a certain cocky duck. She fills an atomizer with it and together with the boys flies off on her broomstick to really put on a show. So, what does Witch Hazel's brew do? Eh, what doesn't it do? It makes things come alive and fly all over the place and even makes ghosts sing. Donald quickly forks over the goods, until Hazel happened to call him a pigeon, in which case he locked the pantry and ate the key. This meant war. Hazel sprayed Donald's feet, turning them blue, which caused him to kick his own butt and square dance all over the house. He manages to cough up the key, but he kicks it under the pantry door. So, Hazel gives his feet another spray, this time turning them purple and forcing Donald to charge the door. With a good running start, he plowed right into the door, and the kids looted all his eats. With that, Witch Hazel flies away into the night, amidst the chorus of the cartoon's theme song.

This one is a certified classic. I think all Halloween fans and Donald Duck fans have seen this cartoon and will agree how terrific it is. From it, we get not only entertainment, but we learn a few lessons: don't be a jerk on Halloween, and don't doubt a witch, no matter how cartoony she seems. Not much else I can say about this cartoon, except that it's very well made, it's funny, children and adults will all get a kick out of it (pun intended. This Halloween, please check it out. By the way, there was also a Witch Hazel in a couple Bugs Bunny cartoons. I don't think the characters are related, I think they just liked doing a take on witch hazel.
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Donald the Bully
travisimo18 January 2004
Now Donald Duck is my absolute favorite cartoon character, but I honestly didn't really like him in this cartoon. He's kind of a nasty bully, picking on his nephews by putting live firecrackers in their trick-or-treat bags and by dumping water on their heads. Then Witch Hazel comes in and teaches him a much-deserved lesson. So no matter what happens, bad stuff happens to Donald, but I prefer to see him be an innocent bystander rather than a mean instigator.

Nevertheless, this cartoon does have a nice Disney feel to it. It has its own special song with singing ghosts and a floating pumpkin. I also found it interesting to learn that June Foray, who did the voice of Witch Hazel in this cartoon, also did the voice for Witch Hazel in a Warner Brothers cartoon. It seems like Disney couldn't get a copyright on the name Witch Hazel because it refers to an alcohol rub.

With that little tidbit of info, I still have to say that I didn't care too much for this cartoon. I can't remember many funny moments except when Hazel puts a spell on Donald's feet, but that's about it. It's still a decent Disney cartoon, but it's definitely not my favorite.

My IMDb Rating: 6/10
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A nice addition to an otherwise lousy animated feature.
MartinHafer25 June 2011
This film was included as a special feature on the DVD for "The Black Cauldron". And, I must say that this Donald Duck short was a lot more entertaining than the feature!

The film begins with a cute witch flying down to get a look of the trick or treaters. She is shocked when she sees Huey, Dewey and Louie tormented by cruel Uncle Donald and she decides to help them. While not one of the best or most amazing shorts (the animation is fair to average), it's enjoyable and had some nice songs.

By the way, the voice for the witch is June Foray--who ALSO did the voice of the Warner Brothers witch--also named Hazel! Beelzebub nice song
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