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  • Susie is an automobile in an auto showroom who is bought by a man who is taken with her. She finds it hard to fit into high society but copes with it. Eventually, she becomes old and hard to operate and her owner trades her in. Another man notices her and buys her but this men is considerably less genteel leaving her out in the cold and mistreating her. Much to her horror, she eventually discovers she is a stolen car and is chased by the police during which she is totalled in an accident. Now Susie is kept in a junkyard but, when all looks hopeless, another man notices her, buys her, gives her an overhaul, and has her back on the road in no time.

    - Written by Matt Yorston <georgey@atcon.com>
  • Our story tells the tale of Suzie, a little blue coupe with a yellow cloth top. Suzie's life is rather uneventful for the most part, but as her mileage rolls on, her 'pick-up and pep' begin to wear down. Soon after, her first owner trades her in, and her second owner soon ends up driving Suzie to the seedier parts of town. One night, Suzie is stolen, and ends up in a terrible accident. Now a battered wreck, she's hauled off to the junkyard. This seems the end for the sad little coupe, when a young teenager offers the junk yard owner to buy her. With his friends, the teen soups up Suzie into a snazzy little sports car, complete with a coon tail on her antenna. Given a second 'lease' on life, Suzie takes to the streets with her new owner.

    - Written by uruseiranma
  • The eventful life of a little blue car.

    - Written by Kenneth Chisholm


Susie is a blue coupe with a tan-cloth top. Her journey starts as a brand-new model in an automobile showroom...

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