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Non-Stop | Review

Murder on the Familiar Express: Collett-Serra’s Airborne Caper a Watchable Throwback

Director Jaume Collet-Serra has jumped aboard the Liam Neeson renaissance train, reuniting with star for Non-Stop after their 2011 effort, Unknown (and, they’ve recently wrapped a third feature due out next year). With Neeson’s insistent return to the action fold, his latest outing fares well in comparison, a glossy whodunit that feels like a familiar (and fun) Agatha Christie narrative thrust onto a plane, filled with moments you’ll question later but offering a generous amount of engagement generally lacking in many recent big budget offerings. A host of recognizable faces admirably (though not entirely successfully) warps the process of elimination via casting choices, and while it doesn’t quite manage a smooth landing in a rather truncated finale, it offers enough mainstream enjoyment to at least avoid making you angry with it.

A depressed and alcoholic Us Air Marshall,
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