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Matchless Avery genius

Author: TC Raymond from England
7 April 2003

Although the premise of this cartoon is extremely simple - a luckless magician wreaks revenge on an obnoxious opera singer with an all-powerful wand - Avery's handling makes it soar. The jokes come thick and fast, the transformations never stop being funny and not a single frame is wasted. Sadly, this cartoon will probably not be shown uncut on television again, hilarious as the gag involving the Inkspots-style vocal turn undoubtedly is - it's politically incorrect! Luckily, MGM did issue this and several other vintage Avery classics on video in the early 1990s, so my advice to you is seek 'em out and laugh your socks off.

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One of the funniest cartoons, ever!

Author: RockyMtnBri from Denver, CO
20 August 2001

This has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. The machinations that Mysto the Magician goes through to upstage Poochini are hilarious. Notice the hair on the film gag? My favorite change is the one near the end where Poochini's a Polynesian (?) dancer and the two rabbits are beside him! One word of warning though - On Cartoon Network, they have cut three of the changes (Chinese, both Blackface) so it's not as good as the uncut version.

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Tex Avery's Under-appreciated Masterpiece

Author: Popeye-8 from Nebraska
16 May 2000

For my money, Avery's finest cartoon...for years Avery tried to answer PORKY IN WACKYLAND, with out full manic success...this surpasses all previous Avery efforts with wit, sophistication and of course with dropped anvils. Plus, the satire is razor-sharp.

Avoid the butchered "politically correct" edits on Cartoon Network---seek out the slightly offensive but imposingly hilarious original.

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watch out for the rabbits!

Author: andyjg from Bexleyheath Kent UK
16 June 2002

Down and out variety magician gets his own back on haughty opera singer, by changing everything the tenor can sing, technically this is really brilliant, with a soundtrack that must really stretched the MGM orchestra. Unfortunatly the cutbacks in the cartoon department at MGM at the time really show in the lack of backgrounds in this late Avery 'toon, but the quickfire sight gags fall thick and fast to make up for this. As a projectionist working in the cinema, the can containing the print of the film carried a warning that the scene where the hair gets stuck in the gate was an integeral part of the film and should be ignored. Enjoy this great 'toon, and watch out for the rabbits!!!!

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One of Tex Avery's Best

Author: Robert Reynolds ( from Tucson AZ
4 October 2000

Let me first state that I think that Tex Avery is to the animated short what Walt Disney was to the feature-length animated film. So many of the conventions of animated shorts were either started by Avery or so effectively used by him that he gave us the cartoon format that we know and, hopefully, love. And Magical Maestro is vintage Tex Avery-gags fired at the viewer one right after another, most of them hilarious. This is excellent work from a master of a highly under-rated art form. Bravo! Encore!

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Quintessential Avery

Author: wbhickok ( from California
21 July 2001

Tex Avery did for writing cartoons what Mel Blanc did for voicing them. Magical Maestro is yet another of his brilliant concepts. As in almost all of his cartoons, the jokes are non-stop and damn funny, the re-occuring theme of one person making anothers miserable is in full bloom here. Lets hope that an Avery collection is released soon on DVD.

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exceptionally funny and frenetic

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
4 June 2006

This is a wonderful Tex Avery cartoon. It's very funny and fresh as well as very fast-paced. A singer insults a magician and in turn the magician dresses as the musical director and then uses his magic wand to make lots of crazy and impossible things happen to the singer during the performance. It's completely Tex Avery due to the pacing and humor. There are two problems that keep it from being rated any higher. First, as the 50s arrived, production values on the MGM cartoons (particularly the animation and backgrounds) began to suffer. While this isn't as bad as the later Avery efforts in this regard, the art just isn't up to the standards as earlier Avery classics. Second, it is quite possible that some people could feel offended by the short clip where the singer becomes a black singer (sounding a lot like one of the Mills Brothers). While this isn't the most obvious of racial insults (there were many worse ones during the era), some might not enjoy this or the Chinese characterizations. Don't skip the film, though--that would make you a reactionary idiot.

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Author: kydar
20 March 2002

One of the best gags of the toon, IMHO, is the stray fleck on the film. We've all seen them in old films, but nobody would ever expect what happens with this one!

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Dogs is the craziest people!

Author: jonathan_zuckerman from United States
4 October 2013

Presto the Magician is a sapient dog-person who can make flowerpots and rabbits appear out of thin air. He decides, rather impulsively to audition for Poochini, another sapient dog-person who sings "Largo al Factotum" on a bare stage, dressed in a tuxedo. Presto thinks the tenor needs an opening act, and he's the guy to provide it! Poocini rudely kicks him out, and Presto decides to take revenge by impersonating the conductor of the orchestra in order to play tricks on Poochini as he performs. He puts the conductor in a trance and leaves him hypnotized, standing at the back of the orchestra pit, bald, nose less, and in his long johns.

Poochini sings and Presto changes him into different styles of singers with comical results. His two rabbits appear on stage to add accompaniment as Poochini changes into a lot of crazy things. When Presto's wig falls off during a high note—Poochini gets his revenge.

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equal to all forms of revenge

Author: Lee Eisenberg ( from Portland, Oregon, USA
27 June 2007

As long as we understand that "Magical Maestro" contains some politically incorrect scenes, we can enjoy it for the purely crazy, as a sadistic magician plays all sorts of tricks on a snobbish opera singer by changing the guy's persona every couple of seconds. I think that my favorite one was the little kid.

I believe that it was the Klingons on "Star Trek" who declared "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Maybe the magician doesn't go quite that far, but he sure has some funny things up his sleeve! It just goes to show that while Tex Avery may not have been as clever as the people behind the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies cartoons, he certainly had some great ideas. Worth seeing.

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